Sheffield Israeli Commando Knife Review

Blade Length: 7 inches
Steel: Unknown Carbon Steel
Weight: 0.7 pounds
Handle: Stacked Leather
Sheath: Leather
Made In: England
Price: $76 (sold at Knifeworks)

A convex edge and a narrow yet thick blade, yields a very broad geometry to this knife. It couldn’t slice paper for crap, but was very good at splitting wood, and it is quite stabby.


Arctodus Simus says:

Would be surprised if you could find any info on the Israeli Commandos. Seems like a decent blade considering where it comes from.

Tactical X-Rays says:

so, judging by the chosen grind geometry, do the israeli expect to chop up tree people in combat or slice through flesh and bone?

Zack Dixon says:

I think the steel is C70 (1070)

Sk0lzkiy says:

But I never buy knives made from “unknown” steel (except customs).

iowndunoob says:

great review brother hope your well always loved the way this blade looked 

Leif Hamm says:

Cool finish on the Sheffield.

alex darow says:

cool knife

Ray Gun says:

I have used deadly force when I was attacked with a knife in Mumbai. I am sick of people telling me a knife is a tool and *NOT A WEAPON!* It is one of the oldest weapons in the world.
The last person to call me out on this was the straw on the donkeys back …

KME rant. Ron Schwartz is a sanctimonious cunt.
Here is why …

maseta3 says:

Sheffield made it for the Israeli military. It is an issue knife or at least it used to be. It was inspired by the USMC combat/utility knife. You can say its an offspring of the kabar just like the galil is an offspring of the ak-47.

Marc Baker says:

I cannot imagine any real commando/shooter/operator giving this knife carry room. The Israeli defense force has access to anything in the US inventory for free. Great review as usual stay warm brother

Hans R says:

Israeli’s use the Ka-bar… looks very simular.

Paul'ie 4X says:

Say Heah Is, That Commando knife looks similar to my Benchmade Arvensis in the CM 154, I got it for wet and snowy use, Job well done mi Amigo.

uddo uddoss says:

what a weather in the usa. we in europe have already a warm spring. awesome knife video, like always. i am always checking on old fashion sheffield blades too, but i think i skip on this. thank you for showing. greetings from warm germany..uddo 🙂

Marcus Crasus says:


48mastadon says:

Looks like it is time to evacuate the arctic tundra that you live in. 

cold war sime says:

man its so weird I have seen snow once in my whole life lol I cant imagine going out in my yard 2 that

Herb Walker says:

Watching you in that snow reminds me of when me & the Scout Recon Platoon would go to the field and train in Germany. Man It was always Snowing, raining or so hot & humid you couldn’t stand it. Great knife but Im going with my old trusted KaBar(US Army endorsed & DEAD Enemy proven)!!! LOL
Scouts OUT!!!

Evan Wintrath Graham says:

Knife? Dont you mean lightsaber lol

D says:

What in your opinion is the best most affordable commando knife out there?

ArmyStinger150 says:

I can see this as a project knife. I think making it into a dagger would be cool. Great review as always brother.

zednotzee7 says:

This knife conforms to the Isreali Army standard apparently, so my guess is that it was made for some competition when the Israelies were looking for such a knife. Waste of time tbh. If they could get a USMC knife – which is very similar –  for free from the US, then it was always going to be a foregone conclusion (personally,  I don’t much care for either this or the USMC knife).  To be honest,, I can’t see how either of those knives would be ideal for “commando” use. Surely some form of dagger would be better for quietly killing sentries and the like.

kaizoebara says:

The steel should be similar to 1085.

Herb Walker says:

After a search, I was able to find this ISSUED for you. Hope this helps.

Mr Poole says:

Im waiting for this trend to return…

Vnbsm says:

This is a Kabar copy, the only connection this blade has is China, sheffield make shitty stuff poor design but this blade survived the baton cause you know how to baton right plus those logs was easy split, hit a knoch and this blade is over, doesnt matter what you review very good and intresting to watch.

john owls says:

Sheffield (the city) in England is world famous for making the greatest knifes it the world.
A made in Sheffield blade is second to none but these Chinese knife makers try to fool people and cash in by putting Sheffield on them.
Should be done for false advertising.

DenisIsABastardMan 98 says:

John Nowill is the maker.

ohka on wheels says:

I never saw this knife in israel.. Israeli soldier use multitool most of the time, or some tiny knives.
The real commanders use dustar or another expensive tools.
I think its a marketing trick

Master Tracker says:

The knife is good for splitting wood and sucks for slicing paper = LMFAO … and what’s even more funny is it will never be used for hunting – combat or outdoor use .
Steel is 1075 and the sheath is CRAPPY …just like the Brit MOD survival knife sheath . Funny how a knife maker can make a decent knife , but the sheath is garbage .
The IDF carry Kabars – Cold Steel and various other self purchased blades .

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