Schrade MA5S Military Tactical Folding Knife Review-Survival Gear

The Schrade MA5S Military Folding Knife is a lightweight, tactical style folder. It is a liner lock design with an extra safety lock, rubber covered aluminum handle scales and 7Cr17 blade steel.

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Wilderness101 says:

This one is my favorite so far thanks great video

Jason B says:

I enjoyed the video but not a knife for me.  Thanks for your time.


Im fourth!!

fishing unboxings and reveiws channel says:

Bryan hats the deal with the little skunk? Did I miss something. Probably did been brain dead for 12years had an accident at work

BennyCFD says:

Aren’t you kind of old to be playing soldier. I can see a young man or boy getting all giddy because they want to play with knives……..What’s the big thing these days where everything has to have the word …”Tactical”… associated with it, or …”Military”…

ryan zahra says:

Cool im first
And it looks cool
And seems useful

05generic says:

Which ferro rod did you use? Awesome sparks. If it was from Schrade I wonder if that’s their greatest accomplishment.

tim kitzmann says:

Need to look up The ApostleP youtube channel, and watch his rant on Chinese made knives. The video is called Don’t Feed The Monster.

Calimero1232 says:

NO folks, this is not an exact copy of famous gerber applegate combat folder. This chinese junk lacks the mos important feature of the original,….. which is that You can sharpen both sides of the blade and a handle still covers the sharpened back when the knife is closed.

Jake Riethmeier says:

Bryan with my training… I could never recommend to carry that knife. I mean it might be cool on the FOB… or on the ship or if you are a regular grunt that will be dead in his boots way before it ever went hand to hand. Operators give 5 stars out of 5 to the freaking Condor Kephart knife. In my Garage…. IMO It’s Mall Ninja.

I might be biased because an SW something or other sliced me while I wasn’t obeying the folding knife safety rules on camera a little bit ago.

GeorgiaFamily SouthernStyle says:


Neil The Knife Guy says:

This looks almost identical to the Gerber Appelgate Fairbairn.

Steve Martin says:

Are Gerber selling their designs to Schrade? They do a fixed blade that looks exactly like the Gerber LMF and this looks like the Applegate folder.

Highland Wanderer says:

Looks great Brian,,,i m using a similar knife
Greetings Harry

Charles Larson says:

Very interesting knife. Do you know which nations military uses it? And I didn’t see the stealth skunk….did I miss him, or is he just off in the woods??? >;) Thanks Bryan, cool review.

Breed45 says:

Great vids bud
What’s your favorite carry knife while in the woods?

gadgetstalker2 says:

Ive been waiting for a knife that looks like this for a while. I refuse to buy the Gerber Fairbairn. Will probably pick this up soon.

Petrichor screen says:

tell schrade to make a fixed blade version, i love the handle

GeorgiaFamily SouthernStyle says:

*hey great vid man*

elcas20012003 says:

at first i thought you were reviewing a gerber applegate fairbairn … at second i thought crapy half serrated blade

jefferyS694 says:

This knife is almost exactly like the Gerber applegate fairbairn folder, except I paid over a 100$ for it this wasn’t even half that, a good knife and deal for the money.

Jerry Morris says:

Nice review Brian. That knife would be a good choice for a zombie apocalypse. Not sure it is a good fit for me as I try to keep my pocket knives small enough to fit my back pocket. And if I need to stab anything, all the knives I already have will do it. But really short of pig hunting with dogs, I can’t remember the last time I had to stab something. And my Old Timer Bowie knife is my go to knife for pig stickin. LOL
Thx, your videos are some of the best going, keep em coming!


Charles Larson says:

As you probably already know, your friend Magnus Andersson is the master of Partially Serrated Blades…he stands as proof that they can rock in the woods. Do I have a knife with serrations? Nope. However, that might change.

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