ESEE Avispa Knife Review: EDC on a budget

The ESEE Avispa is a great edc budget knife that is well designed. The RAT1 is close in design, but a little too heavy and thick to be a good edc knife where as the Avispa is lighter and thinner making it better suited for edc.

RAT1 vs. Avispa video link:



Woodland Warrior says:

I’m a bit disappointed to not see a flipper on it

Gordon Stevenson says:

Avispa and RAT1 both made in the same plant. Blue Ridge Knives Avispa. No warranty.

Orion"s Tactical says:

What color scales are those on the knife in this video.? Iv been trying to find one with grey color scales but they don’t have that option. I’m thinking this is the desert tan color.?

Marty Wilkinson says:

Good review as always.  I linked up this video and the Avispa/Rat 1 comparison video on a thread on the Esee forum.  Thanks for the review.  

rabbitslayer42 says:

That thumb ramp is what I love about the RAT1

EDC Gear Reviews says:

Hilarious we both uploaded a video about this knife on the same day. Lol

JediJunkie247 says:

I’m considering this knife, now that they offer it in D2.

Wild Stove says:

I found this useful (especially being a leftie) but wondered why you would want to carry a knife around town and to watch a movie?

Olympic Outdoors Dad says:

Thanks for an informative, usefull review man.

theconsumer 1 says:

I disagree with a lot of statements regarding the same steel being better in one company than another. Unless it’s powdered metals (CPM)… No company can heat treat one steel “better” than the other. Heat treatment is relatively simple. Their is no crazy science on getting a “better” heat treatment. If you want strength within the steel, you simply temper it more, thus making it less hard.If you want a higher hardness, you temper it less, making it harder. Harder steels obviously hold edges better.

So if AUS8 is the same composition in both Cold Steel products and ESEE, and the hardness is the same, the product is exactly the same, given the products have the same hardness depth or uniformity.

Heat treatment isn’t crazy science and i completely disagree when someone says another manufacturer’s same steel is better than another, when the numbers and data are the same.

aaronsabin says:

I bought this knife shortly after buying a Buck Vantage Pro. I like it much more than the Vantage Pro (though the Pro has superior steel S30V). Overall, for less than $30, you can’t go wrong with the Avispa in my opinion. Plus it’s about 1/2 the cost of the Vantage Pro.

shcmoly says:

Both in hand I agree in the woods a choice of the two I take the Rat, the Avispa is a very nice knife.

Vipertech says:

Hey Gideon, great review. May i make a request for a Cold Steel Warcraft Tanto review please?? Either Magnum or standard version. Really want to know if it lives up to the hype.

Cheese Grilled says:

Love my avispa in d2. I was going to buy it in aus 8 from amazon then i went to blade hq and found it for $5 more. Great edge retention on it and rock solid too. Super hard choice between this and the d2 rat 1 (same price at bhq). Thanks for always making real reviews unbiased always great content.

Austyn Wright says:

Love your reviews, thanks.

dragon3831 says:

OK…im a bit confused in what you said….” it will hold a good edge but dull pretty quick”

Hawgslayer3 says:

If anyone wants see to this knife absolutely abused checkout Kraken bushcraft portal . Dude just beats the crap out of it . Very impressive .

Danny Kim says:

I don’t have to worry about edc cus im in Australia (edc is illegal)

Luigi B says:

I actually gave away my Zancudo because it was too small in my hand. I’m happy to see this Avispa; it’s now on my list. Thanks for posting this.

Bassmanontherocks says:

as a leftie I have one of these and just unscrewed the thumb stud and flipped it around no problem

David Kappelt says:

Mine has 100% lock up which makes it very hard to close. It’s yours like that?

shcmoly says:

1st yt review on this knife and a good one, congrats!
So BRK actually makes this for esee?  I guess esee is not tooled for folders…
What was the weight again?

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