Survivor 7.5″ Knife Review

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Even though it states as much right in the description, please be aware that this knife is fairly small! With a 4″ blade and a 3-1/2″ handle, it’s much smaller than the KA-BAR 12″ Fighting/Utility Knife with which it shares a similar look. I purchased the knife for just under $6 on Amazon, and it matched my expectations: a fun-looking but very light-duty knife that has a cool “mini KA-BAR” look to it. The knife is extremely light weight, and even for someone with small hands, I could just barely hold the handle with a full grip. My knife arrived fairly dull, so I sharpened it up a little with my Smith’s Pocket Pal Multifunction Sharpener. With this style sharpener, be careful to keep the blade extremely level, as accidentally leaning it slightly will result in the blade’s coating scrapping off as you pull it through the sharpener. My blade also has a metal bur on the backside right above the tip.

The handle and guard feel nice and tight with the blade upon initial inspection. The handle and pommel feel like rubberized plastic, which is nice to the touch but again, not heavy duty feeling. The pommel looks to be either screw-on or snap-on, and I’d imagine it’s probably held in place with a some adhesive, as well. It felt secure when I twisted and pulled on it, so I was happy with that. I’ll mostly be using mine as more fun-looking box and gasket cutter around the shop instead of my normal throw-away utility knives, and I think it will serve that purpose well and with a bit of style and flair.

I’m very happy with it for what I paid. It’s not a top-quality tool, so I’m rating it 4 stars, but as long as you keep your expectations realistic I think you will be very pleased with it. Hopefully the attached video will help clear up any questions regarding how big the knife actually looks in person.


Survive the outdoors STO says:

It’s not full tang

R.L. Um says:

I actually like the knife. and I jus took one a part. the grip is indeed plastic and not pinned like a real kabar, but it isn’t bad either. there is a 3 inch rat tail tang; that is almost the length of the handle itself. the small hand guard is friction fitted. it is a steak knife for me. maybe I’ll do a reply video.

PhilNJ says:

Well how is this a review?

causeimbatmaaan says:

Cause everybody expects it to be 7.5 blade because that’s what the real military knives are close to and they advertise it to deceive people.

Mariska Hargitay says:

I ordered one of these hoping that I’ll be able to use it to throw. do you think it would be able to do that? realistically I don’t need a long handle to throw it into a log I think :p

Charles Joseph says:

can you baton with it (stick knife in middle of a log and take another small log and hit the blade to split the log in half) im 14 with pretty small hands and thinking about buying it also how sturdy is the handle?

SpeedWayGamer says:

wtf is this

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