Best Pocket Knives Of 2017

Where To Buy On Amazon:
2017 is close to an end and it is time to wrap up the year with my favorite pocket knives that we reviewed this year!

Where To Buy On Bladehq:–Kershaw-Launch-1-Automatic-Knife–27374

Where To Buy The Cutjack:

Where To Buy My 8 Essential Gear Items:

Favorite Knife Sharpening Systems:

Favorite EDC Knife:
Manix2 Lightweight

Favorite Medium Survival Knives:
Fallkniven A1

Favorite Big Chopping Knives:
Ka-Bar Becker BK39
ESEE Junglas


James Klassen says:

I hate ordering knives off Amazon because they charge a ridiculous handling fee, I wanted to order an mtech knife just to mess around with it and the order came out to $20 for and $8 knife. I like blade hq a lot more because they don’t charge you for handling just a $4 shipping fee

Feyd Darkholme says:

I’m always so jealous watching your vids because all I want to do is be out in the woods and mountains and I’m stuck in this suburban hellscape far away from nature…

WarGrrl3 says:

Disappointed not to see the affordable Ruike p128sf n the p108sf w the 14n28c Sandvik steel. Perfect fit n finish extraordinary edge retention , wicked fun to use and only $35. The best surprise for 2017. Haven’t been so excited abt a knife in a while, especially a folder.

Rick Fisher says:

Thanks for the Xmas shipping list!

JediTim says:

nice review, I want to order from bhq again, but my first experience kinda sucked

joe kings says:

But no one fucking store send yo Mexico thats no cool……

Johney5 Spot says:

But why didn’t you include my favorite knife 2017 ? Lol (says every internet troll) Great video as usual.

I Am Jason Allen says:

Thanks GT!

Steve Smith says:

‘Tis the season for knives! I look forward to your, “Best of […]” every year. Such fun videos.

These past years, I haven’t been much into folders, I just carried around my Leatherman Sidekick. But this year, I wanted to try out some actual folders. So I picked up the Spyderco Delica 4 and the Kershaw Leek. So those would be my picks for “Best Folding Knives of 2017.” Especially the Leek. I carry that thing everyday except for Monday and Wednesday (the days I’m at school.) Those are the days I carry my Delica 4. The Delica has under a 3’ blade, making it legal to carry anywhere, including a collage campus. I know the Leek is popular, but I don’t think it’s popular *enough*. I believe you did a video on it quite some time ago, but I’d recomemd taking another peek at it (assuming you got rid of it.)

Anyway, great video, as always, and I look forward to your “Best Fixed Blades of 2017”!

Neeman Callender says:

please add a list of the spec of the knives and price, then add links to all your reviews of these knives

Kayla Samples says:

Love the channel. Keep it up.

Isaac Ammerman says:

Can you review an 06 Auto from Gerber?

Paul'ie 4X says:

Say Heah Aaron, Carpenter CTS-XHP is a great Folder Steel, Yup, my Cold Steel Ultimate Hunter Folder is Super, sort of reminds me of my Benchmade Bushcrafter #162 but a Folder that’s a little smaller. Check it out, I know you’ll like it, Dilly, Dilly.,,.p

Robbie Medrano says:

Forgot the boker Lateralus. Great 70$ D2 flipper.

Brandon Maples says:

What model G-SHOCK. Thanks

Mike Gregerick says:

I just bought the Steel Will cutjack mini on your recommendation. What an awesome EDC knife. Razor sharp out of the box and with D2 it will hold on for awhile. Great price for a smooth little knife. Keep up the reviews. I enjoy your comparisons. Thank you.

Thorn Andel says:

Hey mate great video! Thanks.
Question … what do you think about Damascus steel?

alittleolder says:

Did you ever have any problems with the Launch 1 not locking correctly? Because I have the Launch 2 and 5 and on both of them the spring tension is so high that when it opens it gets kicked back a bit and doesn’t lock which is a fairly common problem among launch models I hear. Which is sad because I love those knives.

The Common Man says:

Too bad New York hasn’t removed our ban, with assisted opening and even flick opening counting as “automatic”.

asullivan50i says:

WHAT? No Spydies???

Pedri van Schalkwyk says:

I bought a Gerfalcon, based on your review. Absolutely love it thus far, fit and finish is great and my detent is really strong. Edge retention is awesome as well, much better than 8cr13mov and 420hc. Highly recommended !

Autism Family says:

I’ve never owned an auto. Has anyone ever had an issue of it activating in your pocket accidentally? Thanks.

Pavlo Katerynchuk says:

I would probably go with Kershaw

Fred Dobbs says:

Tell me where did you get those tan gloves I’ve asked you that a thousand times and never get it answer please please and look like good gloves

Joon Lee says:

Cutjack is a beast. I love it

Bogdan Kuzyak says:

Where to buy cutjack C22-1BK 3.5in? They are not available are they going to be more available in future?

METH Review says:

I think the “Bug Out” name really comes from the idea that Ounces are pounds. It’s the kind of knife that you can throw in your pack and not worry about weight or performance as a backup/camp/ food prep knife. It’s a no brainier type item for most ‘preppers’ I just wish it was a different color.

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