The Best Version: Ka-Bar Fighting/Utility Knife 1211

Where To Buy Model 1211 and Others:
The USMC fighting knife has been around for along time and seen action in every theater of war since WWII. But is there a better option?

Favorite Knife Sharpening Systems:

Favorite EDC Knife:
Manix2 Lightweight

Favorite Medium Survival Knives:
Fallkniven A1

Favorite Big Chopping Knives:
Ka-Bar Becker BK39
ESEE Junglas


AsH Watchoutforthattree says:

Huge disappointment to hear the negative press about the Ek45. I own one and have smacked it around while limbing some downed trees with good success. The tip of the blade is definitely not meant for use as a hardcore working knife, but it surely would be very effective as a fighter. Stabbing and slashing should prove …. satisfying?

Thanks once again for a good presentation. BTW, I bought a Desert Nomad after your review, and I’m feeling good about the decision. Cheers!

Phillip Porter says:

I don’t like the hand guard on the top of the handle. I prefer the single sided hand guard the D2 steel knife provides. But I don’t like the D2 steel, as it’s too hard to sharpen. If I am considering cutting the top hand guard off the ka bar.

Al g Blenny says:

What the hell is comfterbility? @50 seconds.

Oozy9Millimeetah says:

I have had my leather stacked KA-BAR about 10 years now. Love it, but from practical standpoint it’s an outdated knife, it just can’t compete with the big boys of modern era.

Markus Wagner says:

grip=for (salt) water,i got explained!

WintaFresh says:

Will that sheath fit the OKC USMC Combat Knife?

BillySAw951 says:

does the plastic sheath dull the knife when u draw it out like the becker bk2 and the becker necker

Hiker Marapese says:

Good price for the package!

Emory Bragg says:

why would you recommend a knife from a company who doesn’t even stand behind their own product?

James Ritchie says:

Couldn’t disagree more. The rubber might be better in being a tiny bit more durable, but not nearly as much so as most thing. The sheath sucks. Yes, it’s modern, but the leather sheath can be used for a dozen other things, should you really get into trouble. The modern sheath can’t be. And, of course, there is no better metal than 1095 Cro-Van. It’s better by far than D2, and even superior to O-1 in every sense of the word.

Sometimes you just need to leave things alone, and this is one of those times.

Markus Wagner says:

…and u don’t have to bring everywhere your “V shape thing”,
instead of the blade like of my srkVG1….you mentioned anyway something about that in another vid!

Eurotrash4367 says:

A fixed blade knife that cuts seat belts, paracord and rubber floor mats………..holy shit!

Big Mofo says:

These are good knives. But i still prefer my esse4. It may not be a cool knife today, but it’s holding up all these years.

Dragan Matekalo says:

that’s the 5011 not 1211

mike ripa says:

I have and have used for 40 years for all tasks camping a knife I love that says at the bottom of blade (us and below camillus).It says nothing about usmc although I believe it is a military issue, what do I have?Anyones thoughts would be appreciated.

Markus Wagner says:

pretty similar to the famous austrian military knife!

S. Bhaddharaja says:

Thank very much. I study many knifes from your vdo.

NGMonocrom says:

I bought the 1211 so many years ago, I can’t even remember the exact year. Definite improvement over the classic. But still suffering from the very same issue. The very tip is just too fine and chips off too easily for me. I’ve had to re-profile the very tip each time. Just got fed up doing it. There are two versions of the classic. The one made by Kabar, and the one that used to be made by Camillus. Back when the company was the real thing and not just a name slapped on cheaply-made knives.

I never understood that. You can buy the name of a defunct company with a great reputation, and then put it on a bunch of cheaply-made products and sell it under that name. Truth is, you’re selling it based on the company’s old, excellent, reputation. It’s blatant, legalized fraud. But back to the Camillus version.

It had a stouter tip that didn’t chip off. But the handle was terrible. I’d love a hybrid with the Kabar guard and handle, but with the Camillus blade.

Kenneth Ray says:

Can someone tell me the differences if any between the 1211 and 5011? Wondering if it’s the same exact knife or if there are some minor differences

Falkreath Guard says:

why does the handle look green? did you get the foliage green version or they havea fucked up black?

also the 1211 is supposed to come with a leather sheath not kydex

corey holthaus says:

not covered under warranty??? then what is???

1MWTJF says:

I own several Kabar knives, and I have to say my favourite is the D2 Extreme Fighting/Utility knife with the plastic sheath (model 1282). It has a grippier, more comfortable handle, thicker guards, a lanyard hole in the pomel, and the same high quality Kabar sheath. D2 blade is a bonus – I just wish they made one in Aus8a or 440c.


teh trail master is the same like all this knife or is beter

Markus Wagner says:

like the “hammer/knock out thing” on the bottom!

Pineappleflowers says:


jim finch says:

Hey aaron, I like my extrema ratio model even better, but it’s about $400.00

brandon mitchell says:

You make it sound like the leather handle will wear out in a couple years lol they will probably outlast whoever buys it. If they want to actually make the kabar better they should thicken the tang, sharpen the spine, and blue the blade instead of using a coaring.

Chas No says:

Any chance that you could encourage KABAR to put aside that pretty “foliage green” for a while, and make some in good old olive drab? The KABAR is a very traditional knife, and even though it’s been updated, it should still be offered in a traditional color. I want one in OD.

Jonny Kys-db says:

That is not the 1211 knife. You are using the 5011 knife in this video which is based on the 1211 but this model is 5011

JoeFrohlich says:

Good review. I always wondered about the Ka-Bar knives.

dece74 says:

Correction, that is actually the 5011

Paul'ie 4X says:

Say Heah Aaron Your right nothing like a classic. But I would rather take my Randall Made Model #1. Oh, Lemme think, nope it be my Model #14 with the Griffin Handle, Bob at R M told me it’s virtually invincible. Yeah, That be it.,,.p

Eric Shan says:

been watching this channel for a while…dude you GOT TO pause more when talking non stop…really annoying

Britt Thomas says:

If you’re trained in knife fighting, then you know that you’re supposed to grasp your knife handle with your finger knuckles lined up with the cutting edge. One reason for doing so, is to keep your original grip & prevent the knife for moving around in your hand.

William Martinez says:

I have brought a few knives in your recommendation and have not been disappointed my fav being the BK9. In the link you provided the 1211 only comes in black. (that I’ve seen on Amazon) I would like to purchase the model/color scheme you used in this video. I own the blk on blk version.

done done says:

I don’t think it went through the double run of seatbelts what happened there

Azrael says:

would this sheat fit my leather handled kbar ?

Marc Johnson says:

I still have my Leather Handle Ka-bar with leather sheath it served Me well for what it was made for would use it over any of that other garbage
Old Salt Marine

Markus Wagner says:

5:50,i just guessed its the best,ooops!^^

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