Budget Cima M2 Slipjoint Pocket Knife and Beer Bottle Opener Review

If you want one of the best knife reviews and knives on the internet or Youtube, you might want to keep looking. If you’re looking for a cheap pocketknife around $10, and a short and mostly entertaining video- You’ve found it! Check out the Cima M2, which has a 5CrMoV blade and umm… that’s about it. Oh and it has a built in bottle opener, for all you beer drinkers. Cima is a new knife maker that is on par with other budget knife makers like Sanrenmu, Ganzo, and Enlan. Also I cut myself in the video.


SailfishSoundSystem says:

Cold Steel is in deep shit with that karamshit.

Airik1111 says:

Dude ya gotta review Walmarts $3.84 cent or was it 87cents?…Anyways I commented on another “popular” channel and the typical knife Snob 7th grade jokes have begun. Seriously I’ve owned lots of knives …esp cheapos and these knives are better than most 30$ folders. Ozark Trails camoflauge titanium coated is my favorite….. ya can’t miss them they’re the holiday knives for Xmas right by the sporting goods counter. They would make awesome reviews, 3 bucks well spent IMHO unless I was needing to bring home toilet paper…..then not something much 😉

presterjohn71 says:

That was another treat to watch. Many thanks for that. The knife was not at all to my tastes which is annoying as slip joints are all I can generally carry out of the house (thank goodness for Victorinox).

Davethebalikid says:

Great review huge fan of this style (and the jokes) If I could make one suggestion it would be to include the MSRP in the video. Keep em coming!!!

Mad Stork says:

Cheap knives are kool, but after about 15-20 of them they get kinda redundant, redundant. When my GrandChild gets old enough and graduates from me giving him rubber knives and plastic AK-47’s, I’ll have 15-20 cheap knives to give him in small doses.

Aple Smith says:

Nice review – thanks. I was about to order one of these from a website here in Asia. But the price equates to about $26, so I think I’ll give it a miss! For $10 o k but not at two and half time that. They are selling it a higher price than they sell a Ganzo G704, and CIMA survival pocket knife for some reason. Shame because I like small slip joints for EDC.

Pangolin14 says:

Subscriber entertaned to the fucking extreme!!! Sorry it bit you but cool you got it on camera (and perhaps also released some unresolved emotional issues) , you really go the extra distance for your subs. Keep em coming!

- - says:

I’d say this knife was specifically designed to suck as hard as possible if they could have made it weigh 6oz. Still, I appreciate you sacrificing your finger for this review.

Serge SpeaR says:

Crap. Same as cardsharp.

GunCollector007 says:

LOL! I love cheap knives!

Darofla says:

Nice impression cause this crapjoint is total legal here in germany 🙂
+1Thumb and more slipjoint reviews are more then welcome.
BTW where can you buy it? Sold out at the chinese shops.

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