TOPS Operator 7 Combat / Survival Knife + Little Bugger (And Sheath from Black Bear Custom Kydex)

The TOPS Knives Operator 7 is a monster blade (.31 inches thick) and with the help of the Little Bugger, this (I think) is a solid large knife/small knife system for the outdoors. Check out the video and tell me what you think about them.

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Average Joe says:

Reminds me of a Busse

mykalbee says:

Helluva pigsticker there. I want that knife and a big fan of the kryptek index. Cool setup bro.

sawdust 69 says:

just got my operator 7
yesterday from smkw for 144.99 cant wait to get it dirty:-)

safe space says:

Tops knows how to make art….

Andy Quezada says:

Love the reviews and the Professionalism in your videos. Would like to see more budget friendly gear. Keep the vids coming.

Jesse Schmidt says:

You are literally the only actual review of the operator 7 on youtube!!!

kenny cadarett says:

the blade needs to be smaller and wider like the old Ka-Bar warthog that would make it bad ass

Greg Walker says:

the operator is awesome and on my list..i have the little ute and it’s great. thanks!

Barry Bueler says:

Great knife should be the next kabar for our military not that a kabar is a bad choice with but a little upgrade can’t hurt when it comes to our brave men and woman I would of like to see 1095 on this operator knife but 1075 is a quality steel for war it’s tough and can be kept sharp in the field with a small light stone easily and will bend and roll instead of break if u have to do light prying etc

Arctodus Simus says:

I can see the Operator 7 outdoing the Steel Eagle in popularity.
Leo pulled out all the stops on that one!

Tim Gannon says:

Glad to see you review this one. I’ve been eying it up for awhile now, but honestly I really don’t need another fixed blade. I have 12 or 13 of them now..but….that doesn’t mean I won’t buy it, lol. It really is a big bad ass knife, and I do just LOVE tactical looking knives, regardless of the fact that I do not do the whole knife fighting thing…I just like the looks of them.
Funny you mentioned cleaning fish with the small Lil Bugger..I saw a vid that Matt Graham put out, (I think it was on WIngman’s channel) that showed him using it, cleaning Love that kydex system, and REALLY like the look of that leather over kydex sheath. No question kydex is better over all, but I love leather..combining the two is just pure genius! Thank you for another well done review!

Christian Garcia says:

The only guy who actually test this knife on this video.i got mines a while ago proud of this purchase hands downs the most beautiful design of Tops brand

Chris Goode says:

Having used both the scar blades papa bear and the operator 7 which knife would u say is better of suited for the outdoors overall

Desiree Lynn Bain says:

Great job. LMAO A PARADE.

Adnan Maharaj says:

Great Review, Great Knife! Been waiting on a review of this Knife. Definitely have to pick one up, God Bless!

Raymond Gagan says:

thank you for showing me a bunch of different knife options but since I am Canadian I would like to see a few canadian made knives on your show

Barone B says:

Hi Tim, I also own the TOPS
• .230 Machete
• Wolf Pup
• Wolf Pup XL
• Mil Spie 5
• ATC Hondo
• Pathfinder School Knife
• Sky Marshall ( Hunters Point )
• Wolf Pax 2
*** Just ordered the Operator 7 yesterday from Knife Center, $165.00 includes sheath, free shipping .
*** I bought a knife from
“ Spartan Blades “ a Veteran owned Co. bought their “ Horkos “ Knife, paid
$ 370.00 for it, beautiful knife, however, quality wise no better than any of the TOPS Knives, just a lot more expensive… I thnk TOPS puts out the best knives in relation to their price points…. just subscribed to your channel…. have great day

Quantum Fixits says:

Thanks a lot Pastor Tim…now I’ve got to figure out how to work another nice knife into my rotation! 🙂 (once I will inevitably no doubt justify somehow after I buy it as my next woods knife) –in your opinion how does the Operator 7 measure up to the original Coldsteel carbon 5 Trailmaster?

Rune Torshammare says:

Amazing design. What a beauty.

ImakeSnowflakesMelt says:

Tops makes a good knife but Jesus Christ their sheaths are garbage

msims4774 says:

Great video, Tim. 2 great blades and 2 really cool sheaths! My Operator 7 sheath came with the standard steel clip, but I was hoping for the dangler option that they were offering. If your original sheath has the dangler, would you be interested in selling it?

Chris Deger says:

its funny that last location for some reason looks like a green screen, not sure why but it seems like it lol I’m sure your in the woods cameras and youtube compression do some funny shit

Vanilla Gorilla says:

The little fella would be a nice skinner in a way.

iscariot project says:

skip to 5:30 to see usage

Norse Woodman says:

The fact that they put a fuller on that gigantic thing is hilarious. It will do absolutely nothing. The large one is a complete waste of money but the small knife is decent. The large one is just a crowbar with an edge on it. You would probably get more use out of a $20 Cold Steel machete and a $20 Mora eldris

Champion Sadali says:

same knife from counter-strike

Chuck Bergman says:

I’ve had my Operator 7 for awhile now and I absolutely love it. I’ve retired a couple of my knives because of it. Tops nailed this knife to the T beautiful blade. It goes well with my Tops skullcrusher and Tops police interceptor. Highly recommend any of those knives. My police interceptor is my edc for several years now with zero complaints.

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