Knife Review: Ganzo G724M Budget Folding Axis Lock Pocket Knife

In this review I compare the 2015 model Ganzo G724 to a Spyderco Endura 4. It’s an awesome budget knife for survival, hunting, EDC, camping, or hiking that’s under $15. It comes in orange, black, and green. You can get from Fasttech for under $20.

Check out my blog post on this.


MisterSir says:

does anyone know is GANZO will be releasing a FRAME or LINER lock version of this design ??? !!

I need it .

Joe P says:

I watch way too many knife review videos.  I have to say this one was refreshingly different in style and very much worth the while.  Thanks much.

mikedifeo says:

Great review. I like it with one exception, the logo kid of looks like the communist logo and I am afraid that if I get one people might think I voted for Obama, HAHAHAAAAAAAAA.On a serious note, been looking at his one and the 727. I think for another $4 I am going to go for the 727. I like the RAT style look on it.


did they just redesign the g720

Tony Canniffe says:

Sweet boots bro!

M. Rasyad Bisma Wiratara says:

Hello Advanced Knife Bro, it Might A Repeat question .

But what is your favorte and good ganzo that youre owning ? beside the new carbon 753
Looking for a reasonably Cheap but decent ganzo, that i wont affraid to torture 🙂


MisterSir says:

is there a smaller version that is either line lock or frame lock ???

I’ve seen one somewhere but can’t see ont he buying sites??!

Сергей Гонар says:

nice rewiew, thanks

everydayjonny says:

You’re awesome, man. Had me cracking up. I’ll definitely be back for more videos, wish I knew about your channel sooner.

millwrightman99 says:

Ganzo knives are great value & excellent cutting tools .Spyderco are great innovators but are priced for serious collectors , even though I have succumb to the fever and bought a couple , a Delica and an Endura .(the lure was too great to abstain )
Like trying to be celibate on a desert island full of Hot models , while the wife is supposedly at Home waiting for your rescue ?
I think of ganzo as the Craftsman tools compared to Snap on tools .
You can dismantle your engine with either , but some guys love to brag about their tools , and what a great design the tools are .
Its all true ,however do you really need to drive a Rolls Royce to pick up grocery at Walmart ?
A Chevy is easier to own , repair and nobody will try to steal it .
I have bought about half dozen Ganzo knives and they never cease to amaze me , I have one of their new Firebird models on order & will be my daily carry for quite some time .
You are a competent reviewer !
Keep on trucking with more videos dude .

Soli Deo Gloria says:

“Or for conducting a really METAL symphony…” Best comment in a blade review ever. So glad there was no coffee in my mouth during that part!

RøβєяŦ R๏ƙɨ F. says:

Wow, your cam rec is kinda PRO, looks great!

Oblivion Tactical says:

Check out the ganzo 727m. Take paramilitary 2, mix it with a rat 1, and throw in an Axis Lock. winning!

Advanced Knife Bro says:

I agree Pedro. Some people prefer a lighter knife, so the milled liner would help. And I prefer the feel of G10 scales over FRN too.


I seem to have a habit of carrying this knife compared to the rest of my Ganzo’s!

Iwalktheline says:

cool video, keep up

Eddie King says:

Love the rolled up pant cuffs. An omage to the 50’s.

Tony Canniffe says:

Sweet denim bro!

Patrick Richard says:

You mentioned the handle is made of FRN. Had to look that up, since that’s my first time hearing that: Fiberglass Reinforced Nylon, a.k.a. Zytel. Just assumed it was another term for G10. WRONG. Different material with different properties and cheaper to manufacture, yet also contains fiberglass like G10. Learned something new again from one of your videos 🙂 Just recently got my G724M, and to me the feel does seem less “grippy” than G10. Supposedly it’s at least as tough and strong. I’m still very happy with it. Keep up the good work with your non-tabletop reviews!

Woodsmans Finest says:

dude I like your style… in a totally ´hey that was a nice video´ kinda style… lol! stop by my channel if you feel like! cheers

Mike Jones says:

Easily the most entertaining and well shot review I’ve seen. Definitely subbed for future videos, cant wait!

Dave Maez says:

I love the fact that Ganzo has decided to embed this review directly on their product page. Nice work!

Pangolin14 says:

Funny and informativ, great video! New sub.

GunCollector007 says:

Great review. Just ordered one.

BirdShot IV says:

lol awesome intro!

PjotrStroganov says:

Your review convinced me to get this model as my next Ganzo. Not dissapointed. It’s really comfortable to hold and the bit of heft it has makes ti feel sturdy as heck. Thanks for the great review.

Ronnie Durbin says:

What’s all this reference to butter, when discussing opening smoothness in knives? Who thought that one up? It always sounds messy to me and not something I want to visualize when contemplating opening a knife. How about “silky smooth” or “smooth as silk” or “silken”?


Excellent review. I have this knife, among others Ganzo . I think it’s very good EDC , a great success of Ganzo . They will sell many units.

Hjalty nec says:

Awesome rewiev! Great work

TheDallasdeadeye says:

im more of a benchmade 551 guy myself, but i have some of these g724s on order, but you know that slow boat from china is killing me. cant wait to get one in hand. great vidyo by the way.

David D says:

Great video!  What brand of boots are those by the way?

fraudioc says:

one of the most enjoyable knife review I ever seen. The only one I ever watched ALL from beginning to end. I bought this exact knife thanks to your review, Ganzo must sent you knives for free. Thanks mate 😉

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