Unboxing US Army (Tungen/Snow Camo) Knife

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BUY HERE: https://www.amazon.com/Assisted-Opening-Knives-Tactical-Knife/dp/B014DCP1BI/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1473217596&sr=8-3&keywords=us+army+knife

Specs of Knife:
-Spring Assisted
-Stainless Steel Pocket Clip
-Stainless Steel Blade
-5.25″ or 12.5 mm Blade CLOSED
-3.75″ or 9.5 mm Blade Itself (Thick)
-Car Window Breaker
-String or Line Cutter

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UprightAustin says:

Yes everyone, I know its a seat belt cutter. Please look in the comments before you type one that’s already there. Thanks!

Alexander Sharp says:

It’s a seat belt cutter

Connor Pennington says:

How much

Jason Statham says:

*C H E A P*

Landon Bordelon says:

It wasn’t for tape it’s a seatbelt cutter Incase u got in a car crash


Dude the “tape cutter” is a seatbelt cutter

Chris Flores says:

I saw your address I am swatting you

kingshero03 says:

That small blade is a seatbelt cutter

Joziah Reyes says:

That clip that u said is to cut tape it’s acctualy a seat belt cutter

Dan U. says:

No, the blade at the end is a seat belt cutter. NOICE

gianpty says:

Link to the zombie green knife please!

Erin Labovitz says:

seatbelt cutter

Rowrow Toepope fSoC says:

you is dumb for real that knife you said was jagged i have one and nothing broke for the first round and for the second thing you used the serrated blade

Northend Rocco says:

Bad ass.just ordered the green camo one.thx for the vid bruh!

The Wolf says:

Belt cutter

Brayden McKinney says:

It’s a seatbelt cutter on the back

ron clarke says:

you broke it lol jk

Colton Wilson says:

It weighs 8 oz and it’s got a seatbelt/parachute cutter

malahi douieb says:

Not a tape cotter

Martin Man says:

U should buy toy cars. call it car unboxing and act like it’s a real car but at the just roll it around with your hand.

cjhyde78 says:

Is that blade a seat belt cutter? What is a seat belt cutter?

1000 subs without any vids challenge says:

Thicc niff

malahi douieb says:

Its a belt coteer

Cst_GrayKnight says:

its for cutting seat belts

Matt smith says:

where did you get your karambit

Yumiko says:

its pretty dam dull on the edge of it but you can sharp it with a whetstone

jamie less says:

Nice video of your fucking table retard

Dirt Moto says:

Seatbelt cutter

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