The Best Military Pocket Knife for Deployments? The Homefront | Tactical, EDC, Outdoor Pocket Knife

CRKT Homefront Military Tactical Knife ►

Blade Length: 3.502″ (88.95 mm)
Closed Length: 4.728″ (120.09 mm)
Overall Length: 8.313″ (211.15 mm)
Blade Material: AUS8 Stainless Steel
Blade Thickness: 0.133″ (3.38 mm)
Blade Hardness: 57-58HRC
Blade Style: Drop Point
Blade Finish: Brushed
Handle Material: Green 6061 Aluminum
Locking Mechanism: Liner Lock
Pocket Clip: Tip-Up, Right Carry
Weight: 4.8 oz.



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Marco Lopez says:

better tha spderco or benchmade

Ronan B says:

not worth $77

Cqc 7K says:

Cool concept but you can clean a fall through knife just as easy, no need to take it apart. If you can’t find 10 minutes to take a normal folder apart then maybe a fixed blade is for you.

MidnightOz says:

Some really avant-garde shots in this video.

Nicklaus Books says:


Reality Survival says:

Great review and a sweet buy at $75 ish bucks!

chip Lape says:

Good idea about the pivot release slide being on the other side and bringing that back spacer up a little further. On my knife I had to re profile the blade a bit because it was making contact with the back spacers when closed. They could easily correct this with the position of the stop pin but that would leave the blade sitting a little higher in the closed position requiring even a little more correction of the back spacers to cover the exposed blade tip. Great video, I enjoyed it and thanks for your service protecting our freedom. God bless

Joeg241974 Investigator says:

please don’t be takin in by this peace of shit with words like aircraft grade, tactica,l field strip, deloyment knife etc. number one , when the hell has it ever been important to take apart a folder . its a gimmick to sell shit grade aus8 cheap ass steal to morons. if at anytime that switch on the blade end of the knife gets tripped it falls apart. the dam thing is like 80 bucks. I’ve owned folders my whole life. and in my experience there is the superior quality of victorinox and the other category is filled with overpriced buzz word knives boasting about super steels and quality that just isn’t there for the money . if you are a soldier get a victorinox soldier standard issue and look into how it became the official knife of the swiss and german armed forces it won out over 7 knife manufacturers from all over the world including the usa. victorinox was around before the owners of crkt’s parents were born

Tacticool Mitch says:

It’s a novelty item. Since when has taking apart a knife been on your checklist when making a decision on a purchase? It’s cool that technology is changing but it’s not that practical. Most every folder can be dismantled if needed. Still it’s a cool design.

Lawman FL says:

2 Deployments and I stuck with a Kershaw spring assist w/rubberized grip. I even bought another one after giving to a HN counterpart. Of course a parnter knife to my Randall made fixed blade. I tried CRKT, but kind a clunky knifes; they are always at PX.

Casey Bryan says:

would not take a liner lock for tactical situation

firstname lastname says:

i hate how reviewers talk about aus 8 with it being decent when its really not.

cdawson198600 says:

If I had to go to hell and back and it had to be a folder it would be the Adamas.

Colton Clymer says:

zt350 is also good

Rafael says:

77$ for that is overpriced. Wouldn’t give more than 50 for a tactical knife. For 77 you might as well get a victorinox multi tool, even a trailmaster desert.
I love knives, and I am OK in buying a victorinox for 100$ but for a simple tactical knife.,. I’d rather get a rui k 25 with flashlight, firestarter, glass breaker, etc…

Louis Gonzales says:

gonna get one soon, love the design.

James Rhodes says:

I love everything about this knife. But $75 and up for AUS-8 is kinda crazy.

Armin Santiaguel says:

when will u create the zombie apocalypse survival bag 4.0

TheGame says:

My EDC is a ZT0560, so I never actually use thumbstuds on my main blade. lol

Aside from that, I will likely get one of these eventually. But not for the field strip technology, really. I like the way it looks.

olmmedic says:

I love the blade but hate flipper only blades

Gerardo Pietrantoni says:

Two questions. I have seem this knife advertised with 1.4416 steel. Is it the same as AUS 8? Are the washers around the pivot teflon or what?

Chris Brooks says:

Aus 8 verses S30v? For nearly the same price? No way. How hard is it to pour water over a PM2 and clean it out? I do it regularly without having to take it completely apart. Anyway, nice video, but I’ll stick with the PM2 or others.

David Henry says:

Love my HomeFront! EDC..

its jake 101 says:

does it run on ball bearing or is it spring assisted ?

John Edgar Lacher says:

My EDC is a Browing Black Label Checkmate 143BL Tactical knife.

Evan McCoy says:

wut is your favorit knife

Joe Roy says:

Not being nit picky IMO I can’t stand the tip poking out like that either other wise awesome knife

C.L. Leigh says:

Nice knife. Bang for the buck not there for me. For $40-50 more Para Military 2 with S30V steel.

JustSome Dude says:

this is 2107, if a folder doesnt have bearings im not wasting my time.

dece74 says:

Not my cup of tea, but kinda cool because it looks like the type of folding knife Captain America would carry. Seriously, picture it

TacticalArtist says:

At it’s price point it should have a better steel than Aus-8 but I do love the design.

rmg1035 says:

I just bought one, coming tomorrow. Thanks for the review.

Emre Aktas says:

awesome video and review. thanks I am watching from Turkey

Richard Hicks says:

It’s sharp

Herne0011 says:

For fast sharpening and an extremely keen edge – AUS8 should not be underestimated as a great performance steel. At first when I saw CKRT in your lineup I laughed. Then I remembered JUST how good CKRT performance models in the past have been. Their old collaborations with custom makers were on point. Full respect for telling it how you see it. You don’t need to go buy a Strider to get a hard use knife.

chasin tullis says:

Whats your AFSC?

Jack G. says:

I was shopping this knife out when I received it in my Battlbox. I couldn’t be more pleased with it. This is my new EDC.

Chris Walls says:

Should be an Air Force standard issue since they don’t issue firearms.

Mark Amaral says:

Great review…. I always enjoy your practical and helpful observations.

deerwatcher says:

i like this knife.

Saeed Mannuru says:

Bro what camera you are using for shooting your vids.


Aus 8 shit fuckoff price

Joeg241974 Investigator says:

its like calling a 38 smith and wesson an assault rifle. in the world of killing on a battle field this thing is a novelty toy . its a camp knife packaged as some tactical weapon protecting the homefront to nerds playing call of duty in thier moms basement. its so corny I can barely put it into words . taking phases from the military gun world like field strip and tactical feel tank track jimping bayonet mount style flipper. a bunch of demons in suits that work for the marketing department of CRKT bounced ideas off of eachother and studied the average consumer in their targeted market. our society is being steadily pushed to worship the military. if I walk up to man and meet him whether he’s a soldier or janitor, i look into his merits as a man before i congratulate him.. I have many friends in the military that are good men .but I know as many dirtbag service men aswell . its just think its strange to me how grown ass men fall to their knees when meeting someone in the military without even knowing if their a rapist or child molester. like without them we would all be defenseless squabs and that their exsistance is the only thing protecting us from imminent death. I’m a man god dam it ! and ill be dammed if I need another man fighting for my family. if I’m not enough protection for my household my woman made a bad choice selecting me to help raise her children. a lot of ex soldiers recognise the fight on terror media bullshit for what it is. its trauma based mind control selling parents on the idea that feeding their kids into a bank controlled meat grinder is a great honor to be proud of. its blind worship. America good, the rest of the world shit. so to keep a long story short , I’m not sold on this overpriced gimmicky knife marketed to call of duty nerds .

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