Spyderco Military Knife Review. 52100 steel, carbon fiber, and PM2 comparison

Finally I got a chance to review the big light weight Spyderco Military in Carbon fiber and 52100 steel. It has since become of of my top two or three knives out of the way too many I own. It’s 4 inch blade is perfect for every day carry tasks or even light instagram knife use. Thanks to Skookumdanger for the donation, check out his Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/skookumdanger/
Or here is the Standard Military in S30V and G10: https://amzn.to/2HjptD5
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Advanced Knife Bro


Lars Buskkraft says:

You must be very good at this.. I don’t like spydercos (yeah, shoot me), but I still watch your reviews of those damn knives.

Advanced Human says:

good luck finding your delica

Babybop Kidsrock says:

Peel ply carbon fiber – what tactical dudes use in the bathroom

Troy Wheatley says:

I need a beer

ThisIsAPrettyLongUserNameWhyTheFuckWouldHeDoThatSoThatEveryoneWouldThumbsUpIt says:

Can you do a PM2 cardboard baton test? I just got one and I’d like to know if it can take the abuse like the military.

Matt G says:


Chris DeRieux says:

12 Spydercos. Damn man no wonder you’re having to eat Pizza Hut pizza

Jonathan Wilson says:

Hey skookumdanger, i need to do a review on 30 pack of Old Milwaukee.

Mitchell Delmar says:

“One knife is too many and a hundred not enough.” Word.

brand0nline says:

“Cause one knife is really all you need”……..well its treason then

Charles Collier says:

I like the longer blade. Clearly very slicey. The tip down thing aggravates me though.

ToxicityAssured says:

Yet another excellent video!

Tony Canniffe says:

No cool boots for a Military review? Tsk, tsk AKB

FOOtbAll CrEAm says:

I think the lock side liner is titanium.

Patrick Koch says:

Crap! I just bought the Crooked River and I now I’m thinking I should have gotten the Military, with its subtle curves.
I have been thinking the same, I will never use the Crooked River while barefoot.

tyler brewer says:

Hey man can you do a reveiw on the para 3?! Thanks man great reveiw

9jakepeterson16 says:

I just feel that 52100 offers much better edge retention when opening letters and tactically cutting tape from boxes also containing knives over s30v. Damn it, got me again with Sprint runs Spyderco

bRad 1967 says:

I have the military, I haven’t carried it in a while. I should put it back in to the rotation.

Justin Roy says:


Justin Hoffman says:

Which do you prefer: Manix 2XL or the Military?

Clayton Shuff says:

Here’s the comment you asked for.

Dan Dildarious says:

You desperately need a hawkbill, something with belly (like the ARK), and something with serrations IMO.

friendly_CasPeR says:

That tactical knife flicking at the end was ninja af

Buck Mod says:

Not a drop-point blade!☝️

MobiuSphere says:

It’s not a problem until you have at least a baker’s dozen

Outpost 76 says:

No slo mo or sweet kung fu moves bro?

John Stewart says:

“More is never enough” good video

First name Last name says:

do accept beer donations? this is the greatest channel of all time.

Lou Ciamillo says:

12 is not a problem. The people telling you it’s a problem simply lack the funds for them

robbielex says:

You didn’t peg the Military into the stump in the end and I got a serious case of blue balls. Goddamn my aching balls!

Dan Dildarious says:

Most people wont spend even a hundred dollars on a pocket knife or flashlight IME.

Nathaniel Frame says:

Great video as always!

ConcreteTurtle says:

Great review buddy!
Even with the failed cardboard batoning we all come here for.

Run 50 says:

How was the pizza?

John Grammaticus says:

I gave the thumb up but I don’t have time for a comment today, sorry bro.

jacob manalang says:

recently im big into zt and kershaw. non sprint run, still in production specifically since you can get the blade replaced for 10 bucks on a kershaw, 30 bucks on a zt. took about 5 weeks from me to them to get my zt0450 rebladed and sent back.

i didnt want to mess up my 0450 and 0452cf since they are very expensive to me but now i dont mind. i decided to buy a 0393 because of this for my new edc.

i love spyderco. the endura, police, and military are my favorite so i like bigger blades.

i had some bad sharpening done locally which ruined the finish and rounded the tips on my zt0450, manix 2, and pm2. i cant get blade replacements for the spydercos so that was a hard lesson learned.

so i also bought a kme and am learning to sharpen myself.

i also like the kershaw cqc 4kxl. its a heavy sucker though. definitely not the best action at all, but at least you can wave it.

waffles says:

i am safe… i only own 6 spyderco knives

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