Ganzo G7392 Carbon Fiber Handle Pocket Knife Review with Bamboo Abuse Test

If you NEED a fancy carbon fiber handled knife and got less than $20- Let me introduce you to the Ganzo G7392-CF pocket knife. This budget EDC folding knife, has a 3.5 inch blade made from 440c steel, and a Benchmade like Axis Lock. This review goes over all the basics like making bizarre jokes, batoning with a knife you shouldn’t, and trying to make a knife review interesting. Maybe even fun. Subscribe if you like my Advanced Knife Bro skillz.

You can buy it here for about $17 right now:

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marshalllaw123 says:

Think I’m gonna have to pick that one up. Because bamboo batoning beats bullshit bruh. B-cuz.

Alessandro Thug Knife for haters says:

not cf is laminated g10

iTheGeek says:

Anyone have issues with blade play? My blade will wobble until I tighten it to the point it takes two hands to open a knife and I’m sure that’s not good for the washers.

M. Joubert says:

Moi do love your reviews …

Sleeper519 says:

Good review, thanks man. This should be on the old Letterman show, what was it called–Stupid Human Tricks? Would be perfect…
I love my G729 as a throw away camping/backpacking knife. Keep up the humor!

Ronnie Durbin says:

Yeah, but my Ganzo G747 is way cooler than your G7392.

Player Review says:

An objective honest review on a Ganzo knife, just when I thought one didn’t exist. Well done.

igloo2 says:

Ooo, I’ve been thinking about picking this one up. It’s not too too heavy

MikeOlPL says:

Your voice put me to sleep.. And why destroy that all pocket knife to work in bamboo or hard wood stuff? They are not designed for that. All we know that ganzo is most hardest knife from China. Can you check enlan ew039 ? That is a tactical survival knife you may to try destroy this 😉

davidzzz94 says:

Hi, what angle what you recommend starting and finishing off with using the spyderco sharpemaker? thank you

KnifeCollector031 The Netherlands says:

Nice vid. Nice review. I think the CF on the Ganzo is the laminated G10/CF as used on some Spyderco’s and the Rat1 KW exclusive.

Steve Banter says:

nice review, good knives for the cost!!

Super Knives says:

Great. Do you know whether the two washers it are bronze , or if one of them is Teflon? Thank you very much.

Patrick Richard says:

Where can I get bamboo like that so I can baton my Ganzos? Seriously, I don’t know how you are able to crank out all these videos. It takes me 1 year to complete a text write-up. Can’t wait for your next ones…

SailfishSoundSystem says:

Have you taken the scales off? I’m curious if they’re all carbon fiber or carbon fiber on the top and G-10 laminate on the bottom. Since I finally made some Adsense dollas I think I will spend it on a Paramilitary or possibly a case of Boones Farm.

Hue Janus says:

Another highly entertaining video. I’m always impressed by what you get in a ganzo for such a cheap price.

Sean Liu says:

I notice you use a pretty violent motion to flick open the griptilian. Maybe it would help to loosen up that pivot.

Doğu says:

I love your narration man, keep up good work.

TRprepper says:

Love the sense of humor while still actually reviewing the knife.

Stephen Micheals says:

i like the carbon fiber, so purchased one using your link! should be nice for just 16$ shipped.

benlg says:

Awesome funny review, subbed!

millwrightman99 says:

I just got one of these on order , see what you’re doing to me !
Oooohhhhhh love that Carbon fibre .
If only they can come up with a sub 3 inch version , for the office crowd .
I was almost going to buy a Benchmade Griptilian , then I hit myself on the noggen & woke up in a cold sweat , straight to Fastech and out came my credit card .

Keep those little Chinese eating noodles I will .

Andrew Estabrooks says:

I just ordered one this past weekend! Its a pretty sharp looking knife for $15. Great review.

Sn says:

Entertainment and infotainment (i think thats a word) all at once, what a time to be alive! But on a serious note: after watching one of your reviews i purchased a Ganzo (the g730 model) and i am really impressed with the build quality of such a cheap knife!

maram Ovidiu says:

did you baton with the “real axis lock”, did it hold up beter den the ganzo?

Ruger 44 Redhawk says:

Does anyone know if you can switch out the blades? I like the idea of a full liner G10 handle with good Benchmade blade steel. I’m digging that new Benchmade Grizzly Ridge because of that very reason. But if the geometry of the 551 and Ganzo is identical shouldn’t a blade switch work? The only question then is how do the Axis locks compare and can you switch those out too. Any response would be appreciated. Thanks.

Pinche Pendejo says:

please click on y icon to see a few nives that I made T4S

03 Outdoors Channel says:

Bruh i cant even watch your shit video, jesus christ. In ex-celcius daaaayyooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh.

Bry says:

Wow I’m gonna have a orgasm. Very nice knife.

GunCollector007 says:

Great knife and test!

Kerry Johnston says:

I enjoy your videos. I enjoy the comments that you attract. My therapist thinks it’s fine,but also thinks I could use more therapy.
Thanks for the smiles!

gerekappo says:

I got one… the pivot screw play is a pain in the ass….
Love the videos, already subscrived, thx!

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