Top 10 Best Tactical Combat Knives | Military Knives For Survival

Top 10 Best Tactical Combat Knives | Military Knives For Survival

***Best Knives Review:

Best Tactical Knives List:
1. Boker 121550 Swiss Dagger 11:22
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2. Hogue EX-F01 Fixed Blade 09:40
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3. SOG Kiku 08:39
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4. KA-BAR Kraton G 08:06
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5. CRKT Sangrador Dagger 06:56
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6. Schrade SCH112 Full Tang 05:21
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7. Cold Steel Recon Tanto 03:14
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8. KA-BAR Becker BK9 02:37
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9. Gerber StrongArm 02:19
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10. Schrade SC90B Tactical Knife 00:22
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justin zhang says:

The Schrade need both hands and two motions to release the blade, bit lousy

SJ Greer says:

I have the Cold Steel Recon Tanto and it’s an excellent blade. P. S. Those karambits are for kids going to comic-con.

Christophe Clugston says:

Folders are not combat knives brought to you by

Rizan Rai says:


Efrain Suarez II says:

You’re kidding with the number choice, right?

The Truth says:

No. 1: Cold Steel Black Talon II serrated !!!!!

Fatwa der sprenggläubige Schläferhund says:

a Commercial compilation…

Jimmy Hopkins says:

11:02 the guy sounds like Chris from family guy

Seth Adam says:

The Schrade is a garden tool, its shown as a neck knife, breaking news, its a sure fire way to the crow bar hotel, its a concealed weapon, unless you live in Texas or Alaska.


Great List !
I LOVE both my Schrade and Cold steel Knives.
and Now I REALLY want that CKRT Sangrador !

Andris Budovskis says:

Gravas Rikle

John Rossell says:

If its not s automatic its boring

Davide Muraro says:

la daga pseudo-nazista non sembra proprio un coltello tattico…

RangerGecko44 says:

Another case of not knowing anything about the subject that you’re doing a video on.

Germán Delgado says:

the knife number 1 of the top is the cheap copy of the daggers that the hitler SS had only the german writing on the sheet and the logos and the esbastigas the rest is the same design even the grip of the wood is in wood in this case the SS were wooden tamvien but differentiated by colors such as red black and brown but it is the same design I have a German original SS with its scabbard and all original … and indeed because so much publicity to that number one …? if there are better fights in the market than that, well I pass with the choice of that top 10 I only liked the number 2 the rest happened and won.

jorge maldonado perez says:

the number one is the Ka Bar BK2

H Frendal says:

Bullshit. Yes them be nice knives but this is nit eve close to how blades should be.

geetesh jagariya says:

how can get in india?

Legit Christian says:

Ending song?

White Supremacy says:

Why weren’t all the knives given the same press as the first one?

Kevin M says:

There are no folding ” tactical ” knives. They are a compromise between utility and convenience. Cold Steel, Becker, SOG, have all been used for years by U.S. military and renowned outdoors/ survival experts with good results. Do your homework and choose carefully.

The4cp says:

Not bad . Schrade is sketchy and Gerber is horrible. Kabar and Cold Steel are incredibly good. 8cr13mov is NOT a good steel. Its barely adequate. CRKT is good as well.

Bob McGarry says:

That Boker looked too Beautiful to be practical. That Houge knife was intriguing. Seems Like a modified BK styled design.

Stephen Kong says:

Are these knifes good for cooking?

Ramiro Mejia says:

I trust Gerber, and cold steel

Steven Davidson says:

Best fighting knife here ,the sog,

Jacques Nowell says:

The Recon Tanto, BK7 & Kabar USMC are the only knives on the list which I would trust in a life or death situation.

Shimomura Wong says:

Number 1 spot for Boker is a mistake, that knife is not suitable to be a fighter/utility knife; its just decorative for the wall and doesn’t auger well for chopping, fine slicing except thrusting; its position should be at the bottom.

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