Awesome Budget Knife Review: Sanrenmu Plus 4077 EDC Pocket Knife (1.75 in.) New for 2015

Looking for a cheap, well-built, EDC Pocket Knife new for 2015 that’s under $10? Check out the Sanrenmu Plus 4077 stainless steel multi function slip-joint pocket knife. It has a blade length of about 1.75 inches or 44.45mm, and a a super solid construction.

It comes in several different designs and is available for purchase at Fasttech.

Check out my blog post on this knife below:

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universe74 says:

Sipik SK68…my favorite!

alltheaces says:

just came from the fenix hl50 review and i am not disappointed says:

Awesome review! I’ve seen a lot of knife reviews but the sarcasm and intelligence made it better than all others that I’ve seen! I want more reviews!!

Kris Livengood says:

Love the review, I have this folder and it is a great blade to carry.

mauigio says:

Well done production very funny!

Black Sheep says:

VA traffic violation … LOL!! Thanks for the funny description.

feketetv says:

2:46 It’s japanese.

uddo speck says:

the model number makes a very nice tattoo too 🙂

TheKimjoh560 says:

Sanrenmu links to this video on thier official facebook page, which is how I ended up here. So thats pretty cool, right?

Josh Anonymous says:

that was your first knife review? very good work. you have yourself a new subscriber.

Davethebalikid says:

Great review!

Geeks Podcast says:

Congrats on the first knife review, man! I’ve actually been looking for a new carabiner and a basic utility knife. This might be exactly what I’m looking for. That and love. In all the wrong places. That took a weird turn.

Carl Taylor says:

Bought this due to UK laws and it’s decent but that weird chunky end bit that the caribiner could be smaller as it adds more length. Built well, pretty sharp, no wobbles or rattles. I tried to slam it into a zombie skull this morning but it just laughed at me through its toothless grin. My kinda humour in your videos so I’ll even subscribe but must admit I don’t find torches quite as interesting, intend to just turn the lights on instead. Thanks.

Tylor G says:

Can the sanrenmu logo be removed? I just bought a light gray on gearbest. Thanks for the review.

Steve Martin says:

A long time public speaking teacher here … I thought your style showed a good balance between being informative and entertaining.

martinaee says:

Is that a Zebra Light at 4:32? Never saw them with carbon fiber.

Black Sheep says:

VA traffic violation … LOL!! Thanks for the funny description.

Blade Addict says:

Very nice!

Tobin Zerby says:

So we just gonna act like theatgross spider never happened??

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