MTech Golden Knife Review

MTech Golden Knife Review
Hey Reviewers! I decided to do a review on my new golden ballistic knife. This video was not sponsored, and the knife was bought with my own money. *CORRECTION — The knife blade is steel, NOT titanium*
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Ellen Ward says:

I can’t seem to get my knife closed? any ideas?

影圣 影圣 says:

how much is it cost?

Logan Saul says:

First of all this isn’t titanium and second you should know m tech is a very cheap brand and it won’t be durable if it can’t hold and edge your “ridges” is called a serrated edge and clearly your knife isn’t sharp a quality knife should cut through card board with no issue at all, you really just don’t know knives sorry

KiddLangTV says:

Nice review! I really enjoyed it I’m thinking of buying this knife.

keegan little Little says:

This kid knows nothing about knifes!!!!

ItsEpicXD says:

Dude you could use the window breaker on someones head

GD Kierman99 says:

Nice review 🙂

Liam Miller says:

Good job thx

Flipoff Fishing says:

they are no made in the USA. They are “designed” in the US but “hand crafted” in China.

Kawshik K says:

does the gold chip off?

Zeus Carter says:

I could’ve sworn Tac Force did this also

logan denis says:

“ridges” XDXDXDXD

twilightzone39 says:

It’s not titanium. It’s cheap stainless steel. The finish is some kind of “titanium coating”

Caden 443 says:

He knows nothing about knifes learn it before you say it

Kevin871 says:

Y’all gotta stop hating on him please just sad thinking some sick people want to hate on a kid completely retarded hey bro keep doing what your doing what you’re doing don’t stop bro

Unka Boy says:

How can you take it out of the coating like in the thumbnail

logan denis says:

Yeah you could ONLY cut paper and cardboard with that thing

Force Gaming says:

My knife won’t close any help?

luke whatever says:

it is not all titanium the blade is stainless steal

Dickhead says:

“100% titanium”

twilightzone39 says:

Also use paper to test the sharpness. Cardboard is stiff and sort of supports itself while it’s being cut so it sort of falsifies the feeling of sharpness. With paper, it doesn’t support itself so it will give you a better idea (not an accurate or perfect test) of how sharp it is. Just remember that if it really is sharp it will make a clean cut (no burrs or jagged edges on the paper) and it will cut cleanly no matter how slowly or quickly you pass the knife through the paper.

Reagan's Knife Reviews says:

Please dont waste your precious 8 bucks on this garbage. If you want one substantially better, buy the Tac-force speedsster model TF-858

logan denis says:

You obviously know NOTHING about knives

Pierced From Within says:

that’s called a pocket clip, not a belt buckle?… good lord.

Centrix says:

is it a gravity knife?

Clorox Bleach says:

I had this knife already and was looking for the bottle opener, thanks for the help

Braderz Robinson says:

You shouldn’t have this you don’t know anything about it besides its a knife that “wood cutter” is meant to cut barbered wire you shouldn’t be playing with a extremely dangerous knife like this

cas says:

um .. that’s not titanium

Hartej Girn says:

how much was it with shipping please reply getting it soon


I purchased my first m-tech knife. It is amazing

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