DeWALT Folding Pocket Knife Review- DWHT 10272


This is a complete overview and review of the DeWalt Folding Pocket Knife. It features a deep pocket clip, tanto stainless steel partially serrated blade, flipper, dual thumb studs, glass breaker, and a liner lock. I show a quick comparison to the Milwaukee Fastback Assisted Knife. The two are close in size and the both weigh 4.5oz on my scale.
The sharpness of the DeWalt is very good out of the package. It cuts through paper easily and is handy when opening the mail. I think this is a good choice for and EDC knife or as some people call it, “a beater knife”. I show a few examples of my Sog Vulcan pocket clip my preference of the tip-up carry.
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Jason Koppe says:

I’ve used this knife for the past 6 months, very handy but have had accidental opening in my back pocket, which has cut through my pocket due to the tip down clip..
overall though, sturdy, dependable and can take a beating!

david leonard says:

Good work knife its my work horse every day carry at work

Superdan187211 says:

I plan on making a kydex sheath for it and seeing if the vender that I got it from would sell them for me .. I don’t sell junk so at best it would cost as much as the knife .. I would be loosing on that deal but I want to get my product out there .. I am working on kydex for my DEC985  

Jesse Rodriguex says:

i got my dewalt knife. about 2 months ago and cant complain over all a great knife i use. it daily for my job and another great feature i like it is all metal not plastic big seller for me

Jeff Huguelet says:

I have one and I agree with your thoughts. At first the blade didn’t open easily and required two hands or you had to ‘work’ the thumb stud all the way to open.  I added a little Rem Oil to the hinge, and immediately it became silky smooth.  Very easy now to flick it open with my wrist one handed – just use the thumb stud to remove the blade slightly from the handle, then light flick to open.  Excellent value for $15.00.

Tyler Kositzke says:

I think this knife is great for the price. Takes one hell of a beating. Wish it had assisted opening but for $15, i can live without. Pink r-19 was no match as well as my everyday needs for a work knife.

The Loobis says:

I’ve used both knives for work. (warehouse) First, I use the knives in the same way I use a box cutter so I will abuse them, I will ABUSE THEM, miss place them, mainly ABUSE THEM! I hands down prefer the DeWalt for two reasons. First the price $15 vs $30. I can live with destroying or losing a $15 knife. A $30 would bother me. Second, when it comes to cutting thick plastic straps I found myself getting under the strap and cutting out. The thinner DeWalt did that better.

Matt Dave says:

Just got it last night and love it

Frank White says:

Just brought this knife a week ago and I love it. Seems very durable and extremely sharp. It also came with the retractable box cutter, I paid $15 for the set – Sheet Metal Worker

Myles Saunders says:

What is the name of the other knife in the vid? Thanks great reveiw

Hunter Fzy says:

It needs assisted blade so you don’t have to flick it open

Felipe Martinez says:

How do you close it I’m still confused

TwelveFortyTwoAM says:

I just picked one of these up, and it looks like they listened a bit to your video (we can hope). It now does have a lanyard hole, with the glass breaker removed. There is still a slight protrusion of the metal case that might still be used as a glass breaker. They have not changed the point-down. I’ve added some traction tape to the handle so it’s not so slippery. Otherwise, I agree. This is a great little beater knife for a good price.

ThisIsAPrettyLongUserNameWhyTheFuckWouldHeDoThatSoThatEveryoneWouldThumbsUpIt says:

$10 right now on amazon for that price I am taking it.

Crazy Horseaz says:

Put the knives down before you cut off your arm.

Crazy Horseaz says:

Why would anyone subscribe to your videos, your a dumb knife guy, trying to get paid for not having any idea of what you’re talking about.

Patrick S. says:

Thanks for the review! Just bought this knife! Only complaint is that the lock is very stiff. Have you noticed that or does it just need to be broken in?

Drew Grunwald says:

The hole in the blade is an oxygen tank wrench.

Heretic says:

i’m on the fence. think I’m going to pick one up, but I’m not in love with the serrated part. Wish there was a few options.

Superdan187211 says:

I just placed a order, then looked it up $15 I don’t expect a lot but I do like DeWalt

veedub447 says:

good review, but you never tested the blade..??

Martin Yales says:

Very good blade for the money, I got my first cut. Haven’t gotten cut In a while with my pocket knife so this thought me to be careful and not be too thrusting on it. It’s very sharp, matter of fact really sharp. Clip could be better. I wish all blade was smooth and not serrated, I may modify for full non serrated.

Nicholas Falcone says:

I think it is a good knife for 15 dollars but I think if you can save up some money u should get a spyderco or coldsteel knife

Gobbo McFalls says:

Agree with everything here. Have been using this as a junk work knife for a few months now. For a heavy duty work knife this thing is good. I use it to scrape asphalt off shovels, cutting, throwing it at tree stumps during break, as a ghetto flat head, etc. Sometimes will sharpen it on a clean brick that’s laying around. It’s “dullish” but sufficient for what I need.

Wouldn’t use it as an EDC. I’d rather go with the Gerber EAB or Twitch 2 if it’s something that won’t be seeing heavy use (in the $10.00-$40.00 price range)

Bottom line, for any serious construction work, this is the kind of knife you want. Cheap, just barely good enough, and the metal is easy to sharpen since it’s low grade shit. I view this knife like I view glasses. I laugh at someone who wears $50.00+ shades on a construction site. Inevitably, they will be damaged. Same goes with a knife. 

I wouldn’t bring my $100.00+ knife on the job site. Either I will lose it jumping in a trench, or some scumbag I loan it to will abuse it. This is the kind of shit that is for construction. Wish Dewalt would say what kind of metal the blade is. It’s def bottom dollar shit, but I don’t see how the grade of metal would put off their target demographic?

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