Kershaw Westin Pocket Knife Review with Speed Safe Assisted Opening.

The Kershaw Westin is a knife deisgned by Les George and inspired by the character Michael Westin from Burn Notice. What is Burn Notice about, I’m not sure- but it’s responsible for this knife. In this review I make some jokes, wax poetic about the Speed Safe assited opening, and talk about stuff that may or may not interest you. If you like this knife… cool man. Thanks for watching!

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Tony Dunne says:

Michael Westin wasn’t a firefighter. He was a CIA operator. Just an FYI. Great review. Just ordered the knife. 🙂

Jim Hebrank says:

Nice! The stainless steel lock side is attractive, the show side is kinda bland, but they balance each other out. It looks a little like the Ferrite but hey not all Kershaws look alike, just some of them.

peter muchko says:


God of Thunder says:

maybe when they say asymmetrical grind they are talking about the grind on the spine of the blade?

Invigilium says:

My wife hates when I watch knife review videos, you made her laugh. Consider me subscribed.

Greg J says:

Awe! I’m still cool in your books! Fiction or non fiction tho…

Average Joe says:

Fun review as always. I purchased one of these and promptly lost it…
I couldn’t stand not having it. I looked for it for 3 or 4 weeks and then ordered another. I don’t usually reorder a knife this fast but I really missed it.
It is one of my favorite under $100.00 knives. I did not get to use it near enough so if I find a problem I will let you know.

ComUnSas says:

So, I guess the much-anticipated follow-up videos ‘Ten weird ways your Ganzo sucks’ and ‘Ha! Ha! Spydercos are cheaper over here’ have been put on indefinite hold then?

Matt G says:

You crack me up.

maram Ovidiu says:

What did that cardboard do to you? Why do you hate it so much? My town you put plastic and metal in the yelow bin…..

Jerome Hawkins says:

Oh… you’ll be so happy when you don’t have to slice down those type of boxes ever again… talk to ya in about what? 4-6 years eh…nice review btw…

Josh Lewis says:

so.. I’m not a Jedi and have no force. can I still use this knife?

Spectre says:

vs the venerable kershaw skyline?

William Rainone says:

I love my Kershaws. I have several Leeks, Cryo, Volt SS, and the Volt 2. The Speedsafe is consistent and reliable across the board.

Dezi Johnson says:

awesome… stud

BigDog04 says:

“funny like a clown?”; Nice vid and GF reference!

lowwkey91 says:

Hate it when I have a problem in my pants

Dick Cornish says:

I wish you would have said the price or left a link to the knife in the description.

Heather Knight says:

Wife: “Why don’t you ever do a video showing a knife cutting up some of these frigging boxes?”

Raychristofer says:

What’s going on AKB? Been a while since I seen you review a Kershaw blade. Does this mean you’re going all Hollywood on us? If so I’m not mad at ya. You have me laughing, too hard about the U tube being a job thing. My wife asked me, something similar, the other day. LOL. I probably told you this before, but you really ought to do writing for TV sitcoms or movies . You’re just mental enough to be good at it.

Taylor says:

Haha burn notice, fuck that show. Bruce Campbell should have been the main character

OldGabe says:

What do you mean I’m funny?

Louis MacLean says:

I feel like this knife review was directed by Wes Anderson. I love it.

Old Ben says:

Have you check out the Kershaw Link from House of Blades? S35VN made in USA for $80.

SteelBearingHand says:

“Smaller and all metal like Lemmy.”

GamingWessel says:

Cool, thanks!

3danman says:

Hey look, another Kershaw that I would buy if it wasn’t assisted

intogear says:

Nice Work…thanks for your effort…gave me a grin!

leadsled213 says:


GunCollector007 says:

Looks great, Kershaw makes awesome knives.

william jc says:

reminds me of the thermite with a different blade.

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