FURA Mini Folding Knife Review

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Another FURA knife I am hoping to review soon is the FURA S35VN Steel Blade Portable Frame Lock Folding Knife http://www.gearbest.com/pocket-knives-and-folding-knives/pp_659457.html?lkid=11030610 use coupon FS35VN for a discount now.

GearBest sent me two knives last week, both by FURA. Today I take a look at the FURA Mini Folding Knife. Thank you GearBest.
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This interesting little knife is actually a copy of the Curtiss ODT Flipper.
Curtiss Website

ODT Flipper

When I first got the little knife it sounded very gritty when opened. I think it was the detent ball cutting into the coating on the titanium handle. After a few days of opening and closing the blade it has smoothed out nicely. I can even flip it open now!

The blade has two cutting edges and the knife can be used like a chisel. It also runs on bearings.

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UK legal maximum blade length is 76.2mm (3 inches) non locking.

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QuickQuips says:

This knife brand seems nuts with their high end steels. M390 for $20? And they have quite a few SV35 tiny folders for the same price too.

traderjoes says:

Very nice little knife! I would say it’s about the size of military a dog tag. I bet it could be worn on a chain as a pendant or on the keys. Your camera work, as always, is quite impressive! Not easy to get details on such a tiny thing I recon! Top job!

Cheap Finds says:

If you’re looking for an affordable flipper knife check Ganzo G7491 https://goo.gl/SHgqH4

taxlawSEAL Steuerberater says:

Can i Purchase One in Germany?

Jacob Lee says:

What a fake. This is an insult to David Curtiss who has earned to be where he is a thousand times over. Absolute disgrace.

I'm Green says:

The Chinese have no skills they only copy. .

Linkhunter says:

I think I’m going to stick with my Sanrenmu 7046LTX that Knife too pricey for my taste lol

Canadian Cutting Edge says:

How is it that you can get these knives from GearBest before they even show that they are available to ship to me? My Ganzo rep says that they are not yet available.

bram cartier says:

good review. cool, man , you can win the war, with this knife,, but maybe you win the battle. its is a mini tank knife. i want this knife,

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