TOPS USMC Combat Knife: Field Test/Review

This knife is at the top of the food chain (in its class)! Designed by Laci Szabo from the ground up to cater to the needs and desires of elite warriors.

TOPS sent us this blade for a little T&E and I must say I have been stoked on it ever since it came out of the box. There was a break in the weather, so I headed to the mountains to test it in the field.

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NOT a sponsored video. These are my own opinions.

The Good:
– Stronger, better blade shape than current Issued knives
– Factory sharp (especially for a 1/4″ blade)
– Traction coating is sweet
– Handle is plenty long for any task
– Healthy weight makes it EASY to process wood
– Handle material great in all conditions
– Pry bar/glass breaker

The Bad:
– Only comes with a combo edge (my opinions in the video as to why)
– Handle material edges a little harsh (I lightly sanded the cuts in the handle after this video, which solved the problem completely)
– Hard to find a place to put this knife on a plate carrier! Mainly going to carry on my belt.

Awesome Scale
– 9.25/10

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InnerBark says:

180USD+ Shipping. I’m setting these up to be shipped with full size Tuf-Cloths as well (at no additional cost, except a small surcharge to upgrade to the Marine formula)

Thomas Willows says:

TOPS…hmmm, nice blades…But…WHY OH WHY THEY ARE SO FUCKING EXPENSIVE!!??!! I reckon, people have to pay for a “name” and “brand”…For this money, you can get better blade, better steel, and better price!!! Shame on you TOPS !!!!!

Thomas Willows says:

I am not saying, that you’ re wrong, not at all, Tops makes v. good blades; still I reckon they are kinda too expensive. Too “nosy”, bit too greedy. For example: RAT knives from Ontario are cheaper then those from Tops; same steel, nearly same shape-price 30-40£ more in Tops. For a stupid machete you pay in Tops nearly 100£ !!!! Or mini pry bar 130£??!! That’s madness!! Or Tom Brown Tracker-180£ upwards-for what-small piece of knife, which isn’t that great as it looks 😀 Cheers!

Cameron Romans says:

At the rate you’re going, how often do you have to sharpen it?

x Zen says:

CUTCO hunting knives are much better. lol

kattar Xun says:

i love good knife!

InnerBark says:

Check my videos

Franklin McJohnnson says:

Where can I ?

Bigfoot Bushcraft says:

getting in between the serrations wlnt help with a fuzz stick? They looked pretty chuncky like they wld help curling the fuzz

Krabby Patty says:

Stop video at 1:56 go back to 1:00 put Chuck Norris, problem solved and saves you 7min

thumbs-up defender's says:

bro…plz dont test a fighting knife solely by outdoor task. this blade is made for killing, not kindling firewood. stab a slab of ribs, slice some meat. do some drills

faultroy says:

That means a lot. Many people are reporting stress fractures in bigger blades because of the way they heat treat in mass produced blades. You should pay a lot more for a differentially heat treated blade because it is much more work for the maker. Thanks for the info.

NotDaFckEvn says:

Thats a beautiful blade how much did that run ya?

Evoluztion says:

Its funny people tell me how a combat knife would suck to bushcraft with or suck as a survivor knife.. such as my d2 lager peter Banda blade.. it may not be ideal. But combat knifed work just as well.

H0F5T4TT3R says:

How much money?

InnerBark says:

Thanks! Feel free to check out the giveaway I am doing for a TOPS CUMA Tak-ri 2.0 or Brothers of Bushcraft Fieldcraft knife.

Mitchell Caberto says:

Great review! Very helpful!

RedneckViking says:

Just wish the serrations were optional otherwise I would be in love with this knife

Franklin McJohnnson says:

Oh thank you very useful.

cody m says:

it is meant to kill it will go throw wood

InnerBark says:

Message me 🙂

sawdust 69 says:

get ya throuh the fight not get ya through night BRILLIANT!!

Phillip Wellendorf says:

How does this knife fair against the Ontario Chimera?

faultroy says:

Wow! That is a lot of money for a 7 inch marginal blade. Do you think that it is worth it?

Evan DoesStuff says:

I enjoyed this

faultroy says:

Are you sure about the hamon line? That would mean they are differentially treated–can you verify this? Nice review. Unless they are thin knives, I don’t like 7 inch blade–if you are going to look for a combat blade, makes sense to purchase at least a 10 inch blade IMO.

steven14621462 says:

thats a combat knife not a survival knife 

JeepJeep234 says:

Honestly for the price of this knife I don’t see me buying it anytime soon, plus I do have kabar’s and ontario combat knives. I think my favorite is either the 1245 or ontario chimera plain edge. Combat knives don’t need to be super thick, it actually can take away from its abilities in combat when its too thick. Like trying to puncture kevlar, probably between 1/8 and 3/16 steel thickness is just about perfect for combat in my opinion.

qpae123 says:

If is a combat knife you were not supose to fight ,stab or slit the throat of someone for an accurate review ? What has wood choping to do with combat ?:))

Angel Silva says:

I need a a tactical sheath for this knife eny help please 🙂

Ei Pi says:

i agree with you   dont like the handle or serrations  ill keep my k-bar  its time tested …hardest test of all    great vid!

snaponjohn100 says:

Great review as always.   God bless.  John

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