Spyderco Para Military 2 S110V Blurple Knife Review. The Awesome Ergonomic Classic.

Some people say the Spyderco Para Military 2 is one of the best pocket knives of all time. In this review I go over all the details of this awesome folding pocket knife. I discus dimensions, blade steel, and compare the camo and blurple versions of this knife. I do a few comparisons between other spyderco folders, including my EDC the Sage 5, and the Endura 4.

Check out my Spyderco Sage 5 review here:

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A cool person over at the best Spyderco Facebook page, let me review these awesome blades.

Check it out by visiting this link:


And if you’d like to buy the knife you can get it here: http://amzn.to/2gPozAZ


ModernArnis says:

Grape Ape, Grape Ape…

Mybloeby says:

I know this is a random late message. But what do you think of S110V when it comes to sharpening? Is it harder than sharpening the S30V and what pieces do you have for your sharpmaker? I came to ask you because I love your no bullshit answers.

ᴊᴏʀɪᴄ says:

I can’t take you seriously. Stick to gaming commentary and leave the knife reviews to the professionals.

Ryan I says:

The two PM2s in your video are the two versions I am considering… so blurple or comando? For your money would you buy the blurple again over the commando?

Abe Romano says:

Brilliant. Loved the review and can’t wait for my Blurple to arrive!

Randall Kelley says:

My Blurple gets crazy sharp!

Roy Jones says:

Just found your channel and subbed. Great review and narration.

Priority Survival says:

I cannot stop laughing when I watch your videos!

ryan delehanty says:

manix 2 and sharp-maker or just the pm2

Maniac With Mop says:

Just bought a PM2, do you personally prefer tip up or tip down when u carry? This video shows both knife clips in different configurations. Thanks.

Jorgen Sandstrom says:

One of the best knife ever made. And in so many flavors . Para 3 is a god companion. Waiting for my Blurple. 🙂

olmmedic says:

I like your reviews and humor. Smart ass. Lol

Beside the Dying Fire says:

Pm2 or 940 Osborne?

Chad Lampe says:

I might or might not have ordered one and by might have I mean I ordered one and I have a problem not ordering knives at the moment. Ganzo 729 also on the way from [purses lips] China.

Lemon Slush Loves Knives says:

Is that Grape drink flavor or real Grape?

wrjames38 says:

Great knives. The spydie toads on the forums SWEAR that the SV110 holds an edge 2-3 times longer. Haha. Well…I was a sucker and bought a blue sv110 manix 2. We’ll see if us mere mortals can tell. I also became a frog and pre ordered a Maxamet paramilitary 2 because THAT steal is Soooo much better. I’m pathetic. ..

- - says:

The blurple cut the shit out of my thumb last night while trying to clean sap off of it. Rubbin Alcohol on a swatch didn’t work. Do you use use something to remove sap from yr blades or is it not worth the bother?

Tony Canniffe says:

I’m commando at the moment

Keen Beams says:

Got a discount code?

troutbumandsam says:

Great review, brother

Andy Bullen says:


Woodland Tactical says:

The PM2 is a beast

CarbonSuit says:

My 110V broke today cutting cardboard. The blade literally split and has cardboard stuck in it. I love this knife but that steel is just too brittle at that thickness to be a user.

ryan delehanty says:

hahahaha in two flavors

Robin Pohl says:

Hey man im currently looking to buy the Blurple one, have you found out more about the steels since you did the video ?
Regards and thanks for the video

_aaaa says:

Do you know when the holographic deployment version is gonna be released? They announced it last year through you in this video and it’s still not available.

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