Buck 110 Knife Review. New Pro & Select with clips compared to the original

One of the most iconic pocket or belt knives has to be the Buck 110. In this review I compare the new for 2018 Pro and Select Lightweight Hunter Folding blades. Translated, these two new slim knives are less that half the weight of the original, and they have swappable pocket clips. This video compares all three to the original and also the Benchmade Crooked River and CR Mini. You’ll also see the Spyderco Endura 4, the Byrd Cara Cara 2, and the Benchmade Bugout. I give my thoughts about QC, some blade play, and baton them.
Select: https://amzn.to/2qJCHyg
Pro: https://amzn.to/2Ps9sir
Original: https://amzn.to/2OK5JYi
Blade HQ all 110 variants: http://shrsl.com/1a65u
More Buck Folding Knives including 112: http://shrsl.com/1a65z
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Bryce Parker says:

I bet a quick trip to buck would fix the pro. At least that’s hoping that they arent all like that. At least I’m hoping since I’ve had my eye on it and I’ll probably buy it anyways because I’m a gullible knife enthusiast who is falling for this “remastered” 110 marketing trick.

John Bowers says:

Blasphemy! Talking about the 110 that way. Might as well of said that the Bible was a “meh” novel. Surprised there aren’t torches and pitch forks circling your home. Blasphemy!Good review dude.

Trenton Burbank says:

Buck-Bro 4 Life!

Chris Allison says:

Crappy lock up, off-center blades, and gritty action are ‘features’ on most Buck knives.

Cafelogis says:

Would you ever considering going back to cheap knives again like the rough rider’s? particularly the fixed blades as they are really untouched by anyone but I’m sure people are curious.

Chinese knives says:

For a hunting knife, better the original, longer blade and more clip pointed. But would add g10 for better grip and that is all.

GeoAstroRV says:

You need to do a live chat session. I have friends who do live chats and people actually send PayPal money while in the live chat. I would pay $25 to listen to you answer questions from callers. I love the dry humor. Think about it!

Dom H says:

No Zima, no auto…. I only stayed for batoning

Ordinary everyday guy says:

“Suck back?” Are you trolling me?

weouchhere says:

Hahah dude that sheath has me laughing! I love youre reviews! Thank you!

bogoljub djordjevic says:

where are you bro I miss you not in gay way haha

KnifeguyDK says:

He’s been playing Shaq-Fu…Again

Steve H says:

Yeah all that brass on that their 110 now you can drive a nail with that. Try doin that with your lightweight GFN or whatever
Rollover that Pro with your car and see how well it does.
And don’t get me started on lockbacks, why back in 55 that was state of the art.

Rain Dog says:

Of all the crack rock knives out there, for me, the 110 was always about as interesting as kamboochi. Maybe an all brass blade version would have been more intoxicating.

magic says:

Three times the advanced buck bro.

Sidney Mathious says:

I have a Buck long blade knife which I purchased about 40 years ago, and had to get it since the shorter blade knife I had purchased before that ended up being given to my grandfather since he liked it. I have a model 110 which I purchased over 35 years ago from the same military base and never could get it sharpened correctly, and neither could anyone else I knew who claimed to know how to sharpen knives. I purchased a Japanese knife while at the last base before retiring and was looking like the Buck 110, but was easy to sharpen and held it’s edge.

stereotonic says:


F**K YOU!!! says:

What’s your opinion about the grades of steel that victorinox uses & leatherman uses?.

I’ve recently determined that I like the grades of steel that leatherman uses a little better than victorinox.

Leathermans steel is a little more durable.

JangoUnbrained says:

The Original 110’s weigh is totally useful, it substantially increases the injury potential when throwing it at your foes!
Those fancy “modernized” models totally lack this feature!

waffles says:

thanks for the review… and now time for a pbj sandwich. 🙂

DirtRoadRider # says:

Hey, the Auto is badass not sorry I bought one

MobiuSphere says:

I own a Micarta Buck Spitfire, and it has the same blade play issues. I really feel like the Micarta Buck folders are kneecapped by not having any sort of liner. My car died just has a little too much give to be used as the sole handle scale material.

Stefan Wolf says:

I will wait a year or two before buying the micarta 110. I hope the quality will go up with the production runs if not we always will have Lyn’s children.

Nessmux says:

Well, you forgot to mention the DU special edition, which was a gift for tankers and A-10 pilots who destroyed an iraqi tank with DU munition.

Batscat says:

None adjustable pivots.
Well guess I’m passing on these.
So close Buck so close.

Blind Rambler says:

1% for owning a Medford or for watching a video about a “junk” knife?

don0giorgio says:

But that micarta handle looks cool

Szent Bonifac says:

buck 110 original the only model/type of folder that looks good in a leather pouch, in my opinion.
enjoyable and entertaining review as always, waiting for the next one

Emmanuel Navarro says:

Hey shaggy how’s Scooby-Doo doing? Can you do a review on the cold steel finn wolf

Knifeaddict67 says:

Only a Communists won’t carry a Buck 110!!! …and Socialists rag on them in videos …You un-American Prius driving turd. SMDH (Just kidding) (you commie)

Stuart Harvey says:

Is Buck’s Marketing Division aware that their Spitfire and Gerber’s E-Z Out are already available for those who wish to purchase a USA made modern budget folder?

don0giorgio says:

F it, im buying me some pro, got to say, they made it to the last coach of micarta is the new g10 train

John Norris says:

U should drink more than 5 beers…i do…iam older than u…yes i still have my old buck 110…i have to go drink more beer…there is none in heaven…great vidio bro.

Jon McKellop says:

I have a few buck 110s as well. My favorite is the 110 in 5160 carbon steel with oak scales. I also got the 110 auto for my girlfriend. I haven’t had a pocket knife for years. But I am glad that Buck makes some damn good knives.

Tom Garcia says:

You’ve been playing Red Dead 2 haven’t you

bogoljub djordjevic says:

this is worse than China standard

Dingle Dangus says:

good job, bud.

Russel Rivera says:

The Pro seems to be plagued with fitment issues.

Thanks for this review. I want to love my 110 OG, but it just sits in a drawer with a bunch of heavy, clip-less knives.

Brad Hutchison says:

Hopefully that pivot on the pro is a defect?

Timothy Miller says:

Thumb meat was my nickname in high school.

John Tedichwon says:

Wish they put some brass thumbstuds or something. Enjoy Batoning that Nintendo button. Whacha playin btw?

Beau Poopoo says:

Are you gonna review asbestos at any point

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