Higo No Kami Knife Review. A $20 hand made friction folder from Japan

The Higo No Kami is about as budget of a hand made knife you can buy. Reportedly these are all hand made by one knife maker in Japan. The Higonokami friction folding blade traces it’s roots back to 1896, and it seems to be made in the same traditional way. My review covers the basics of this classic pocket knife. So I hope you can watch it.

You can buy the XL version here: http://amzn.to/2yDNFI0
The Medium version here: http://amzn.to/2AKcfrV
Small version: http://amzn.to/2zGa2Qd

The Higonokami story: http://amzn.to/2zGa2Qd

Video about the maker: https://vimeo.com/2056875

Steel thread: https://www.bladeforums.com/threads/higonokami-blade-steel.1356966/


Rebuswind says:

well…I have them as well…I like to sharpen it since it feels like a small sword. there is a higo knife from rockstead knife…also made in Japan, much better centering..and only about 100 times more expensive…should check that out some day

Daffa Wiratama says:

i think the tab can be used as a pry bar, i think

Levon says:

The edge these things take are freakin terrifying

ropes channel says:

What’s your favorite ongoing Tv show?

M3RRIH3W13 says:

The legend of one very old man making these knives is a myth. There is a pdf called Higonokami Knife by Dr. Rudolf Dick (not kidding) that shows the 3 families and the process of making the knife. This knife is my favorite folder. It’s not modern or a workhorse of blade, it just has that imagery of a blade master making knives in the tradition of his great grandfather.
Love your channel, you can love knives without getting too serious about it. If you can baton with a folder, you can be pretty sure that it’s a well-made knife.

dfcvda says:

and legal in UK!

Joshua MacDonald says:

I picked up one of these a number of years ago from lee valley. They sold it as a carving knife. It is not durable enough for an every day pocket knife (atleast mine is not) I love carbon steel knives like my mora but I have come to the conclusion that a dailey beater should be stainles and doulble bevel. I do like the price point and just looking at it sharpens it to a razor. I buy alot of knives for under $100 and for $20 There are almost no knives you can get as sharp. (Accept again mora lol)

Eddie King says:

“I’m turning Japanese I really think so” Off to Amazon:-)

Charlie Doyle says:

Better to be a warrior in a garden than a gardener in a war.

nunyafuckinbizniz says:

Your depressing and your attempts at humour fail.give a proper review and i would like your videos but way to depressed

Steve Kluver says:

So you’re saying. If it arrives with blue specks on the handle. To send it back. Right? Which has nothing to do with the blue paper blade.

Rush says:

Am I the only one that hasn’t had any bennchmade quality issues?

real metis says:

he go no call me lol

T Less says:

what kind of boots are those?

Eric Kidwell says:

So “blue paper steel” is a “super steel” that was a joint venture between the US and Japan in WWI … Ok, got it!! Now I’m off to talk smack on all the blade forums I can find!! Take that internet!

John Tedichwon says:

Gotta love these for it’s custom novelty rustic japanese factor. Steel is quite hard for something this cheap, which is pretty rare. Something future advancemhalen bro will have to think about is slapping on a mirror polish on it, he would have mastered that by then and would get a kick out of shaving with one, just so he can cosplay as Murray Carter for halloween.

Silent Thunder Ordnance says:

Hitachi I believe is the company that makes the steel. Either way “blue steel” or “blue paper steel” refers to the literal paper wrapping the steel comes in. Same with Japanese “white steel” or “white paper steel.” This blue steel should be the same as the blue steel Spyderco has used in sprints on some of their Japanese made knives.

Mike Sharratt says:

I love your sense of humor. Keep it up!!!!!!!

Kaikki Meni says:

日本の金属は素晴らしいです。はい、日本語を話すことができる!I always try to add higonokami to my amazon basket, but at europe you only find opinels with free shipping 😛

mythrol says:

That’s a cool little knife for what it is and at an impulse buy level price.

Buck Pucker says:

I bought one of these last year..Amazon sent me a box of 10!

- - says:

In my opinion the application of a recurve blade would have made for an even more effective finger guillotine. Do better Seisakusho-san.

korling99 says:

I really enjoy your comments – there are ultra runner comedians, now we have a legitimate knife comedian – Cheers!

lowwkey91 says:

Knife review along with some WW1 History. Well done Knife Bro!

Ringing Steel says:

How about a review on boulevard’s entire line of beers where you drink them all in one sitting? Ok I just wanna see how hysterical these could get if you’re completely hammered.

Remove Kebab says:

Sorry buddy i’m gonna have to invalidate this review since you didn’t baton with it.

Gary Dioquino says:

Are you wearing iron ranger?

Steve Lewis says:

Looks cool but can you baton with it 😉

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