WOW! Gerber LHR Survival Knife – Review – 30-000183 -Best Survival Knife for Combat?

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Gerber LHR:

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Paul'ie 4X says:

Say Heah David, I think a tactical knife is a string knife and quite suited fir a survival knife, I’m thinking of getting the LMF but in the 12c27 instead of the 420HC, But not all Survival Knives make good Bush Knives. So what I did I had my Rodent 6 at their Custom Shop and had the blade thinned down and the top gaurd taken off and now it look’s like a beefy Ratmandu on steriods, I can still use it as a Tactical knife or a Survival Knife, or a very strong Field Knife. If it ever got legs and walked away, I would get another one in a heart beat.

AndersFrom says:

Wher can i buy this knife? I can’t seem to be finding any site, which offers these at all?

gurita39 says:

ce pret are?

Riley Mattie says:

“Owners rape this knife” at 6:00

Simon Hansson says:

I like your reviews but with this knife I get skeptical. That is a weapon, weapons kills people and killing people is wrong. I like it way more when you review tools. 

Prowolf says:

I cant believe that gerber keeps putting sarrations in their knives its dumb dont get me wrong ive a gerber knife and it is my best knife. 

jose805t says:

hahahaha i found this knife new for $65 on Ebay !!!! i think it was a good buy 🙂

AJ S says:

Best survival knife for combat? How much does Gerber pay you? Honestly, 80% of the knives you review are Gerber or Schrade

SpawnPixel says:

Discontinued 🙁

Anderson C says:

Liked the video. Look forward to a Top 5 Fighting knives video.

Didn’t like the fact that you felt the need to bash things made in China. Takes time to reach the level of quality the Japanese have achieved in knife making or otherwise. “Made in Japan” products used to catch the same flak back in the 70’s and early 80’s. Now look at them. Korea initially had problems with their Hyundai cars but they quickly upped their workmanship. Now their cars are considered “reliable”. Trendy to bash CHina.

Gregorio Indelicato says:

Mad max

Black Bear Survival says:

U can’t find those anywhere

dillonisawesome1 says:

google S.O.G you can find it there or theres ebay

Steve Martin says:

Theo if you need to ask why the serrations you do not need this type of knife. Maybe go for a bushcraft type.

Peter Newson says:

love how he starts the video like you just walked into his living room.

ShooterMedic says:

440c come the hell on…

greenparty07 says:

In the USA, we don’t give a &%#? what Europeans think about us…

Theo Turner says:

Why the serrations… WHY?!?!!

GreaterThan _ says:

What about scouts #No

Knygathin Upster says:

Thank you for a great review! Very sweet knife.

The Gerber LHR is unfortunately discontinued. How do you think the Gerber Silver Trident pictured at the end of the video compares as a combat knife?

Thanks again.

Paul'ie 4X says:

Oops does it come in a plain edge, this way it can be used easier in the field too.

aiden mckee-gaffin says:

looks a lot like the remington sportsman series fast i got

Survive101 says:

Why do care? He’s a retired marine. Maybe he trust gerber with his life?

Tom Cox says:

I’m in uk 🙁

JeepJeep234 says:

Bro, you can’t claim any knife to be “the best” because there is no such thing. I am pretty confident that another knife could end up being better and I would imagine an ESEE 6 clip point could do the same job or more and its quality would surpass the gerber. Or a tops dart, ka-bar, bk2, ontario sp6, the list goes on.

Deathstroke Airsoft says:


Nor Wester says:

Little hint, take a Dremmel or even a little carving knife to the release mech and relieve it where the choils and the top ridge giimping interface and it’ll still lock in wonderfully (and not be easily accessed by anyone) but it’s not such a PITA to get INTO the sheath or out.

coolplayz Nogame says:

I wonder how come it’s no longer be manufacturer by Gerber,,,to many designers probably and its a Killa design but lost with time

Ola Rødseth Degnes says:

In europe, “Made in China” AND “Made in USA” is a symbol of “Crap”

Visitor says:

Anyone know where you can get one of these now days

dillonisawesome1 says:

wait. wrong video. lol sorry

Sri9279 says:

width of the blade please..? 0.25 inches?

Lennart Raaijmakers says:

How many knives does he have?

Petis333 says:

….so do you like, like gerber products or whatever?….

Steve Martin says:

Ah back when David at Ultimate Survival did videos not just to sell his own knife, which looks very much like it may infringe on copyright.

MUSTANG115hp says:

Who in their right mind wants serrations on their blades?  Other than the serrations it looks OK.

appleseedfanatic says:

I carry a either or hand knife on my vest upside down. if someone gets close enough to grab your knife then you weren’t paying attention

jim finch says:

This knife has not been available to purchase since april 2013. What is the point of this video. Unless gerber and larsin and harsey and reeves settle their differences and begin re issueing this knife.

John Koeberlein says:

I have and love this knife, got it cheap in a clearance sale, but the sheath sucks the bitter root of disappointment. Not only does not insert easily but it wouldn’t release the knife cleanly, and that’s no good! So I took apart the stupid release and endeavor to keep possession of my knife.

thai VINCENZO says:


cctours says:

how can a knife only be for right hand carry?

Grsk 77 says:

this knife is impossible to find and i found two of them for 450 dollars which is a rip off

Roland s says:


For left handed people, just make a kydex holster for it simple $14 fix.

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