New!! US Military Victorinox Knife

Here is a knife you don’t see every day. This is a Victorinox one hand opening knife made to US Military specifications. These knives are not for sale to the general public, at least, not yet. The features of the knife are the same as the Swiss Army Knife Soldier 08 but the steel is all anodized black and the grip is embossed with U.S. on one side. I hope you enjoy seeing it as much as I enjoy sharing it with you.

For viewers that are able to order through U.S. military supply channels, this knife’s nomenclature is:
Knife, Combat Utility
NSN is 1095 – 01 – 653 – 1166
It is available through the Defense Logistics Agency


OfficialJoeKingOne says:

It is available to the public. I just received mine today.

Classic Car Overhaul says:

Subbed from the PAPA Texas channel, looking forward to supporting your channel

Junkyard Fox says:

Damn, that’s badass! The Trekker is my all time favorite multitool/folding knife. Great to see this new version.

Christian's Adventures says:

hey there what’s up how are you great video you are such a great youtuber

PAPA Texas says:

Cool U.S. knife! Nice features on this knife. I just can’t get one! Awesome! God Bless America!

Andrew Hall says:

That’s sure to be on any SAK collectors list if they become available. Maybe it’s black oxide like other multi tools.
Thanks for showing it.

Paul'ie 4X says:

Say Heah, Yeah, It’s a nice knife, but very similar to my Victorinox Delemont Collection Ranger 78. Well except for the color, but I also like that my screwdriver locks when you push down on it and how the blade release is done by depressing the Vic. Logo on the side. Dilly Dilly.,,.p

The Yonderosa says:

Is there a plain edge version?

1HT is my edc. GREAT tool. Has saved me many steps.

Other Than Intended Purpose says:

Iserved from 85-94. the “US” stamped pocket knife we had was a silver, stainless job, with dippling on both sides, and was hard as hell to open. I would really like to get my hands on one of these,but as a Vet, I do not have access to the government purchasing system anymore.

Tannenherz Bushcraft says:

High, finally with black steel. Why not earlier ? Thank you for showing. Kindly Fiete

The Sweely Life says:

That is a super cool knife. Coming to your newest video to show your channel some support 🙂

Kotha Elser says:

I think that the ‘US’ lettering on the handle looks kind of lame. If the German Army can have an eagle, why can’t the US Army have a bald eagle then? Also, why didn’t they order it with a clip? Even the standard Victorinox clip is better than no clip.

Santipong Sawakato says:

Victorinox Trekker

so steve says:

Looks. Nice,im a sak fan myself

Billy Prendergast says:

Is that blade called the Camel Toe.

Ozge Ulas says:


sackett68 says:

Very nice!

Pinki2019 says:

That’s cool! Boy, they’d sell like hotcakes if they made ’em available to the general public. I’m gonna have to find someone who can score one for me……

Cheezehead Chris says:

That is an awesome looking knife. I luv Vic’s! I carry the Outrigger when out in the woods an the Climber as my Gentleman’s carry. I have a buddy who is a retired AF major. I’ll have to see if he can procure one of these for me. I see ya subbed me(THANKS BTW!) wanted to come check you out and this was the 1st video I saw. Subbed ya back. BTW fyi, I like the Trekker, but don’t care for the serrated blade or the Phillips screwdriver. I think the corkscrew is a better tool with the mini screwdriver attachment. The tip of the can opener works great on Philips screw. Just my opinion.

Kwad Daddy says:

Don’t like the serrated edge. Don’t like the hole missing in the awl. Don’t like that it doesn’t have the toothpick and tweezers. Don’t like the Philips on the back and not the cork screw, I use that almost daily for knots and digging around. Everything else I like

Billy Prendergast says:

Free America with every Box of Cornflakes.

BrianOnTheGo says:

Recent sub here…that is a very cool blade.

eminusipi says:

If only it had a non serrated blade like the trekker ns !

Assassin Master 212 says:

Does anyone think it looks like a dinosaur with all the tools out?

Great American Survival says:

That’s a great looking knife, very cool to see the US choose a SAK. I’m curious to see how the finish holds up, I had another SAk and the black basically rubbed right off, cutting boxes. My new Crkt home front edc black finish was junk also. Thanks for a cool review of a great looking knife.

Billy Prendergast says:

Fake not genuine Swiss Army knives.Look closely you can see how I know.

armorer1911 says:

Where did you get the US version? Do the Swiss Military actually use the Soldier 08 with the silver blade? With NSN Number you just need a US Gov Email/Address?

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