Best Pocket Knives of 2016

It has been a great year for pocket knives and we have reviewed quite a few, but these are the cream of the crop. The best of the best in my opinion that stand out from the crowd for this year.

Where To Buy These Knives:

Favorite Knife Sharpening Systems:

Favorite EDC Knife:
Manix2 Lightweight

Favorite Medium Survival Knives:
Fallkniven A1

Favorite Big Chopping Knives:
Ka-Bar Becker BK39
ESEE Junglas


Bladesmith says:

Excuse me did I here you say ” when running around the house ” you feel the need to carry a specific knife ? how f#%ked in the head are you ? Big thumbs down ….next he’ll be telling you to sleep with and fondle your knives !

DragoChronicSmoker42 says:

cold steel is a great company and i love and trust there products,but come on i am not going to pay 370$ for a 7 inch pocket knife.

good video

Firefly says:

Best budget or semi budget sharpening system? I’m thinking about getting the ontario rat shown in this video and I want to spend about the same or less on sharpening stuff. I’m in Canada so I need to be able to order it in Canada, thanks.

EDIT: I’ll get the rat if I can find it with D2. I want it to be able to hold an edge.

srspower says:

Weird you missed out the best folder for the money by far, the Eka Swede 10 …

lDarkAvenger l says:

I think that the gerber propel downrange is one of the best pocket knives you can buy

Hard Rock says:

Steel Will Knives 1550 Gekko Mini 1550 Lockback CDN$ 252.99
+ CDN$ 9.95 shipping should I buy it ???

Charlie C4 says:


Brandon Meyer says:

You linked the aus-8 variant of the rat 1. I was actually really exited to get it in d2.

O Sensacionalista Sensacionalista says:

The Cold steel finn wolf??????????!

Anthony Rampino says:

what do you think about the spyderco native 5?

petnzme01 says:


Markus Wagner says:

bought 2012 a nice sanrenmu GB-913P,around 40€,similar size,at all pretty similar,also linerlock,!
cheap and works and works and works,no more expensive gerber or benchmade,300 € for a knife and you dare only to cut buns in a half!someone knows that stupid experience?but with a knife which is relative cheap,that was the point ,
where it made sense,even to have one!fuck these unnecessary expensive knifes!don’t like to pay for the trademark!
do u even know sanrenmu?^^

ogenmatic says:

Nice assortment. Digging that mini Gecko!

expert ranter says:

this is what students need to have

InfiniteFlightFanatic says:

Do you reccomend any foldable knife that’s good for outdoors like ones that are super durable that I can cut down small trees with and carve, and cut some things

Brian Ramos says:

Hey I’m looking for a every day use self defense / opening stuff knife which do you recommend im just now seeing your video! Any of these 3 mentioned best one? Or any other recommendation;

Steel Will 1551 Mini Gekko

Benchmade 943

Cold Steel Broken Skull

sarge1231 says:

I can’t believe the Z-hunter did not make this list.

Bjorn Engels says:

hey i send you some messages about foldingknives for arounr 50 dollars and with your advise i diceded to go for the byrd raven 2. but the problem is i can’t get it to where i live. i live in Europe. could you maby recomend any other folding knife for arounf 50 dollars that i can get in Europe?

Scott Dean says:

I love that Italian made mini gecko…

Art Heen says:

I’m a bit surprised that all of these knives are contoured for push cuts, and all have a finger guard, with some a rather substantial one. Don’t you guys take pull cuts (paring cuts) or pen grip (scoring) into consideration at all? Any chance of at least recommending one EDC knife that’d also be good for everyday tasks like whittling and scoring?

The Dude says:

I don’t get why Spyderco always does these massive finger choils. They are just not necessary on a folder. If they brought the edge all the way back you would be just as close to the edge as with the choil, it is just a waste of blade. It rather makes sense on a fixed blade with a massive guard and to change the balance to a more controlled grip. On a folder however it just makes you carry a huge knife for a little bit of blade.


Great video. Love your “Best of ___” compilations. Helps to remember items that I may have viewed on your channel and others, that I forgot about…as in…”I was going to buy that!” Question, though…about Victorinox Swiss Army products?

I suppose my choices below could cross the line into the “multi-tool” category, but though I have a Leatherman Wave, and love it, I tend to find that when I need a set of pliers or small wrench…I almost always dig around in my tool box to get a better fit and grip on what ever needs wrench or plier attention. I can’t be alone with that scenario. I have a tool box at home, and in my 4Runner, a small on-the-go all in one tool kit like they sell in the front of Lowes/Home Depot. So, I got to a point where I drifted away from EDC of my traditional plier based multi-tool. Now, I have 2 pretty cheap folders that I like and use.

