Enlan EW080 Knife Review. It’s a Pocket Knife!

Hey do you like cheap knives, budget knives, or inexpensive knives? Do you want to know the best pocket knife under $20. Well I’m sot exactly sure- but the Enlan EW080 is a knife. And this is an Enlan knife review. It’s a pocket knife in fact, and you might want to buy one after seeing my review. If you’d like to support my channel buy it at Gear Best.



Russell Swanson says:

I don’t quite know how anyone could think these aren’t actually reviews cuz what I just watched was another fine application of knife science used to evaluate Chinese steel.

marshalllaw123 says:

Great vid homey! The furious whacking into log fumble at the end was pretty much everything I like about your channel captured in a single moment. That’s next level impressionist tactical shit bro!!

TheRealKnifeJunkie says:

Not a chance. It’s just another storm-scare brought to you by the Lowes/HomeDepot cabal to sell salt and shovels.

Edge Mcsnob says:

I dig ur vids brah

Chris Sproles says:

That’s really only $20??? Good review.. I know a lot of other reviewers would hate on that because its from China and understandably so, but its good some people fairly review them because that’s the only way some people will be able to enjoy collecting knives.

Frank Rice says:

man- the design of this knife is beutiful (imo) is a real shame its made out of such crappy inferior materials — I would love to put this in my EDC rotation, but I can help but feel it would let me down under moderate to heavy use— what a beutiful thing though

jason scott says:

Rock on, Knife Bro! You do the most honest and etertaining knife reviews out there. Love my plastic bin of cheap knives. Always room for one more.

Paul Johnson says:

first dislike! very good review

MrZlooze says:

This is the epitome of knife reviewing. The historical context, the verbal dexterity and the overall impact on modern culture are profound! Keep making cool videos!

Dubglock23 says:

Cheap dude that loves knives!!!

alittleolder says:

Great video. I reviewed this knife too. One of the very few I’ve reviewed that didn’t fare well at all. I loved your video though. Funny and informative. Like always.

Chinese knives says:

From the two models from enlan with persian style, the ew080 and ew054, i bought the ew054 better, it was more… beast, bigger, flipper, more ergonomic handle… but this is more like the ganzo g712. Well, you have both, wich do you prefer? the ew054 or the ew080?


Michael Daury says:

Good for the price for sure

nmfl100 says:

Nice review, made me buy-list the damn knife. I’ve found these China knives are great utility knives, especially if you don’t want to buy a 200 dollars knife for cutting cardboard and other simple tasks.

Blue Mountain Bushcraft and Outdoors says:

Keep on playing with your knives. I’ll keep watching.

Rob Adams says:

Like always, excellent review. While most of these so-called reviewers just talk about how great every POS knife is, you are more real. Appreciated. I have not seen another Enlan knife worth buying since the EL-01. Too bad.

r0e0x says:

Whoever said these are not good knife reviews doesn’t know what they are talking about. You blow away 90% of reviewers just by giving the dimensions of the knife the way you do at the beginning of the video. And your videos are funny. Who wouldn’t like these reviews?

Wiygon says:

For the Western standart, you make better reviews then 95% of guys here on Youtube, because you USE the blades.
On the russian standarts though, you don`t do reviews ( because they destroy any blade, even expensive ones, cool to see which one is really worth it IMO ).

Keep it up the good work, I enjoy your videos.

SailfishSoundSystem says:

It’s no surprise that the Chinese are doing a Persian style knife due to these factors:
Chinese-Iranian Economic and Energy Cooperation
Over the past several years, China has become Iran’s number one oil customer and trading partner.
China has provided Iran with the technological know-how to develop its energy resources. Chinese engineers have also built bridges, dams, railroads, and tunnels throughout Iran.
Chinese-Iranian Strategic and Defense Cooperation
China has aided Iran’s efforts to modernize its military hardware and doctrine through the transfer of military technology and sales of small arms and tactical ballistic and antiship cruise missiles.
China has assisted in the development of Iran’s nuclear program via the transfer of technology and machinery.
China’s economic ties to Iran have shielded the Iranian regime from the effects of international sanctions.
The Nature of the Chinese-Iranian Relationship
Chinese-Iranian relations are rooted in both countries’ having authoritarian regimes and historical narratives that characterize the international system as unjust and dominated by Western powers.
The Iranian regime views China as a potential ally against the United States, and Beijing views Iran as a potential partner for limiting U.S. influence in the Middle East.
The foundations of the economic partnership between Iran and China are Iran’s abundant energy resources and China’s growing energy needs, but China is not overwhelmingly dependent on the Islamic Republic for its energy needs; in contrast, the Iranian regime now depends on China as its chief diplomatic protector.
Despite their energy cooperation, trade, and shared geopolitical interests, Iran and China have potentially divergent interests on a number of issues.

ATech Reviews says:

Always enjoy your videos, Bro!
Keep it up!

Justin Cox says:

Always enjoy your videos. Keep doing your thing.

KaneGrambeau says:

Love your channel, a lovely piss take on the world of online knife reviews

rustyvavles says:

it would be interesting if Enlan stepped up their game like Ganzo or even Real
Steel with better materials and more sophisticated design allowing their customers to trade up within their brand.

Bullion Forever says:

I had to enable push notifications, like that many of the knifes you review are practical and affordable, looking forward to the 940 review, may get one or ZDP-189 Delica.

TovarishGaming says:

As of this comment you have 63 likes and 0 dislikes, so that’s a good ratio. Who cares what you’re labeled as, you’re entertaining.

Luigi B says:

Good job; I like your style. Thanks.

Ryan Todd says:

Nice video! Any chance we could see a review on your Endura’s?
Edit: Nevermind.

knives save lives says:

Yet another elegant and educational video executed with extreme precision and the highest level of craftsmanship. Two thumbs way up!

mak450 says:

That is a good looking blade, the handle leaves me cold though.

There, I contributed. May this pointless aesthetic judgement sway the algorithm in your favor by however miniscule an amount!

A J Taylor says:

Ganzo has my ‘cheap knife’ heart. It would have to be pretty special to get me to shell out the $22.72 Cdn for this one when Gear Best has so many gorgeous Ganzo’s to pick from. If I was to be tempted to buy another brand of ‘ cheap knife’ it would be a Sanrenmu who are also wonderful blades.

Raymond Williams says:

I like your reviews because you’re extremely amusing, and because of your sense of humour, I wish the videos were longer!…..now go play with your knives.

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