Knife Review : Stat Gear “Pocket Samurai” (Tiny Ti Framelock)


Skywarp 41 says:


Robert Briggs says:

I was about to go grab one. But for $40 I would expect to get two or three of them.

TheMawsJawz TM says:

Why haven’t I seen this until now?

Perpetual Bullet says:

Nice knife

Danny Carreiro says:

Hey Jeff, love your vids. Can you suggest, or show us a good torx set for adjusting the different sized pivot screws, pocket clips etc.? Thz

Steven Kim says:

I wouldn’t take it even if somebody gave it to me.

Richard Mcginnis says:

how much are those?

David Silva says:

I own a microtech utx-70…
So I’m totally willing to pay 40 bucks for a tiny knife lol

Airic B says:

I’ll buy it from you if you want to sell it.

Rod Belding says:

I like the looks of that knife, but for 40 dollars no way. I agree with you, price is too much.

Zach Bolles says:

Jeff! you need to check out hand spinners if you haven’t already. Totally up your ally!

Adrian Garcia says:

Can you make a video of the best keychain knives? If you haven’t already of course

Nate The Great says:

Fricken adorable…little knife big price….that’ll open some mail up like nobody’s business!

The Tarrasque says:

Anyone know of a full-size knife like this? like, a 4-6 inch blade?

MaZEEZaM says:

Would this cut through zip ties?

Gummy Bear says:

dont like the tanto tip if it was drop point

Rompastompa71 says:

need to make a larger version at same price

Badman Oorah says:

If this knife made by Microtech, the price would be 200+ buck + you will to buy the proprietary tool to maintain the knife, that could ended up 300+ buck, lol.

Sam Lemke says:

Get a Higonokami. Solid construction, similar size, virtually identical design, better steel and you can get them for less than the half the price. No lock on a higonokami but with a blade that size, you won’t use it for anything strenuous that requires a lock.

Gun God556 says:

Cool blade! I would pay $40 for it if it was twice the size.

GloriousButt says:

Wish it was a bit bigger/longer

Infinite access 560 says:


Madmick1978 says:

Jeff , thanks for bringing this to my attention I got my dealer in the uk to stock these , but regarding price $£8 ,they are £38 in the uk , so you ain’t got that bad at all , we get raped with import tax duties etc.

Texas Raised817 says:

I’d pay 40$ if it was a standard size folder not a key chain knife

01NiceGuy says:

Can this pass security check at the airport?

The Ranting Hick says:

People make the weirdest shit…………

CB Fall says:

Very cool knife review but the price for it is ridiculous!!!!

Ryan Mason says:

Not sure this is legal in the UK but this is going to be my in my EDC anyways.

Thanks for showing this little beauty

Mickice says:

$40 is expensive but damn it’s cute.

Ed H says:

Jeff, I just saw you on the Science Channel.

Michael Lemay says:

I just bought one on Amazon for $20. It is the aluminum handle (with steel liners) liner-lock version. Still very nice.

Michael Daury says:

it would be real nice if it was alot bigger

4NHK0 says:

damn, if only it was NOT hollow grind

Ian Snyder says:

I know lots of other people have said this, but….. It looks nice, but that’s not much knife for $40.

Tristan Heath says:

There’s a titanium version ($40) and an aluminum one ($20) and it comes in red, blue, purple, green, and some more colors.



knives save lives says:

Super cool!

DSNugent91 says:

they made a aluminium version, but I’m still going for the titanium.

Derek Neumann says:

My Mom has that same tablecloth!

Tyler Woolstenhulme says:

Yeah…. For that price you can get the TwoSun TS20, its basically a full size version of this on bearings and D2 steel

Palmetto Z71 says:

I would pay 20 max

dank woofer says:

I have a knife that was passed down from my great grandpa that has never been sharpened but is still razor sharp after like 80 years this baffles me does anyone have an answer for me?

waxCelebration says:

Too bad they don’t send them to Sweden..

Clem Fandango says:

s35v model with Ally liner. $25. plz thx

EDC says:

I like the design of the knife, but I’m not sure I like the pocket clip to overall-size ratio.

Blech says:

I’d GLADLY pay $40 for this lil knife. It’s just my size and style, just remove the shit pocket clip.

Erdna Not says:

genji’s keychain

mikekachowski says:

im homosexual.

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