So, my question — Why do you guys tend to avoid Swiss Army/Victorinox products?

(At least for a more 70/30 urban vs field use consideration; despite what we men might prefer, we don’t actually live in the woods 70% of the time).

I have 2 Swiss Army folders that I never leave home without:
1. Classic SD: (very small; key size) $10-15:
It is on my key ring that I open all letters with, minor scissors for work that doesn’t require sheers, nail file with small but handy flathead, tweezer and toothpick…so, I end up using it literally every single day.
2. And, a Swiss Army One-Hand Nomad Victorinox Grip $35-40:
It ended up becoming my EDC by total accident, as a gift from the wife for “picnics”, by her philosophy of use…turns out, not only good for picnics and hiking, but about everything else…and CHEAP!!! (and, it bumped my Leatherman from “EDC” to “EDCC”, as in, every day in my truck “C”enter “C”onsole”).
— Large, TOUGH, liner-lock 3.5″ serrated (an option I chose), that I use for everything from food prep to minor sawing of limbs in the yard…cutting open boxes…and it is stainless steel, so not too much maintenance. And, it is bigger and thicker than my L-Wave blade!
— Liner-lock bottle opener with large flathead/light use pry tool, etc…multi uses a week.
— Can opener used multiple times a week for lunch at work (tuna; soup), with small flathead,
— Corkscrew I use for red wine at least once a week (Italian wife),
— Awl that is very capable, but seldom used.

Your thoughts?

Always0nbaseIG Herrera says:

if a cop stops you and searches you and finds
any of these knives will you get arrested

ᴊᴏʀɪᴄ says:

You’re a liar and a cheat!

antuan bolden says:

Were can i get one

Juudoka says:

I still have to find a knife better than the Paramilitary 2

StriderX04 says:

you talked about the rat1 in d2 but linked to the version in aus8

David Anderson says:

Good video, I like that you touch on different price points. If you haven’t done one already I’d love to see you review the Viper Kyomi.

Hicham Kerkour says:

Byrd Raven 2 all the way, maybe the best value heavy edc use folder right now.

Ariel G. says:

Gracias por el vídeo. Muy útil

Michael Bonade says:

i LOVE my full size Steel Will Gekko…beautiful micarta scales, gorgeous blade grind….mechanically perfect and great finish…and SMOOTH AS GLASS for a mid-lock knife

Voyage Nomade says:

I consider a good Scout Utility Knife ( sometimes called a GI knife , or camp knife ) to be the best pocket knifes around . Before my wife and I were married over 20 years ago , I found a 1968 U.S. Camillus military issue pocket knife in a trash pile . I have been carrying that knife everyday for over 20 years and I can’t tell you how often it has come in handy . For instance , we were at a friends camp for a BBQ one time and he forgot the can opener for the beans at home , my Camillus GI knife saved the day buy using it’s can opener . I have tons of stories like that . If your looking for a high quality Scout Utility Knife Broker makes one of the best .

ej732 says:

Best pocket knife…$4 Ozark Trail from Walmart. Bought 5 of them 8 months ago thinking it would dull quick or break. From cutting through plastic banding to diggin through dirt, Ive yet to open another package.

KnifeTex says:

I had a Böker Patriot, I really didn’t like it. I was going to make a video about it, but I didn’t feel like dealing with the fanboy fallout. It is way too constricting for 2 XL hands like mine, and the action is horrendous. No washers, blade on plastic. So gritty. I tried to like it, but the Delica 4 FFG totally annihilates it across the board for the same price.

ar nob says:

how about colombia folding knife?
is tht a good knife?

Asad Siraj says:

Does anyone have a link of the rat with d2 steel below 40 bucks. Cant find it


I just carry a good and cheap Ganzo!

tzamof homer says:

why not spyderco?

Wade Carlson says:

great job mixing the expensive options with the cheaper ones. I might have thrown the spyderco delica in there for a cheaper option. love my 940.

BenRangel says:

How come nearly all these have belt clips?
Don’t the majority of users just put them in their pocket?
Edit: I meant – why do they have clips at all?

Dana Commesso says:


tactical intolerance says:

surprised not to see the house of blades kershaw link on there. I bought mine based on your review and I absolutely love it.

woodsman forlife says:

I beg to differ!
What you show is useless junk, some very over priced.
If people are dumb enough (and there is one borne every second) to shell out good money for junk then they get what they deserve!
There is only one pocket knife worth the money: a Victorinox lock blade!

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