UK MoD 4 Survival Knife Review: Very Disappointing!

I purchased this Ministry of Defence Type 4 survival knife while I lived in Scotland. I was so excited to purchase this knife; but now, my excited feelings have subsided, and I am disappointed (if not a bit angry). This knife does not have the quality I would expect necessary for a military issued survival knife. It is a 4-out-of-10 at best.

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UK MoD 4 Survival Knife Review: Very Disappointing!:

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chapiit08 says:

Reminds me to my Cattaraugus Q225. Had to change the bevel angle to make it more user friendly though.

Sir Sidney Ruff-Diamond says:

Very honest review ….. That knife is just dead weight.

Paul'ie 4X says:

Say Heah, I always wanted the MOD-4. Instead I got a Ratweiler I’m proud to be an American, Infact I just concocted a Piggyback attaching a Rodent Solution to my new Kydex Sheath of my Ratweiler, It turned out Simply TiT’s, Aces. ,, .

pip excell says:

Ive gotten myself a mod survival knife and i was expecting it to have no edge but mine did, it wasnt as good as the edge you get on a mora but it was not too much of a bitch to sharpen, i agree with the sheath problem and it sliding out but its a pretty easy fix i took another piece of leather and rebuilt the clip a little tighter.
the welding breaking was a problem i got but its not a difficult fix to re-weld it if you dont have a welder then you probably should get that before this knife

Owen Wellspring says:

A Mora heavy duty is not comparable to this knife, they are both designed for completely different uses and the M.O.D 4 is a much larger and more durable knife. The little bit of metal at the top is to protect the top of your hand from hitting what ever you are stabbing and it is also there to possibly protect your hand during a knife fight.

TRU MAN says:

1085? You mean 1095 don’t you?

Scuba Man says:

Hells bells. This review was blunt and it seemed reasonably balanced. Up here in Ontario, this would have cost me $86-90. My red-hot desire cooled down after this necessary dump of ice water. I’ll spend my cash elsewhere. Thanks, eh.

James Backus says:

This is a heavy duty knife for for extreme situations. It is almost indestructible. It won’t let you down. It does need a good nylon sheath.

Drogo Muircastle says:

1. It isn’t designed as a self defence weapon. It’s for soldiers who tend to rely on more lethal stuff than a knife.

2. It tends to be part of a vehicle tool kit rather than to an individual.

3. It is ‘issued as ammunition’ and so can be modified because nobody expects it back in a pristine condition.

Leo Lion says:

you said you did not like this knife and was going to tell us and then you actually start by telling what you like about it. make up your mind.

Sean Joseph says:

Surely it’so heavy so you can use it in place of an axe.


Yours is a bloody fake the real ones are made by webtek

dfcvda says:

Ganzo make one.

Life In A Bag says:

If you look at this as just a knife then you do not understand this tool. Can you dig, pry or hammer with a mora? From this line of questioning you begin to understand that this has many many more duties than just a knife. I disagree that its 7″ inch long 1/4″ thick carbon steel blade cannot chop. Do you have a baton?

This is a survival tool that can also be a knife. If you want just a knife there are better options

Mad Dog Survival says:

And as for the clanking of the guard annoying you….. aarrrr bless you you poor thing! ….. jessss

Bill John says:

why review a knock off

timtim0007 says:

Thanks for the vid. not going to get this one now.

Michael Hirt says:

guy anything that was designed for military use is pretty much crap… lol… everything is made what ever company made the lowest bid for the contract so not alot of research and development is going to go into it.. i have one of these knives and have thought alot of the same complaints you gave in this video. although i do use it in the field very often and it does do the job i require of it.. it didn’t take long to put a nice edge on the blade and it’s very easy to resharpen… i can’t complain about the price as i got it for free.. lol… the biggest complaint i have is the sheath does suck… one of these days i’ll make a kydex for it.. good vid..

Alvinar Alima says:

give it to me. Hehe 🙂


These are great metal detecting digging knives! Chop roots&pry rocks!!!


your missing the point of this vehicle tool,,, these are NOT issued, but come as vehicle tool kit, you mentioned price, i would not use an expensive knife to beat up,,,,,,,survival is one shot, hopefully, these tools are perfect.


Thank you I do live in the uk

steve lewis says:

PS, I agree with N.S, the knife is heavy but what do you expect, I see many times on youtube, Americans saying their pocket knife is lighter than a fairy’s fart and doesn’t crease their trousers, I have a Buck 110 which is heavy, strong and razor sharp, and I ALWAYS know it’s in my pocket when I legally carry it.

Corcoran AL says:

Excellent knife …. !!!! … Thanks for the nice review … !!!! .. + 1 ….


Yes sorry got mixed with another there made b j Adams in Sheffield but don’t know weather to get one for my birthday

Richard Allan says:

Thank you for your in-depth review Survivalkraft,despite the negatives I shall go ahead and buy one.I was shocked about it being relatively blunt and your guard loosening ! I wish I could weld it for you as that is my trade,but I live in Scotland.This knife has been around from the 1960’s so I am surprised the only modification is the option of a dearer plastic handle.In its defense it works better once sharpened properly but I cannot forgive the supplier for that omission.I am amazed the British army have agreed this is standard issue, as you and many others have said it has many shortcomings.I am however assured their metallurgical manufacturing process is in order. Many soldiers in my area are generally favorable in their comments ,and have long-term direct familiarity and have used it in the field.The strange thing though is the Geneva Convention forbids the sharpening of a fixed bayonet,WHAT IS THE WORLD CUMMING TO?HAPPY NEW YEAR.

Ivarr Bergmann- Evasion Survival, Alaska says:

It NOT survival knife nor was it intended to be one.. Its simply a general use UTILITY knife .. It was myth-ed into a survival knife by the bushcraft crowd many many many many years ago..

TheGingerburger says:

This knife is cheap though what do you expect for around £30

DudeNumberOnePlus says:

This crap screams “lowest bider”.

Derek Robbens says:

You don’t know what you’re talking about cold weather and touching the metal what about the top part of the handle the metal sticks out it’s just cheaply manufactured you prat just look at the sheath every standard British mod knife made these days is crap and I’m British

Harry Williamson says:

the knife you review is a copy of the British army issue there should be a crows foot or as the civies call a bow and arrow the issue one is designed for combat and survival and the grips are even with the tang haven’t seen the new one

F4lloutBoy96's Channel says:

Perhaps a heavy parang or kukri knife would be a good middle ground between an axe and a knife, a friend of mine has a heavy kukri that can be used as a hatchet but is also versatile enough to use as knife for skinning or carving wood effectively.

Either way I bought this knife and it will most likely be the last one I will ever have to buy, I have enough knives to arm a small nation and this one is almost indestructible.

Lachlan Hamilton says:

Where in Scotland did you live? I’ve got a couple of these knives. They aren’t a Randall, but for the price they are useable. I chopped up an old wardrobe and a couch with one with no problems and it was still pretty sharp. It would be pretty hard to break.

Renato Grau says:

It Sucks!!!

Noah Koenig says:

for anyone who wants a better alternative to this knife, check out the schf52.

steve lewis says:

I have one of these but with a wooden handle, the finish was poor, and it wasn’t very sharp, but with a small amount of effort I made mine razor sharp, the knife is unbreakable in virtually any survival situation short of trying to dig through granite, it reminds me of a “typical” squaddie, not refined, not elegant, a bit of rough, but when the S # I T hits the fan they are hard as nails and unbeatable, just like this knife.

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