Knife Review : CardSharp 4 (Credit Card Knife) BIG Upgrades & BIG Price Change!


SkyBoundFightet says:

Since you know alot about steel, how good is 404 steel

Dan Rella says:

They discontinued it

Jeremy Voels says:

I had the old version the black one it sucks I had that blade pop out a lot

BlitzOP says:

CardSharp. More like CardSlightlyDull

KytrixiM says:

It’s this legal in schools (self-defend) ? (Just asking)

Philipp B says:

this is mich better than my Version 2, however I don’t feel like spending 65 bucks on the Version 4 tho

stonebagel says:

you say ok alot. Very honest though.

Dank Steam says:

I literally just bought the old one for $1.70 on ebay 2 hours ago

Seth Murphy says:

these are nice I have my own

J-Hood says:

y where they discontinued?

thEmAddrshOck says:

I’ve been ripped off three times over this knife by the the official US destributor, Sinclair itself and Optics Planet. Frankly, I think they MAYBE produced 100 of these things and that was it. I just wanted it for a fun thing to play with, but all three companies never responded to multiple inquiries about my order. How the hell you got one blows my mind.

Haas Gibson says:

the new version is worth like 20 bucks

Ayden Rayner says:

$90 ,can I have your old one?

ThunderDevilGamer TV says:

i got a credit card knife for $1 at ebay

flyingvish says:

you can get the plastic ones for 50 cents from china, for 50 cent it is a pretty good buy

Crispy Chris says:

Or you could go on amazon

Phil Jones says:

stupid lee not safe

Gold for life Dude says:

Were did you get it

TJ Michael says:

thanks for saving me the time and money

Dennis Peadero says:

Anyone that pays more than $20 for ANY kind of credit card knife deserves EXACTLY what they are getting. HAHAHAHA.

Jay N says:


Miguel angel Martinez Rojas says:

I got the original one on Amazon for 2.99

SkyBoundFightet says:


ExportJaguar - says:

Theirs are robbery around my house before and my mum sister sister2 has a piggy over 900,000

knives and Blades says:

hey I do knife review’s to check it out “Knifes and Blades”

Xanime 1st says:

I would probably bring this to school

FATshadow says:

Hmm. Do I want a Spyderco Delica or a gimmick?

whatarewedoing says:

420 is a bad rating? so what would be a good one?

Piru 1700 says:

I brought 1 of these inside of a concert stabbed 2 ppl

Çelik Adam says:

Hello guys, how can ı buy new one?

Rashad Williams says:

For that price it better cut heads

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