Knife Review : Ganzo G727M (Axis Lock Rat-1 For $15)


Jörg Schaefer says:

Ganzo G727M-W1 Knife
Pretty damn good price on this site. It’s for 12.69 USD with coupon code: 727MGB
I hope it will be useful!

Blue and Maize 90 says:

is there a ganzo that’s 3 inches or smaller? Michigan laws

Adrian Eyre says:

way better than the original and that’s the truth no two ways about it . i don’t go for names because they’re just names.

Mister Bear says:

If only they made the rat 2…

TheKimjoh560 says:

A pretty straight forward knife. I have several. I don’t hate it but it’s nothing special and neither is the original. Quality wise it matches up to the high standards of rest of the Ganzo models, which can be said about all the ganzos really.

mister smith says:

I have the same model in black. I broke the spring in by holding it open then sliding two steel stems in to hold it back every day. Also, I sat every night watching TV constantly flipping the knife in and out till my wife had enough. Eventually, I broke the knife in and the FAKE access lock is as good as the REAL access lock on my Benchmade knife. This is my daily city EDC knife. The reason I didn’t buy the Rat knife is because I do not buy liner lock knives.

Chris Elliott says:

I haven’t got any of my knives from gearbest yet

Jason Clark says:

You’re nobody in China until someone has copied you.

Phafanapolis says:

I like your recommendation to pass it up. So rarely do I run across anybody who has anything negative to say, it’s nice to hear. Everything is always saying it’s “amazing” and a “must buy.” Don’t stop, Jeff. Keep the videos coming.

nikolas macalma says:

I’d have to argue that the knife performs better than the rat-1 being that the steel, in my experience carrying both, held a better edge. also, the axis lock did wear down over time and use to the point where it felt exactly like a Benchmade axis lock. also, i had no blade play on my knife. i think the problem with this knife, or company in general, is consistency…

drengskap says:

All the Ganzo axis lock knives I’ve seen are fully ambidextrous, and as a lefty this is a significant factor in my purchasing decisions. Other knife companies (CRKT and Schrade, I’m looking at you) should take note!

Javier Pacheco says:


Raiyuk says:

I think its an improvement over the original and I got an orange version for a third of the price of a Rat 1. If you want a $15 pocket knife I really don’t think anyone could be disappointed with this one.

Adam Smith says:

Rat 1 pretty inexpensive too isn’t it

sic22l says:

It’s not a fake axis lock. It’s a genuine axis lock with mediocre execution (altough you can adjust the spring). Benchmade’s patent expired and now everyone can make a knife with an axis lock.

go suck 1 says:

I have a gerber knife like this and I love it

Alex Stark says:

Does he work for Benchmade? Lol

James Ritchie says:

It’s not 440c.  Technically, it’s not 440 at all.  It’s a Chinese approximation of 440a.  They add a hint of vanadium, and call it 440c.  It’s nowhere close to 440c.  As for the knife, it’s either worth the price, or it isn’t, and this is completely independent of what you know.  You don’t really think the Rat-1 was some innovative giant, do you?  It copied other knives just as much, or more, than this knife copied it.  Now, I wouldn’t give an old dollar for all the Ganzo knives in the world, all the Rat-1 knives in the world, and all the tactical style Benchmade knives in the world.  They’re all just fancy box cutters that are complete useless for any kind of real knife work.   That said, what on earth do you think the value of capitalism is?  It does not lie in the three hundred dollar item only a few can afford, it lies in the fact that good business means other can make cheaper versions of that item, and competition means there’s always a race to see who can do anything the  cheapest, so even the poorest people in the system can own something very similar to what the rich own.  If you have the money, you’re free to get the three hundred dollar version, which will probably have a extra bell, two extra whistles, and a prettier face, but you don’t say anything bad about the one hundred and fifty dollar version made for the middle class, or the ten dollar version made for the Walmart poor.   No one is getting ripped off.  To the contrary, everyone is getting the best version of the item that they can afford.   It’s a good deal all around.

Sergio Valladares says:

I can see it’s been it’s been a while since anyone commented on this model, as the later generation of Ganzos, the Firebird series, is sleeker, smoother, etc. In my experience, the Ganzo piston lock does take a little time to break in, but once so, that lock is smooth as butter, and I speak from experience, as I own a few Ganzo models with that style lock. I truly think you just don’t spend nearly enough time with a knife to give it a fair review.

SunWalker says:

i have the camo version and it’s a great knife and not only because of it’s price.

Tylor G says:

Mine just developed up-down blade play. I wonder what went wrong. Probably the stop pin is bent.

SuperSpitfire1999 says:

ganzo’s 440c with their heat treat is far better than Ontario’s aus-8. compare their edge retention and ease of sharpening. also you can make the axis lock much better by just taking it apart and adjusting the springs. but hey if you don’t want to spend $30 on a rat don’t feel bad spending half the price on this ganzo its not bad at all

duke togo says:

the axis lock I mine was tight when I broke it in worked great. And your to tough on ganzo/firebird

dale carpenter says:

I just got a g727 .already fix the springs .
The g727 inst a copy of the Ontario rat 1 its showing Ontario how the rat 1 should have been built .the g727 is better than the rat 1 .
But they couldnt put and axis lock on the rat1 because of patents .or does benchmade still have the patent .patents are for 20 yrs .hasnt it been 20 yrs ?
The g727 is better or as good finish and fit as well .
Ganzo 440c has been tested and is better edge holding that aus8 .

dale carpenter says:

I got the rat 1 because it was highly recommended .now i need some one to recommend a good place to get stitches in my thumb .

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