Spec Ops Knife Sheath Review

Your Knife has a new best friend!

Quick Overview:
Combat Master Knife Sheath Fully jump-able and over-built, this is the essential sheath for your combat blade! Fits blades up to 6″ long and 1 3/4″ wide.Fully adjustable utility / tool pouch.

• “Diamond Braid Cord” tie-down and leg-loop rigging.
• Unique “MULTI-FIT” KYDEX® liner securely holds most blade widths and thicknesses (removable for cleaning).
• Tie-down loops on underside.
• Web loop at bottom for tie-down to packs, leg-loop, etc.
• Extra durability with double-layered 1000D. Cordura® fabric used throughout.
• Mil-spec. Grommet tie-downs along sides of sheath body.
• Jump-ready with redundant tie-down for knife handle and additional secure-down points along body and backside of sheath.



jimmy says:

kabar rubber cold steel knife is ok whit this ?

chris gamble says:

Thanks true blade!

Hilton Ralphs says:

I was going to say awesome but perhaps think of these adjectives next time;

impressive, breathtaking, amazing, stunning, astounding, astonishing, awe-inspiring, stupendous, staggering, extraordinary, incredible, unbelievable, magnificent, wonderful, spectacular, remarkable, phenomenal, prodigious, miraculous, sublime, formidable, imposing, impressive, mind-boggling, mind-blowing, out of this world.

seattwa says:

How about the Vox Roles Boker?

Will King says:

Would the Gerber Bear Grylls ultimate survival knife fit SNUG in this?

Jamie Martinez says:

Do you think you could do a video showing how to attach this to MOLLE? Thank you

Buck littleleaf says:

what about a esee 6 in this model?

David Sims says:

Will the 6 inch version fit a Fallkniven A1 ?
Thanks for your time , keep up the good work.

nr3rful says:


The Woodsman says:

This sheath is bad ass. Only problem I had was the insert was a little small for the bk10 but it was an easy fix with hot water. Nice review!

JeepJeep234 says:

So this should be able to hold my Gerber Prodigy Tanto just about perfectly. Sheath it comes with is garbage. Great knife, and then a sheath slapped together with crappy stitching and these weird clasps that hold the knife that make tons of noise when you sheath and unsheath the knife as well as making it hard to unsheath if it was needed in an emergency.

gideonstactical says:

No, it is designed to never contact the blade.

sam Sampson says:

Lol! Well I just ordered one for my Boker Vox Rold! You have a great channel, im happy to subscribe!

The_kid says:

How about a schrade schf10 will it hold it

chris gamble says:

Will this fit the schf36

The Woodsman says:

Will this work for the bk10?

ReddNekk13 says:

Will this sheath fit on a 2 1/4 inch canvas pistol belt?

MrDavo1959 says:

I bought one of these for my BK-10….(The newer one, with the Velcro fixed liner). After a day, I pulled the liner out, took the old ladies hair dryer to it, and formed it to the 10’s profile. I really don’t see another reason for another sheath, or another design. This thing is great. It’s not some “Fast Deployment” sheath, or a cool looking Kydex slim sheath…..But it works great. You put it on, and forget about it. I really wish they made more sizes for the smaller blades.

gideonstactical says:

Maybe I am! lol

Dustin Rhinehart says:

with the belt loops being that way is it a drop leg style?

ThompsonJosh98 says:

SCHF10 by shrade??

Alex Jeffrey says:

do you know if the large on works with the seal team elite

Michael Quach says:

Will the TOPS Silent Hero fit in this? I’m guessing not, but thought I’d ask since you have that knife.

Ghoster55 says:

You could put a pistol magazine in the pocket?

GreaterThan _ says:

I need one for my air wolf right now

WALDO says:

Will it fit the Benchmade protagonist?

DontTreadOnME201 says:

Thank you for your quick reply. Glad to hear that! I have the Coyote Brown Combat Master Short coming to me early next week. Take care bro.

Patrick BC says:

will the esee 6 fit into the short model sheath? I know that the esee 6 is 6.5 inches, but will it fit?

Ulfric Stormcloak says:

This sheath is a blade whore, SHE CAN FITTEM ALL

Bri w says:

I have and use this sheath with my knives, ranging from my tbs grizzly, esee 6 or when I feel like it, gerber bear grylls ultimate pro. very good sheath and adjustable for multiple size knives. I only use this sheath when out now

WintaFresh says:

You might not read this but I agree. The Ontario Sheaths aren’t that great. I ended up getting a custom kydex sheath made and did a review of the sheath on my channel if you’re interested at all.

GreaterThan _ says:

The ontario falcons sheath is good so I don’t need that sheath right knew, But thank you so much there are a lot of knives with crap sheaths

The_kid says:

Well I got tops stryker defender would u think that one would fit it got spikes on the back

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