Gerber Paraframe Mini knife review

Review of the Gerber mini Paraframe folding pocket knife.


Weaponsandstuff93 says:

Camping would probably fall under justifiable reason.

Weaponsandstuff93 says:

Nope but just looked him up, he sounds a lot like Joerg Sprave

Weaponsandstuff93 says:

Yeah I chose this one as I’d rather have a straight blade for packaging.

Tyler Lyons says:

More blade play than i thought possible in a knife. Pocket clip comes off with only a small amount of force pulling away from it (broke off).

Weaponsandstuff93 says:

No problem.

Felix Wang says:

Hi mate, l am in Australia, and l found that the symbol on the gerber knife is same as yours. but different from the symbol on Gerber knife on the U.S. Gerber official website. Does anyone know what makes that difference ? Thanks

Jamessawyer010 says:

Can u remove the clip?

Angus Burns says:

Terrible knife, after only a week or two the frame section that locks completely broke off, leaving me with a tiny, useless knife that came to me dull and can’t hold an edge at all. I do not recommend. 

Henke says:

5 inch?

JustJarrett says:

Mine has finger marks and cleaning ideas

Weaponsandstuff93 says:

Those knives are legal, just not to openly carry.

Weaponsandstuff93 says:

Yes there are multiple sizes available.

Francisco Gonzalez says:

I have the exact same knife

Hashtag Awesome2 says:

i think the blade is 2.22 inches

crypter27 says:

Some what,but his slingshots are simple and old fashioned also Rufus was the most quick & accurate shooter of all time you should type in his name. On youtube,you’ll find some old news footage of him demonstrating his trick shots.

Dan Ivanuck says:

I have the small one but it has serrations

eatmorenachos says:

the clip comes off with a torx screwdriver bit.

crypter27 says:

very nice A little off topic,but have ever heard of Rufus Hussey?

Weaponsandstuff93 says:

I’m referring to the total length of the knife from handle to tip of the blade.
The actual knife blade is about 5.4cm however.

Jonathan Bennett says:

in America there is four or five that are aligal

oldman in lycra says:

Again in this pacified country the brainless have laws for the dumb and scared. Tight weapons control, be it for guns or knives does not stop ne’er-do-wells from using them; in fact, it empowers them because they know that the average punter has no weapon at all!!

If you have an outdoor hobby from fishing to bushcraft, you need a knife, and while it is true that technically if you can justify carrying a legal knife, it is up to the braindead copper who stops you to decide if HE or SHE thinks you are justified in carrying it. People have had to go to court to prove they were justified, because a copper, who’s had an argument with his lard-ass wife wants to take it out on somebody.

It really is pathetic, I know someone who went about town threatening people with a very large saw, no copper stopped him, because he’s, obviously, a carpenter.

Fact is, anything can be a deadly weapon, a Bic biro shoved in the right place can be deadly, in fact, take out the inner and the vic will bleed out too, a credit card can slash a throat, an old-fashioned belt-buckle can puncture and eye and kill the vic, the list goes on…if someone wants to cause harm, they’ll do it.

If I were a violent international criminal, the country I’d love to live in is the UK, virtually no citizens can confront me, and the cops have to call in specially trained cops (who are very specialised in killing illegal Brazilian electricians in London), because coppers are mostly unarmed -and ASP spray is no counter to a S&W 500 or an Uzi lol

If someone invaded the UK tomorrow, it would be all over by Monday morning…

You've outstayed your welcome Bajema says:

I have the big one and the small one

OverlyAnxiousBiker says:

The lock on it is called a framelock. And is every bit as illegal to carry as a linerlock. And is in fact stronger and more reliable in some cases.

Plucus21 says:

Europe, with the exception of Switzerland, sucks.  They even banned a little 3 in pocket knife?  Europe is a perfect example of the left wing gone absolutely crazy with the exception of Russia whom are a perfect example of the extreme right.  Freedom and safety are not always synonymous,  so one has to chose which they prefer and it is clear wear Europe’s priorities lie.  Big brother is watching.

ToxicityAssured says:

For the price, the knife is acceptable. I got my wife one for boxes at work so this is an experienced review. It doesn’t hold a good edge, the bushings are cheap plastic, it’s too small to hold properly, the blade wiggles, the lock is sketchy, edge geometry is poor and it came DULL! She now carries a spyderco dragonfly and benchmade mini-grip in pink. Based on your accent, I’m sorry your country doesn’t let you have the knifes I just mentioned. Again, for the $ it’s a good blade. $11 here.

Jesse D. Shellum/U.S. Army says:

No, in America there is three versions

NicksonDixon says:

dont they make three version of the paraframe?cause i went to walmart and they had like three different types? please answer

Fortnite God says:

Have the same knife
And it’s mini

dustoff499 says:

This is actually a nice knife. If you use it in the manner it was meant for you’ll be satisfied for the little money you spent on it. For those that complain about the quality of the steel – get a sharpening stone; spend a few minutes sharpening it. Yes you can remove the clip, however you will not be able to place the screws back into the frame flush with the frame. Those clip screws, without the clip, are too long and hinder the folding operation of the knife. I was also able to bend and manipulate the clip to my needs without breaking which I liked.

NicksonDixon says:

thanks for answering my comment and great vid too 🙂

Billy Lynch says:

Found one in a parking lot last week, finally found out what it is. Only thing I don’t like is that the lock is kind of hard to push.

TheCoolStuffHD says:

I got mine at Target for $9.99

Barre Baby says:

I keep this knife in my Altoid can homemade EDC kit as a backup and it fits perfectly. Great knife!

Morgan Newman says:

I have a knife just like this one, but a lot more reliable. I tightened all of the frame screws once I got it

DoughboyD16 says:

legal in au since you can open with 2 hands

Sarcastic_ Taco says:

Man shit I was only 9 when I got this as a first knife I don’t know what my parents were thinking when they gave me this and I had stiches for half a month it was a 6 inch scar down the side of my arm

Weaponsandstuff93 says:

Cheers I look forward to seeing your video.

Nihilist says:

Taking this is illegal to carry in public? i might need it for going camping.

filipus toletus says:

focus, please

Weaponsandstuff93 says:

You could bend it out of place but not remove it.

Ethan 636 says:

I have the exact same knife as that

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