Kershaw Showtime Assisted Opening Speedsafe Pocket Knife Review ( 8Cr13MoV, 3 inch)

Need a brand new folding pocket knife? The Kershaw Showtime fits the bill for a compact every day carry knife. It’d be a great EDC for work or for the office. Of course, if you want to take it camping, hiking, or fishing that’s cool too.

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Taimanov says:

any idea on a release/back in stock date?

John Tedichwon says:

I like bigger knives too, so I’m in your camp. If you ever come across something from BDZ1 like the Blur I think you’ll like it. I prefer the Sandviks but that one’s not bad either.

The cqc-4KXL which is not that XL for our standards it’s more like an Endura length I think you’ll enjoy it too, you’ll get to try the wave which will prompt you to maybe ziptie everything you own in an attempt to wave everything.

Raychristofer says:

Bro you gotta cut it out, I was so busy laughing about the saulsbury comment. I missed like the next 30 seconds of video. That’s really cool that Kirshaw sent you a blade to review it means you’re doing everything right. Your reviews have so many Nuggets in them. I can watch them several times and still not get it all. Keep it up, bro catch you later.

The chosen 1 says:

Sarcasm that would make Nutnfancy laugh

Max Verellen says:

haven’t seen any of your other videos, but I’m subscribing on the merits of this one. good work.

mikedifeo says:

Great review, didn’t even notice the Madonna comments, LOL……………….But Salisbury steak, NOPE, New York Prime or Porterhouse all the way. I think Madonna might be fond of Salisbury steak, Hahaha

Blue Mountain Bushcraft and Outdoors says:

I rather like the design and aesthetic of that knife. I’d prefer some 154cm, D2 or S30V (or even the elusive Durex steel) but then I guess it would sell for $50.

David Logan says:

nice review, thanks.

Marco Rodriguez says:

Us made China , Canada , Mexico ?

lowwkey91 says:

Nice review although I am not crazy about the ascetics of this knife. Picked up a Kershaw Blur recently for my son that I do really like

shoulderbone3899 says:

OMG did you steat prepared 101’s shed?

FlyBaby says:

A good looking knife. Too bad its made of all steel and is a little smaller than I like.

Doğu says:

sexy Madonna reference.


Fantastic Kershaw!

SailfishSoundSystem says:

I wish Kershaw would give the option of Speedsafe or not on each of their models. I don’t like Speedsafe personally because the torsion bar can break. I’ve also had issues with my Kershaw link, which I’m selling because the torx screws they used on it strip if you look at them sideways. I can take apart all my folders except for that one and it makes me angry like Clint Eastwood when people scrap on his lawn.

12gaugebleachdrinker says:

Switchblade – Literally a button that is not a part of the actual blade that is pressed/manipulated to open the knfie.
“Speedsafe”/Assisted Opening – User has to actually touch the blade (via thumb stud, hole ala Spyderco, or flipper) to open the knfie.

Shitty laws were written with “pressing a button” or “opening without touching the blade” or something along those lines. That’s why we get to have these cool speedsafe/assisted opening knives.

Fun fact, a state governor recently just gave back people the right to purchase and own “Switchblades,” but NOT if there is a button to close the blade. Blade has to be closed under tension. So MicroTech ‘fully auto’ style (button open, button close) are still illegal, but “half auto” button open, pull extra handle/push into wood to close – totally legal. Makes sense doesn’t it? (It doesn’t)

Bruce McIntyre says:

Because I am all the time getting knives and what have you, my arm is starting to look like I have the mange from shaving patches of it to test the sharpness of the blade. Do you know of a product that facilitates arm-hair growth, so that I am not subject to scorn and ridicule? Also, do you know of any other area that I can shave, in an effort to test the keenness of my knives, or is my arm the only accepted area to shave? Thank you for your legendary expertise. etc

kevin lin says:

Saw your thread on BF so i came over to check the review out, you’re hilarious and informative! Looking forward to seeing more of your video! BTW do you think this knife could be de-assisted?

T Less says:

best knife reviews…hands down.

Yogi Lilly says:

now for a knife that in vogue, strike a pose, there is nothing to it….
the song was the number 1 single in 1990…
what’s the chances the 1955 Showtime will be the 2016 blade buy of the year like the 1555 Kershaw Cryo was for 2012.

same price point, same blade steel, both steel handles, both drop point, both frame lock with speed assist 3 inches or under….

if nothing else should make one of best buy/value in the $30/under group.
like the cryo, should appreciate the lighter weight showtime. (lower the curtain)

Bulasturu Bula says:

It’s freaking beautiful… I had some bad experience with 8cr13mov with CRKT (too soft compared to sandvik) and i never successfully sharpened it.. But maybe i just suck, and that gorgeous knife definitly makes me wanna give another try to that steel…

Eddie King says:

Watching this review made me feel like a virgin cutting for the very first time. Sorry, couldn’t help myself.

1pdigit says:

Dear god, did i just see the word china on the blade?

Andy Moon says:

Nice Vid! Well done, and fun to watch.

Ronnie Durbin says:

The last Kershaw I bought was the Cryo. I’m a Kershaw fan and I really liked the looks of the Cryo and wanted the knife to be a good edc choice, but alas, it was just too heavy for its size. I checked the weight on the Showtime and it’s pretty close to that of the Cryo, so I think that it’s going to have the same problem…too heavy. I’m no fanatic about weight in a knife, but the Cryo just wasn’t for me and I ended up giving it away, an almost unheard of occurrence. I’ll probably pass on the Showtime.

Ronnie Durbin says:

By the way, thanks for keeping your reviews short. The first paving stone on the road to prolixity was laid when YouTube did away with the 10 minute rule.

TrUeItWaFfLez says:

So if I send you my knives you’ll do funny reviews about them?

chibraxial says:

Sexy looking knife but…. flipper only = sux.

Dan Bartolucci says:

the ending. perfect.

Val FkCommies says:

Love the sarcasm, buddy.

Cris Crisler says:

I own the knife and like it. You presented it true to what it is, a stylish EDC blade with a 57 Chevy sort of look.

alxra says:

1 and only madonna bogey issued. Keep up the good work.

Bullpup92 says:

Why are you so goddamn funny?

Dan Bartolucci says:

the ending. perfect.

GunCollector007 says:

I like it, ordered one just now

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