USAF Pilot Survival Knife – Military Knife

USAF Pilot Survival Knife. I found these at a surplus store. Hope you guys like it. Please leave comments below.

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Rothco Pilot survival knife:

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Canon T5:


Cherokeeman says:

I have this exact knife. I bought it at Kadena Air Base, Okinawa. I used it in the field as a Navy Seabee. I bought it about halfway through my career and I retired over sixteen years ago. Still have the knife. Still using it for outddoor activities. And yes, I still have the original sharpening stone that came with it. It’s easy not to lose the stone if you place it back in the little pocket after using it. I also still have my “Buck” knife I used in the military and also a smaller Coleman knife. Yeah, I carried at least three knives and had different uses for each. This survival knife and my Buck both had blades that would cut a man wide open if need be. Thank goodness I never needed to. I carry the Buck daily. I’ve only added two other knives to my collection in the past several years. Actually, one of them, i bought just a few days ago. They were dirt cheap and have not been duly tested, but I think they will both be good knives. Time will tell. I hope they hold up as long as my survival knife and my Buck.

Cedric & Ada Gear and Outdoors says:

I’ve ordered one of these as a kit knife for my car. I have a feeling I’m going to like to too much and make it a main knife for my camping and walking. I like the rustic looking or understated looking blades and that great edge sounds too good to leave in a bag in a car!

Marco Lopez says:

stacked leather is handle material

D.B. Cooper says:

The one in the “knife pocket” without the belt loops is called the “sew-in model”. It’s made to be sewn onto the pilot’s survival vest because it’s too awkward and useless attached to his belt when he’s strapped into his seat.

Corcoran AL says:

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Derek Graf says:

That is a leather handle not wood. I agree the sheath is awesome. I love a good leather sheath.

Micah Slicer says:

Really liked this review. Thanks for serving our country.

Caleb Glozier says:

Rah a pfc in army jrotc and plan joining the corps as a grunt

Thom Stoddert says:

Best knife I ever owned, served well all over the place with me till a homeless pretender veteran stole it

TryNsurviveN says:

4:37 wooden handle?? Try doing more research on something before reviewing it. Its leather not wood.

TryNsurviveN says:

Have to say it is an awesome knife. I modified mine a little by trimming the finger guard down and rounding the corners. Would like to find one of those knife pockets.

Deador says:

The black sheet metal is to protect the wearer from stabbing oneself, in case one falls on the knife. Hopefully, the sheet metal will keep the blade tip from entering your body.

VeeTheAmazingGreek says:

These are great knives. I finally got one last year, having wanted one since seeing it in high school. The handle is stacked leather rings, and like you said, the grip is amazing.

I did sharpen mine on my Work Sharp sharpener, because I was not too impressed with its ability to slice into wood. It now has the same type edge as a Mora.

That knife pocket is pretty cool. Never seen that before. Good job, from one Vet to another.

Jake Forrest says:

The handle is leather, not wood. Stacked leather is the correct terminology

Jake S says:

Only about 3 surplus stores around Oceanside now

Eurotrash4367 says:

4:37 – I can’t believe that a person with 7 years of military experience can’t tell the difference between leather and wood. Your squad leader must have been a very patient man. God bless him.

Dwain S&w says:

These must have been issued in the Army. During Vietnam era all the Huey pilots had them.

mister smith says:

I lived in California for almost four decades before I moved. The amount of Military Surplus stores in that state, is unbelievable! We don’t have as many out here in South Carolina. Those handles are not made of wood, they are made of stacked leather.

Britt Thomas says:

I have been pondering about getting this knife for over a year now, and yesterday I finally got it. It’s the first Ontario Knife Company blade, that I have ever bought; even though I paid $76.99 for it.
It is one grown man of a knife, it’s going to be my EDC blade for as long as it will last. To my knowledge, it will last longer than any other brands of knife companies other knife made for the same purposes, that all look practically identical, and as a great example, the KA-BAR USMC Mini. It’s one of the/if not- the best (my favorite) knife that I have.


Britt Thomas says:

Also, to fasten the knife into the sheath easier and quicker, pull the straps upward around the pommel past the leather and fasten it then pull down to straight position

kayak paddle says:

hey I’ve got one of those ! nice knife

Goldeneagle360 says:

+Black Dog Survival Can you fight with this knife or is it just for cutting wood and aluminum? And thanks for your service. My cousin was in the Corps. He went to Iraq 4 times. He also gave me his helmet. But yeah can you fight with this knife.

jeffery williams says:

good for white man and 20 years for black man…..

Fábio says:

Does your knife wears a “overcoat” of paint int the top of the pommel? Regards.

Airik1111 says:

These blades are just oozing with classic American military style, I love the look of the knife and the leather sheaths are awesome. It’s a very simple design just like a K-BAR and a simple sharpening stone is all one needs to put a workable edge back on a knife.
I like your “gives it character” idea, BUT ya gotta atleast keep the edge oiled and free from rust, thats just sad man….very sad;)

Terry Franks says:

Wall Mart 35 bucks.Just ordered one.

Dwain S&w says:

Handle is stacked leather. Look closely.

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