Ontario SP1 Knife Review & Field Test

Cheap USA Fighting Knife

Pros: price, quality parts, handle design
Cons: dull out of the box

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blueelite145 says:

thanks for the awesome review, I was really looking for a review and field test but couldn’t find one that was good. And technically by law in California a Dagger is a straight edge, fixed blade knife that can injure or kill, or something along those lines so essentially every knife is a dagger here/

Marc I says:

Ontario was one of the cutlery companies that made the combat knives for our military during ww2 as kabar could not produce enough fast enough for our soldiers, and the design was given to at least two other companies, so in Eccense it is not a copy as the blade shape is to the spec the military called for. I believe camillus was another company making same blade but not positive on that.

Joranba says:

I put a convex edge on my sp1. Now is crazy sharp, the factory grind sucks. Thanks for the video.

bRad 1967 says:

Just ordered one today I can’t wait until it arrives!!!

Mayor Fuglycool says:

Wow cool video ! Good review, hit on lots of aspects. Thickness is around .2 inches though. ;3))

Mayor Fuglycool

csh 62 says:

I agree that reprofiling to 20 degrees each side would serve you well, but if someone has small/medium hands, do you think their thumb would go over the guard without hurting the thumb, or should they just cut the top guard off?

Cary Ryan says:

yeah this is a free country

Manuel Avila says:

hello I like your videos..how can I have one of these? can you sell me one? please

chris sbarra says:

dull as shit

Amy Hoherz says:

Great video thank you made me pick the sp1 over the k-bar thank you keep up the great videos

Rodrigo Valdés says:

The knife itself is a beast the thing you need to do with it, it’s changing the edge angle and there you have it a perfect utility knife

RIVv_ Rayquaza says:

I found and bought one from cabalas. The one I bought doesn’t have a sharpened swedge. And my was 40 bucks.

JGstunts22 says:

love the channel but man that gum chewing is anoying as hell lol


This knife is perfectly legal in California!

gil garcia says:

Its okay to have one in California.

schlaznger says:

I bought one of these knives and while the balance is fairly good it cam with the worst edge I have ever seen on a blade.  I didn’t even bother trying to sharpen the blade first with a stone, I went straight for a file.  After lot’s of work I finally got a decent edge on it, now to see if it will actually hold it.

Tom Faranda says:

Wrong about the thickness vs. the kabar fighting/utility knife. They are virtually the same in thickness.

Denis Valentine says:

Great video, informative. By the way, whats your take on the SP1?

robert frederick says:

wrong, only slightly thicker than the ka bar,not enough to notice,sp1 is 0.48cm thick ka bar is 0.42cm thick plus the ka bar has not changed since 1942 so the ka bar now is the same as they used in wwll korea vietnam,do your homework.

shatteredcortex says:

Nice point on the grind angle. Personally, it drove me nuts so I changed mine to around a 15 degree angle. Fantastic knife otherwise. 

robert frederick says:

its a fighting knife its not made for cutting rope and other crap,its made for penetrating the Human body,thats why its called a combat knife,look at the tip,when it comes to hand to hand combat this is one of the things that is used,your not out to give your enemy a shave but the blade should be sharp.

VcCancerKill ! says:

You can get this knife for under 40 bucks. Just buy one already

jorge donato says:

—cuchillo¡¡¡ very nice, the only thing I dislike is the guard or hawk between the blade and the handle, which is the same material as the handle, durable and will withstand pressure apara in prolonged use, will break easily? , if serious metal much better for my gusto¡¡¡


To make this knife California legal you just have to knock down that sharpened clip point. I am thinking of doing just that with mine. Having that short sharpened section on the back doesn’t really increase the functionality of the knife anyway.

Hasan Darwish says:

can you do a review of the sp2? i am thinking of getting one and i really liked this review and think it would be nice to see of the other knife thanks!

Mason Egan says:

It’s odd that Ontario decided to go with the sharpened swedge. The curved pommel and lanyard gives it a plus over the KA-BAR with chopping wood; having that sharp swedge seems harder for batoning wood. Everything on the sp1 looks like a more utility oriented KA-BAR aside from that sharpened swedge.

Shane Witter says:

This knife is a beast. It doesn’t get razor sharp even with touch up, but It will never break. It cuts like a machete, It chops like a light axe, It stabs like a spear, It cuts meat, guts fish, handle is great and hangs on while swinging or stabbing. Buy one and beat the crap out of it. It’s cheap and works awesome!!!!!!!!!!

Hallowed Be Thy Name says:

Chewing gum during commentary, not good!

Sonny Gunz says:

I sharpen all my own knives and like them to start out shaving sharp (which you don’t need for a “survival” knife). I really enjoy Ontario knives and even after regrinding them to 36-40 degrees inclusive. They hold up like they do with the factory 60~ inclusive edge and require less energy to get the work done.

Wo Ra says:

Does anyone know if SP1 fits into Ka-Bar’s kydex sheath?

MrNinjakob says:

SP vs BK? I think I prefer Beckers.

CSharp says:

Nearly twice as thick? That would make it thicker than the Becker BK-2, wouldn’t it?
Ontarioknife.com lists the thickness of the SP1 as 0.19 in (.1875 according to ontario-knife-store.com).
Ka-bar lists the thickness of their full-size USMC knife as 0.165.

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