Best Sub $10 EDC Knives! Test & Review

This is an Exciting First Look at a Promising Very Budget Friendly NEW Knife Company for 2017! HAUS Knives – The Designers are out of Bentonville, Arkansas. Every knife currently is priced under $15.00 US.

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HAUS Knives – Summit Model:

HAUS Knives – Chilkat Model:

HAUS Knives – Colossus Model:

HAUS Knives – Recon Model:

HAUS Knives – Renegade Model:

HAUS Knives – Kodiak Model:

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Kodiak DeBear says:

Comment lol

illmade2 says:

would love to see the other models, as far as I can find you have the only review on this brand

MrFoxracing19 says:

pretty much the whole cord testing you were out of frame… zoom out a bit

Jesse Thorpe says:

i just ordered the summit as a beater knife but based on your video i might consider it as a 2ed beater knife because it looks lile its better then most

Ezekiel David Galang says:


Gerald Lee says:

Nice vid and knives also thanks for the chance

Stephen Bartelt says:

Might have to check out that summit for myself. Thanks

illmade2 says:

was going to buy some till I saw their price had doubled, too bad they lost my business.

Mark R. says:

is the summit tanto a scandi grind, i ask because it looks like it does, Thanks in advance

Gavin Duffy says:

They aren’t $10 anymore……they’ve doubled the price….not worth it now 🙁

Sling Shot says:


Kevin Beck says:

They are good knives I have to of them

Dave says:

i like how the video is titled “sub $10 knives” and in the actual video and description it says all are under $15 lol oh well its nbd

Bob Huston says:

would love to win one liked shared and subscribed

Recon_ playa says:

can u do the recon and the other knives pls

doug bulldog says:

Yawn… another chinese 8cr13mov cheap s….

HFVidShotz says:

Liked the summit. That was the one I picked in the beginning and was glad it did well. Shared on twitter.

mike smith says:

Been using a ganzo w OK results, after a zdp stretch its lol….edge dulls fast, rust prone, cool blue color wears off quickly, lockup is good but overall weak compared to cs and spyderco but for 25 not bad similar to buck spitfire

Jill Logan says:

thanks, I am looking for a decent EDC knife for not a lot of $$$$ You’ve given me something to go on!

the southern survivor 1 says:

I am going to buy all three

Im DOPEY says:

Look good for $10 knives

Jaden Tallarico says:

Love the vid man. Great job

Rob Babcock says:

What is the steel used in the blades? I apologize is you said it and I missed it as the video is long. Thanks for a great review!

Corey Massiah says:

like the knives but i never win squat

Seth H says:

So would you trust these to stab with or not really?

JT Masters says:

On the Summit knife,the glass breaker tip can be unscrewed if you don’t like that feature. For $9.99 this knife is a steal. I might pick up another one to keep in one of my other packs. Nice review of these knives,DropForgedSurvival and thank you.

George Smith says:

It nice knives and something to consider for 10 dollars.

Darryn Ouk says:

The fact that I can get G-10 on a $10 knife and not a $90 Benchmade Griptillian says something…

kshobbiest says:

Appear to be good value for price–at least the summit–might be interesting how they stand up to batoning and sticking an inch deep in wood and bent sideways.

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