TOPS USMC Combat Knife Fixed Blade Review

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Blade Length: 8 inches
Edge Length: 7.4 inches
Steel: 1095 High Carbon
Tip: Clip point
Grind: Saber
Thickness: 0.25 inch
Handle Scales: Linen Micarta
Weight: 17.5 ounces
Sheath: Nylon
Notes: Black traction coating. Impact pommel.
Made In: USA
Price: $140+

Full tang construction, tough quarter inch thick 1095 High Carbon steel blade. Strong saber grind and classic clip point tip, inspired by UMSC Ka-bar. Designed by marine veteran, SWAT veteran, martial arts instructor, famous knife designer Laci Szabo.

Laci Szabo Website:


mrouterrim says:

If knife is expensive I expect a much better sheath

Todd Klekotka says:

I like this knife. It has bad ass written all over it. I like the deep grooves in the handle, can be made more comfortable wrapping para cord on it. I like the KaBar but if it was my only tool in the woods, I know the stick tang will break eventually with batoning or hard chopping. The Tops version is a tank! Also, who cares about the sheath? Gives one a reason to make or have a custom sheath made and its not that expensive. Nice review…

Goattacular says:

I want one of those knives! The sheath is pretty junky (Velcro is the worst for knife sheaths due to negating stealth), and I’d make my own. The full tang and integrated cross guards combined with 1/4″ steel are definite upgrades to the knife. My only concern is the absence of a fuller (blood trough). Though the fuller is typically used as a strengthening method, it has the added benefit of equalizing pressure on the blade when pulling out of bloody raw flesh, such as in the case of self defense or field dressing a deer. I’m afraid to ask how much this knife costs, though.

Mitchell Caberto says:

Now that’s a great looking blade! I wouldn’t expect anything less from Tops.

Airik1111 says:

Yeah Ontario did the same thing with my Sp47 3 inches of extra sheath is just stupid and takes up space, it is obvious they tried to save money with the one size fits all concept. …….NO ONTARIO! NO TOPS! ONE SIZE DOES NOT FIT ALL.
LOL what a joke, its worse with Tops imho because their knives are freaking spendy so you shouldn’t have to deal with crap like that. You would think that being knife people themselves they would understand that, but big money wins out in many of these cases.

charles williams says:

,, serrations are useless unless their the veff serrations

WeAllJuggleKnives says:

Thank you, friend

WeAllJuggleKnives says:

Thanks! I’ve got the TOPS Longhorn Bowie and War Bowie coming up in the future.

WeAllJuggleKnives says:

Yeah i think The Ka-Bar is still king when price is factored in.

Hank Hayes says:

Tops makes great knives. I would say their quality is high level in all categories. 
Hank Hayes

Daen Nobli says:

that’s the same sheath as joe teti’s knife,SURV_TAC 7 also made by tops

billy2sweets says:

Hey you said on the Tops USMC knife video that you made your own kydex sheath for your tops knife. I was thinking about getting a Tops USMC knife as well but the sheath is holding me off since I wouldnt have any other way to carry it. How would I make a kydex sheath to fit it liek you did with your Armageddon?

Stoney Lonsome says:

You laughed but- I think you hit the nail on the head my friend. This is a sheath designed for a different knife and they used it for this one as well. OTC does it – they have this standard, nylon sheath- that looks identical to that one by the way, that they use when they don’t want to make a sheath for a knife. I got one with my Afghan Bush knife. They rattle and don’t retain the knife worth shit. Of course I guess it keeps the cost down, the Afghan was really affordable.

paulie 4x says:

The part I can understand is the quality of material, I found out General is the Canadian Outfit that makes bayonets, And that’s right Canadian used stainless steel m-7 bayonets we used carbon steel, Other than the blade material they are interchangable, Identical, so yeah, a very expensive hoax, the guy must of lost a ton of money, they weren’t cheap to make, Although because nobody knew anything about it, I was able to buy mine for I think $20.00 around tgere, Anyhow I know their made well, alot better than the Ka-Bar’s, , ,

Mogyi mogyilevi says:

‘Lahtzi Sahbo’

Andras Havas says:

Looks like a very valid point on the sheath. If you pay some $ for such a knife, the least the company could have done is create a consistent quality package. Now obviously sheaths can be changed. But if this knife is a tribute, make it a good tribute. My Taiwanese Linton Seal has a better sheath in practice… Maybe the good thing would be to sell the knife with the option of sheaths or without.
Or look at the Extrema Ratio sheaths. Plastic with a single thumb release. What were these people thinking?

UnSelfRighteous .Monk says:

I just checked the price…. honestly, I would rather get 3 Ka bar’s or a Ka bar and a decent sword for that price

TacticalOwl7 says:

Wish it wasn’t serrated. I’d buy 2

Xavier W says:

Looks like a ontario sheath with tops knives printed on the buckle

iHateAshleyGraham says:

Is This a newer TOPS knife>? I have never seen this one before. i know TOPS has a TON of knives, maybe i just didn’t look close enough.

Michael Bonade says:

whenever i discover a new cool knife, fixed or folder…and i want to research it, look up some vids….chances are…you’ve done a review of it…..i like ur style man…..i’m being more selective in my folder collecting these days and also started picking up the fixed blade knives i’ve always liked…OKC-Blackbird SK-5, Cold Steel Tai Pan CPM-3V, Benchmade Arvensis, Boker Applegate-Fairbairns 5 1/2in. w/micarta , Spyderco Jumpmaster, Pygmy Warrior, Bradley Bowie, Southfork….and there will be more 🙂 i was just watching a playlist on random knifemakers and a vid on Tops came up..their knives never appealed to me visually , so i never looked into the company……i’ve since changed my opinion and there are at least 4-5 knives i’m looking into…starting with this US Combat Fixed

Sahil Auditto says:

i would like to see a field test instead but thanks for the specifications. actually ordered one today!

JeepJeep234 says:

I bet it would fit in the ontario OKC3S sheath or the sp6/ff6 sheath.


The Akbar kydex sheath


Can the tops fit in

Crazy knife says:

With out serration also

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