TOPS USMC Combat Knife: Tabletop Overview

This is the combat knife for the next Generation. Manufactured by TOPS knives in the USA with an amazing reputation for creating dependable and indestructible knives. This was designed by LACI SZABO specifically for the USMC from the ground up as a flawless combat and utility knife. The USMC is the only branch that trains knife fighting to every soldier. Very excited to take this out into the field!

Check out their site!

O/A Length: 13 3/4″
Blade Length: 7 1/2″
Thickness: 1/4″
Steel: 1095 High Carbon Steel RC 56-58
Handle: Black Linen Micarta
Blade Color: Tac Black
Serrated Blade: 1 1/2″
Weight: 17.5oz
Sheath: Nylon

This is NOT a sponsored video, however, TOPS did send us this piece of gear for testing and evaluation. Check back soon for the testing!

Awesome Scale
– 9.75/10

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Green Arrow says:

What is the exact name of this knife? I want to buy one.

InnerBark says:

Sierra Trading Post. Bertucci titanium watch with mossy oak face 🙂

bob roger says:

How much is it?

Vincent van Rijn says:

Thank you for posting your reviews on this knife. You make excellent, succinct reviews and I appreciate the effort and thought you put into these videos. I also ordered one of these knives after watching your review; as Kamikazekman said it appears that the knife has been discontinued (I may be wrong but I could not find it on the TOPS website) but a number of websites still have stock. It is a hefty knife but anything of this size necessitates a small practical knife for smaller tasks.

Jake .McClung says:

Just gonna put it out there that I’m a Marine and we never get issued a knife anymore. You just kind of bring your own.

Quacko69 says:

Its a huuge knife.
Why is the TOPS so much larger than the ka-bar?

DaRappinPotato says:

Where did you buy your watch? 🙂

Alex Rodriguez says:

that brand is not adopted of bought by the military KA-BAR and SOG and Gerber is adopted by the military also OKC

pandaksful says:

I’m in the Philippines how much will it cost to include the shipping ? I’ve been looking for this knife here but couldnt find one.

Chase Null says:

marble knives for combat were really nice also

r seda says:

In the Old Corps(1960’s)we were told never to sharpen or clean our “K” Bars and bayonets!!..If your enemy doesn’t die from the stabbing, then infection will kill him!!…

Cephalone says:

Couldn’t u just kick glass?

Angel Silva says:

If only it was stainless steel :/ still badass knife I’m planing in buying it as my main personal difference knife 🙂

walk effect says:

waw so sharp

MrGhod says:

Actually is a copy of the Ka-Bar. Look at the blade design. It’s identical. The full tang and lack of a fuller is really the only difference. As far as the glass breaker, the Ka-Bar has a solid metal pommel ideal for non lethal blows. No doubt too expensive for a combat/utility knife for the military that will need to be replaced on a regular basis.

JeepJeep234 says:

It’s a cool knife but I think it cost too much for what it is. Personally my favorite is my KA-BAR 1245 tanto. 8 inches long with a false edge that runs down the spine until it gets to the serrations. Out of all the knives I have the 1245 I think has the best penetration due to its fine yet strong tanto tip. It went through a piece of stab resistant padding like it wasn’t there, and my standard 1211 just couldn’t get through all the way.

PerceptionVsReality says:

Where could I get a leather sheath for this knife?

Susan Wyse says:

WW2 did not begin in 1942

Rich Engel says:

Your a dick

ZombieOrchestra says:

Thanks for the reply man, I have been wanting this blade for over a year, i’m in canada and its been out of stock at S.M.K.W forever! Whats the price like in your neck of the woods? Peace.

Adam Allen says:

World War 2 started in 1939…

You guys were late.

Elodie Sulpis says:

Hello ! Good video and chanel !
Please what the name of litlle Ka-Bar whit green paracorde ?
Actualy i never see the same on net.

B_M_F_710 says:

Wish you could do a review of the Tops Ranger bootlegger 2 with saw teeth. That knife has zero reviews and I do not know why.

Chris Duke says:

The USMC Combat knife WAS NOT designed after the KBAR….It was designed after the USMC BAYONET Made By Ontario Knives…the OKC3S…otherwise great review , no disrespect intended. SEMPER FI!

ZombieOrchestra says:

It’s really hard to find one of these beauties on stock anywhere!

lance avats says:

How much does it cost

Network Channel YouTube. TV network says:

bravo happy weekend I like compat knife my regard for u

SwedishDynamics says:

wow your videos are really good, you need more views! 😛

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