Survivor 12″ Military Survival Knife Review

LINK BELOW. I Dont recommend this knife for survival situations! At £16.99 its expensive for what it is – a rat tail. Nice looking but thats about all in my opinion.


WeAreNotAlone69 says:

For those wanting a knife that can be bought pretty cheap that is hard to break, and you could trust your life on the knife buy a GLOCK FIELD KNIFE 81/76.
WARNING: HANDLE on Survivor 12″ is weak point, NOT weld. Handle will break when battoning.
(The weld should hold if the weld has been done right. Handle will break before weld does.)
Battoning = Wood processing, IE Hitting blade of knife with a log /mallet to split wood

PS: The US manufactured Kabar MkII which people rave about which was designed to be cheap to produce and repair is a Rat-Tail… (Not a rod… blade necks down, Leather discs slide over rat tail section to create handle, pommel is held on with a headed pin pressed thru pommel last 1/2 inch or so of rat tail.)

Wayne Davis says:

The tab should be pushed inside the sheife, it’s supposed to stop the knife from rattling around in that outhouse they call a shiefe, It never did and it never will. Best advice, use a heat gun on it with the knife in it. Shrink it up around the blade so it doesn’t rattle. Knife is junk sheife is junk. I used mine to whittle a real knife out of oak and a shiefe that doesn’t rattle before before the blade broke off.

Darcy leepearson says:

Thanks for sharing mate!
That little tab is a retention clip to keep the knife extra snug.

Hutch O'Matic says:

Decent review.  Glad you took it apart.

ya boi ya boi says:

I’m still getting this knife

Owen Wellspring says:

This knife was never used by any army, it is a chinese knife being falsely advertised.

Aaron Kong says:

Honestly, I’d buy it just for the sheath. And it looks awesome!

aravec says:

Thank you. Informative video which saved me some money too! Cheap n nasty!

Conor Matthews says:

i think the little clip thing at 2:15 is part of the friction lock which helps to hold the knife in, just a guess but im not completely sure lol

Khajiit says:

Was gonna say just get a Mora til you said it at the end lol. I got given this as a gift myself, it’s fun to mess with and not worry about damaging it I suppose. like a toy, except higher chance of hurting yourself if it chooses to break on ya. Much rather a spare Mora though…

TheBustleInYourHedgerow says:

Thanks a lot, you just saved me some money. Which knife of a similar style and price would you go for?

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