Every Day Carry Pocket Knife Collection Mid 2018

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Adrian Hanson says:

What happened to your Lion steel tre?

Body of Truth says:

And that is the problem with your tests… because there is a desire to get that Rex above 1000 cuts, you will subconsciously be more careful with that edge as you make each and every single slice which will add a huge variability to your test/results. And that is what is so right about your tests… is that they provide fodder for us steel nerds. Thanks Mate!

Phil Sinex says:

Was the K390 police just too big for your liking, or did it develop some other issues while you had it? I’m not discrediting your previous reviews or anything, just curious.

Chinese knives says:

I like that sr1 and some models by spyderco.

Tony Canniffe says:

Nice collection Pete. Do you know anyone in Oz who makes in-pocket sheaths for pocket knives? I reckon that’s the answer to pocket clip woes: just have a sheath or two that can contain your edc knife of choice. The sheath has the type of clip you want. It protects the knife from lint, snail trails etc and protects whatever else might be in that pocket. No need to shell out for mxg gear clips or make do with shitty clips. The original clip could be removed.

Nils Berg says:

You should check out the Nemesis MPR-1. It’s an Al Mar design that’s almost identical to the Falcon, but it’s made of VG-10 and titanium and it sells for $100 USD. It seems like something you would really like.

Rodrigo Teresa says:

The Gator is 154CM I think

Harold Hyatt says:

No bucks, or victorinox?

Charles Collier says:

Benchmade Theorem. Would be even better if, like Cold Steel, Benchmade did proof videos.

49Giants says:

Great collection my friend. Thanks for sharing

bp69 says:

Nice collection

Mohd Zaudi Khasni says:

Please Cedric doing something with reasonable knives is not just a tools, we need proof SR1 COLD STEEL real or not heavy duty folder.

ogenmatic says:

Mini Fact – maybe the Factoid?
Nice collection & presentation as always.

Carbuff204 says:

You can get M390 Kershaw Link/Dividend for I think $80 US when they are in stock. kershawguy.com has em both right now last time I checked. Also, a new knockout with M390 exclusive at usamadeblade.com just came out for $100.

OspreyBravo18 says:

Benchmade Thesis I want it.

Loh Jia En says:

the gerber screwed the sharpening choil

Ozyrob2 says:

Shock! You only have 1 mako now!!

Nick Kaz says:

Very cool video, thank you!

Hope all is well in Australia!

Joeyjoejoe says:

very nice collection . you have to try the new crkt caligo . Gives the atmos a run for the money for budget folder of the year . At 28USD better materials /fit finish , too.

harrison strapp says:

when u told me about the spydichef being dope .i picked one up now its my permanent edc . i love itt

trav v says:

A reasonable small pocket knife for the casual beginner would be the Cold Steel 2 handed katana machete.

Thomas Macioce says:

My frn chaparral is my favorite. I’m looking for something a bit bigger but just as slicy. Any suggestions?

Mornster says:

Hey, I contacted Spyderco USA and they sent me a new set of screws for my PM2 for free and they even covered the postage to Aus

Sans Jeux says:

It would take me 2 months to properly film my collection. 700+ and counting. Yes, I am cashless, but I have awesome blades. Yes, this is a call for help.

Mt. Baldwin says:

WE just released a good knife in m390 for $145 U.S., the practic, 3.3 inch blade, 3.1 oz. Yes it’s the “practic”, that’s not a typo.

James Iliffe says:

Love the leatherman skeletoolcx

Brad Griffin says:

Lots of good variety there Pete.

FlamQ Dbltap says:

That was fun. We all lose our words now and then. Thanks mate.

Lars Buskkraft says:

Benchmade 940.. It really does look the tits, but is it slicy? Can it for instance peel an apple without it being awkward? Like the looks of that Gerber mini-gator blade!

subroc says:

Aww, you sold your Lionsteel Roundhead 🙁

saulysw says:

I have 3 EDC knives, based on size. Small = Benchmade Benchmite II, medium = Rat 2 D2 (aka R2D2), large = Bestech Grampus. Mostly carry the Grampus with Gerber Dime free floating in the pocket. My dime looks like yours (you move it out of frame near the end), well scuffed up.

That Guy says:

Everytime I see a Spydiechef I need one

Thomas Landers says:

Nice collection.. I really like that BM Fact.. I’m not a tactical knife guy but just like the design.. Would be nice if it was a bit smaller.. I’m surprised you don’t have a Spyderco Manix 2 LW.. I have the S110V and BD1 and both are great EDC knives.. Another good one is the Steel Will Gekko.. I believe it’s made by Viper.. Outstanding quality and a real hard use knife..They come in N690 and now in M390 too.. Pricey but the quality is worth it…

Jeremy Sharpe says:

Kershaw link and dividend are the cheapest m390 knives

Ed Locher says:

I never realized how intense the hollow grind on the Atmos is. I might actually have to get one.

Joe Perry says:

Dammit. Why do I want an SRK after seeing yours? It’s so dumb… so cool.

John Scarborough says:

Oh your mate thrashed that Spydie… curious if any of the serrations are badly buggered.

KGatLC says:

Don’t feel flat, Pete. You’re the only one doing this kind of thing.

The Avid Picker says:

Very nice collection bud. I have a great new addition to my collection which is the Salt series Spyderco Caribbean sheepfoot in LC200N blade and liners. I have to highly recommend it as it is just a great knife.

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