Spyderco Para-Military 2 Field Test & Knife Review

Saddle up with the Paramilitary2 for any hot zone!

Pros: quality materials, compression lock, design
Cons: too big for every day carry

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gideonstactical says:

I have yet to handle an emerson, so I can’t be objective.

gideonstactical says:


Abe says:

What are your thoughts on this vs the Manix 2 lightweight? Is this a tougher knife, better for wilderness use, or will the Manix hold up just fine? And are the Manix ergo’s better? Thx.

Brock Landers says:

Lol, large enormous 3.5″ overpriced overrated blade. Spyderco Paramilitary 2 Compression lock strength test fails at 108 lbs. https://youtu.be/ERxHUXAFVs4

axlplayer14 says:

since when is three inches huge?

shcmoly says:

Dude check your camera. Whenever you go into the field the audio goes to zero compared to the tabletop setting. Thanks for the review!

Mr. Wick says:

I’m lucky this isn’t readily available or my wallet would be lighter.

india kilo says:

debating over this and an emerson. thoughts?

LoSTRaMaiR says:

Just found your channel while looking for info on the Izula II, liking your videos so far.

I have the same Para 2. It took me searching around 12 sites, 3 times or more a day, for a few weeks to be able to find one in stock. Very, very difficult to find. I have since stopped carrying it though (and this is the reason I am commenting) because I carry tip up, and it has popped open twice in my pocket and caught me. The first time was worse than the second. For some reason both times it took me a bit to figure out what was poking me. I was unaware that the compression lock was intended to hold he knife closed as well as open. I have not seen anyone else say that their Paras have opened on them in their pocket. Just thought you should know since you mention it in the video.

JJ 4Ti says:

Emersons although a great knife will be much heavier and a bit to more expensive depending on the model Para2’s are a must have, just difficult to find nowadays

Dano DeMano says:

Thanks for another great video! I’ve got a black blade PM2 on the way. I can’t wait to use it. Probably gonna give my Tenacious to my wife (because that’s the rule)! LoL

MrPocketfullOfSteel says:

I am in the group, and there are many believe it or not, that just don’t understand the fascination with this particular knife. I would recommend to someone if they have the chance to actually handle it if you can before you buy it. I excitedly went to my new found knife store and when I had it in my hand I immediately just kind of grinned and shook my head. **THAT** was the moment when I looked at reviews as just someone’s opinion and not the gospel guarantee. Like your channel though.:-)

Alm0stF4mous says:

my family owns a gun and bow shop and even I haven’t been able to get my hands on one lol

gideonstactical says:

Awesome!! I am glad you like it!! It is an awesome blade.

MrPocketfullOfSteel says:

@DereckLum – so he put this exact knife up on ebay huh? 🙂 Good find.

gideonstactical says:

Thanks what I hear from lots of people. It is one of their best sellers.

gideonstactical says:

I am about to up grade my camera, but right now it is all with the iphone and there are no audio setting for that. I will talk louder out in the field till the new camera gets here.

shcmoly says:

Where & when did you get yours? Spyderco has not shipped this in like a year, can not find it anywhere… 🙁

oXObsidianXo says:

Was the knife sharpened between each and every field test?

Bryan Genest says:

I had to get mine off of ebay…. KnifeCenter, Bladehq etc. didn’t have it.

Ziigmund says:

That’s a Brocken tip, the para 2 has a really fine tip

Matt Ostarello says:

Looks like the fake one

Justin Watkins says:

I think this knife is absolutely a must have for all knife collections. I’m still trying to get one of these great knives:)

Gray Au says:

Got my first one, Camo and black DLC coated blade. Waiting for it via mail but damn I’m hyped for it

Dereck Lum says:

Wow! Never thought my knife would be the star of a youtube video. I recently picked that exact knife up from you on ebay and I can say that you’re right, I love it! I sharpened it up and it hasn’t left my side yet!

gideonstactical says:

Manix 2 Lightweight

BladeAddict says:

nice vieo i got the same paramilitary2 awesome knife i love it before i got it i didnt know if i would like it but after you get it in your hand it really is amazing.

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