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This Smith & Wesson Special Ops M9 bayonet knife features a 7.8″ 400 series stainless steel blade with a cutout to fit to the wire cutter aparatus on the sheath. The blade also offers milled saw teeth. The handle locks into standard bayonet lugs which the guard slides over your barrel. Has clearance for common size flash suppressors. Includes nylon sheath with wire cutter attachment, and sharpening stone. Fits standard NATO standard M16 type rifle. 12.80″ overall


Black coated Stainless Steel blade with sawback
Thermoplastic handle with stainless guard
MOLLE compatible Heavy-duty Thermoplastic and Nylon scabbard that works with knife as a wire cutter
Scabbard includes removable map pouch, screwdriver, sharpening stone and belt clip
Blade Length: 7.80″
Overall Length: 12.80″

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Chekov's Gunmen - GrayWolfe says:

Any advice on removing the finish chemically? I don’t want to scratch the actual blade, but I saw that the finish comes off easily and would like to just remove it with an acid bath that doesn’t damage the steel. Advice?

Jason Montgomery says:

you lick your lips to much you sound like your licking a popsical

[D]estiny says:

m9 bayonet | night factory new 0.0001 float

LemonPls says:

Wow Love Your Factory New M9 Bayonet!

Lyndon Lucier says:

its a scabbard not a sheath and you put the knife on the lug the wrong way ! you dont use the cutting edge to cut wire/fence you use the drop point

wojtek suchy says:

what grind

yukawa gamer says:

hi i live in Brazil for me is how many ??

Paul'ie 4X says:

Say Heah, Alot of guy’s knocked the M-9 Bayonet, But I think mine is a very strong one, I was designed after the Buckmaster. It also doubled as a Survival Knife.

Shinobi V 101 says:

If I had a dollar for every CS Go comment I would be a rich man.

Coolcans 808 says:

I bet Csgo players don’t understand anything that he’s talking about

L Mazzll says:

OMG m9 Night fn??
M8 u r rich

makezzu rauta says:

is this factory new stattrak m9?

Vaporr says:

ooohh i just got a kn.. wait.. BATTLE-SCARRED? GABENNNNNNN!!!

ngoc huyen Vu says:

mình muồn mua con dao nay bạn giao hàng cho mình nhé? điện thoại 0914786369 mình tên là Huyền ( nam) không phải nữ đâu

ivo felps mugnaini says:


Thrim John says:


ArgMarc says:

HO HO GUYS i have an idea for a funny comment!

M9 bayonet | night (factory new)

Idk says:

just got this

Gabe Newell says:

M9 bayonet | Night (Factory New)

Aesthetic Boi says:

If it has a built-in wire cutter why isn’t the M9 Bayonet considered a defuse kit?

Bomb has been planted [.|:|# ]

TacheMus says:

What’s the difference between b1,b2 and b3?

Shelton Clemons says:

is it factory new and what case did you get it in?

jon me says:

No one says what size the ring is, what it fits doesn’t mean squat. Measure the ring and say what the size is!

Vault-Tec Rep says:

I wanna kill every fucking single CSGO commenter. Csgo isn’t even fucking good. Crap graphics, shit reload animations.


Ron Jacobe Lagahit says:

It’s Badass having a Bayonet in a Shotgun!

K.Evrgrn says:

wow a factory new night with the best float value u can get 😮 you can sell that for a shit ton of money

Icognize says:

M9 Bayonet Night Factory New?

Aleksi Kannisto says:

i can go to any gun store and buy it for 20$

xc5647321 xc5647321 says:

I want one!!!

BRANT says:

Is this better than the Schrade bayonet knife?

Saint Gamingston says:

Matte black… Love it…

uhuju1 says:

Fucking CS:GO faggots

JP Mcnugent says:

CSGO players probably will try to buy this thinking they’ll get some dlc or whatever then hurt themselves because they don’t know how to use it.

Tristan Geutjes says:

Is it already sharpened when you order it? As I don’t have any materials to sharpen it :l

Kbii says:

fac new??

Aleksi Kannisto says:

checked out the store 145$ for this omfg

Hi, I'm Mickey says:

M9 Bayonet | Night, or it atleast looks like it.

Anthony Coppolino says:

is the knife a one piece of metal type of knife or is it two peices

Can Kantarcı says:

where did you buy it dude

Jack Ryan says:

Reminds me of the knife in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.

deg wid says:

pls stop with the gay csgo shit, i play it myself but it’s annoying seeing these comments.

NEDEV says:

M9 Bayonet Black Pearl 0.0008 float

Makka Pakka says:

CSGO players are probaly asking if it is stattrak

ทัศวรรณ ศรีนอก says:


Senpairo Studios says:

can i order this from the netherlands? will it get in my country or will it get declined ?

SnowyDevo says:

How many cases did you open?

manmonkey009 says:

Before csgo: Look up m9 bayonet, stuff like this comes up.
After csgo: Look up m9 bayonet, first 5 pages “M9 BAYONET SATTRAK FACTORY NEW UNBOXING”

Master Doge XXX_BLAZEIT_XXX says:

i bet a guy that plays csgo would buy this knife and not know what the hole and attachment thing is for.And if they did know what the hole was for,they probably wouldnt have the right thing to attach it to.

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