Best Budget Pocket Knife Recommendations under $50. Buck, Mercator, Kershaw, Spyderco

Just in time for Christmas, here are my picks for the best pocket knives under $50. From about $15 and up there’s a knife for every budget. I compare weights, sizes, and overall useage sorta. Most of the knives here have stainless steel blades, pocket clips, and locks. Including brands like Spyderco, Buck, Kabar, Mercator, Ganzo, Douk douk, Case, Civivi, and more. I have done detailed reviews of all of these folding knives, and if you’d like to watch those check out the links below.
Buck 110:
Spyderco Tenacious:
Byrd Cara Cara 2:
Case Sodbuster:
Kershaw Showtime:
Douk Douk:
Traditional Pocket Knives:

Buying links for these knives from Amazon and Blade HQ:
Buck 110 Select:
Spyderco Tenacious:
Byrd Cara Cara 2:
Case Sodbuster:
More Sodbusters:
Kershaw Showtime:
More Fraxion Colors:
Douk Douk:
Other Dozier Colors:

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Mr. Morris says:

The Cara Cara 2 is the greatest budget knife ever. …..SAY IT

Woodland Tactical says:

I would also suggest checking out Steel Will Knives’ budget line. The Modus, Cutjack, Cutjack Mini, Intrigue, Intrigue Mini, and Tenet are all great knives rocking D2 steel for under $50

Wild Sagittarius says:

You should do the Ontario Airforce survival knife

That Fellow There says:

Sweet knife list skills! Do you even batton bruh?

ModernArnis says:

Great review as always. Have you tried carrying all those knives at once, now that would be a review.

ryan delehanty says:

bamboo is so hard to get rid of

Ryan Born says:

The saddest thing is that you are the first place I go when I’m looking for an opinion on a new knife, that means we are both dumb as shit. Merry Christmas.

Dick Richards says:

Hey smart ass……… you are my new favourite knife crackhead!

Hey Bro, Wanna talk about knives???……… I do……… no seriously…..

Ok fine……Richie 5 Knives out……. unless you wanna talk about knives for a bit……

Porki Chili says:

These are just the american peasant knives, banned almost everywhere else and with little practical value. And don’t get the Victorinox Sentinel, it’s terrible.

JoeyJoe says:

d o e s n o t c o m p u t e lol

AM Hockey Club says:

No Sanrenmu Land 9104?!

Patrick Richard says:

“Does not compute” with robot sound effects. That’s why I watch these reviews!

Tejas101 says:

Lynn Thompson has great tits.

Adam Smythe says:

Got Purp?

MrZlooze says:

The Bis Chreeve None Numb Numeral is intrguing.

Andy Richardson says:

Ok video, I guess. What about the [insert 57 additional knives here].

Nice job. Very reasonable advice. I would have left Victorinox out as well.

Micah Knepper says:

People at work are kinda sensitive, so I use a sharpened piece of flint wrapped in buffalo sinew. I cut the crap out of apples, bro.

Yolo Ma Brolo says:

Kershaw 1810 best most under looked budget knives

Steve H says:

Love the “knife “ tree….❤️

Robert A. Schuster says:

Lol endorsements from wrestlers

Dave Zito says:

Funny as shit!!!!

JoeyJoe says:

I gotta go steel will mini cutjack under $50

z ga says:

these sort of knives I like. good comparative video.

Mitchywiggs says:


Chris Salazar says:

No cold steel knives mentioned? Dang. Here i was sporting my 30 dollar finnwolf batoning with it after taking off the thumbstud. Makes it a 2 handed open, but I don’t really care it’s slow. Aus-8, strop it and good to go. I use it as my feathersticker in combination to something more bulky like an esee 5 when I need to do bushcraft stuff. an EDC that compliments a bushcrafter. Good to go. It’s green handle helps blend in with the weed too.

Anthony Lizaola says:

What kind of boots are those? Look nice

Batscat says:


John Smith says:

Her coworkers clearly didn’t like them because they were missing the blue lines. Obviously. Come on guydudebro, keep it together.

Extra stuff says:

Hey be nice to that poor Victorinox sentinel, it isn’t just a blade! It still has 3 “tools” if I remember the marketing wank right:
– blade
– tweezers (never found a use for them yet)
– toothpick (why would I use this weird plastic toothpick that lived in my knife handle again?)

rrp925 says:

I think we all learned something here today.

49Giants says:

Another great video!

Kevin Blanc says:

Bamboo out the wazoo.

waffles says:

I just ate a peanut butter and jelly sandwich – I’m going to disney land. Thanks for the vid 🙂

Spon Rilker says:

Good move on Buck’s part making lighter models of the 110. I’ve run into a few people that say they love the 110, but it’s too heavy and they refuse to use a belt sheath.

Steve B says:

Well done. I mean … cool

madmusial says:

Thinking about getting my father one of the Mercator Knives seems like it would be good for an office guy.

contrabassbob says:

How is the “lockup” on that Case?

Elias Cervantez says:

I’m truly disturbed on you lack of blurple, purple, and magenta
in you selection

shadowdance4666 says:

Weed budget… but I gets my weed from Oregon where the weed is cheap and my appetite is large DOH

Nolan says:

In all fairness, you have no proof against Auntie Lynn

Jack Murphy says:

Really enjoy your videos– just thought I’d mention — I have one of those Mercators that I bought back in the 60’s. The tip broke off my first one in about 1963 or so in a very competitive game of Chew the Peg and I was bummed — but–I found another one in about 1966 and I still have it–can’t believe they still sell those things.

C says:

Advanced knife bro you have joined the ranks of nutnfancy now! Good job

elton winkel says:

Can you baton thou ?

Lol great video

Jimmy B says:

I’m fine with omitting knife dimensions because you have previously provided them, but you really should have included the blue lines. THIS IS THE ONLY YOUTUBE CHANNEL THAT GIVES US THE BLUE LINES. Other that than that, it was a good video.

Rust-O says:

The cheapest best knife I recommend to people is the Buck Bantam.

Or is it Bantan… uh. Let me check…

(Checks internet for guidance)


They come in like 4 sizes and theyre all $20-ish and they use the fanciest of 420HC blades (note that Buck does a great job with 420HC). Plus they sell them er’vry wherr. And they come in camo and black and orange camo (the most tactical of camos for those in the know).

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