Way More Than A Combat Knife! TOPS US Combat Knife

Where To Buy On amazon: https://amzn.to/2DejGx2
Where To Buy On bladehq: http://shrsl.com/16fhb

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Ka-Bar Becker BK39 http://goo.gl/vDgAwx
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OldPackMule says:

Nothing wrong with a big chunk of full tang 1095. Beat the snot out of it and sharpen it back up quickly.

Kiwi Comanche says:

I don’t own any TOPS Knives…. yet. This one has definitely piqued my interest. Great review Aaron. Cheers mate.

Jonathan Eldridge says:

Payday I’m buying

mitzacv00 says:

Please do a review of the TOPS Operator 7 , it kinda fits into this category of combat knives , thx , as always great reviews men , keep it up

schlooonginator says:

Meh, this suffers from what many past Tops have, way too thick at .25″ combined with a short saber grind just makes for a great pry bar but really weak cutter. This could realy be kick ass if they just went with 3/16″ and maybe slightly higher saber….

12 legged Sasquatch.. says:

So you did an outdoor review of a fighting knife.. that’s its secondary aspect but, you failed to address its primary use. I suggest that you locate an ex Seal for his opinion.

jlen82 says:

I’m a little old fashion, I prefer the leather.

Hiker Marapese says:

Beautiful combat knife.

TUZU says:

I have seven of Tops varied knives, and have yet to be disappointed. However, if you wish to have an alternative. Save almost $100.00 and go with the Ontario Knife, 6517 Chimera Fighting Knife.

Someone FromAbroad says:

Its called a combat knife – should be tested by stabbing and cutting up pieces of pig wrapped in a ballistic vest 🙂

The Last Huntsmen says:

This looks cool as I’ve said on Instagram but the links are only to serrated models. How does this stack up to the Prather War Bowie in your opinion? Don’t have either but the Prather looks to have a broader blade which I would prefer

Balázs Weber says:

Hungaryan Designier wow!

Todd K says:

I remember Andy from Inner Bark Outdoors doing a review on that knife years ago, however Aaron, you knocked it out of the park with this one. Ive been eye balling that knife since it came out, but didnt like the serrations so I never bought one. Glad they offer a fine edge, definitely something to consider when I get a new toy, lol.

Thomas says:

Thanks for the review of this knife.

David Ehrig says:

dessert nomad or the USA combat if you could only have one?

Juan Burgos II says:

If you had to choose between this and the Desert Nomad which one would you go with?

Kody Marshall says:

Gotta work on saying “um” so much lol

Luis Gonzalez says:

Another comparable Tops Knife is the TOPS Prather War Bowie, which I have. I just don’t like the sheath.

JuandelaCruz001 says:


George Muhlestein says:

Wow… the “large sized gloves” assurance, reduced to a grey area… What next? The links in the description not helping the channel?

DJ Lowd says:

Is it made in America?

David Traver says:

How can I get one and how much is it?

cl m says:

Your move, Trailmaster.

Mick Dorton says:

Can I blame my purchase on you?

jlen82 says:

Love Tops! Thanks for the review Aaron.

Irwin Torres says:

Can you review the Buck Selkirk 863? I would appreciate your opinion on this particular knife.

Daniel 404 says:

Have you reviewed that prather war bowie?

Steve Smith says:

Looks like a solid blade, though not my cup of tea.
Hey, I’ve got a couple knives I’d love to see you check out and review. The Benchmade Saddle Mountain Skinner, and the Cudeman MT-5. I know you’re not a hunter, and neither am I, but the Benchmade has got to be one of, if not *the*, most attractive looking blade I’ve ever seen. And there aren’t many real reviews on it.

steeltrident says:

Great review. It’s good to see Tops offer this knife with a plain edge. Your channel is my go to channel for concise, clear and thorough reviews. Thanks for all your work.

YouTubeVoice says:

The weird part is that the utility knife should be the overbuild one and not the fighting knife.

wavepropulsion1 says:

KA-BAR hands down. Impossible to improve. Or in other words the Ka-Bar is the refinement of the expensive pry bar.

lazy cyberdog says:

srk vs gerber strong arm? maybe nobody has compared those anywhere

Luis Gonzalez says:

Cool. I saw the War Bowie towards the end.

Prepared Hykr says:

Awesome knife review. I like to stay in the 5-6 inch blade range for field knives. This knife is a little long for my uses. If I carry a knife that long into the field, it will by my OKC M9 Bayonet or OKC Jungle Bowie. I don’t carry those on a normal day or multi-day hike. Thanks for sharing.

Butch Hill says:

Got a green color Ka Bar just like your’s. Ka bar’ s are lite in the hand. Tops made a heavy duty Ka bar. Two great companies.

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