My Daily Carry – Kershaw Cryo II Pocket Knife Review – Blade Perfection

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Today Luke is reviewing the Kershaw Cryo II Pocket Knife which happens to be his knife of choice (daily carry) for many reasons.

Razor Sharp
Easy to Sharpen

Link :

Price : $30.96 –

Weight : 5.5oz –
I don’t remember how long ago it was, a number of years, a viewer sent me this knife and it has been in my pocket ever since. It’s likely that there are a million videos on this knife out there as it has been on the market for some time but I thought that I would share with you all what I personally carry.

· SpeedSafe® assisted opening
· Frame lock, lockbar stabilizer
· Flipper and thumbstud
· 4-position deep-carry pocketclip (tip-up/tip-down; left/right)
· Steel: 8Cr13MoV, titanium carbo-nitride coating
· Handle: 410 stainless steel, titanium carbo-nitride coating
· Blade length: 3.25 in. (8.3 cm)
· Closed length: 4.4 in. (11.1 cm)
· Overall length: 7.75 in. (19.7 cm)
· Weight: 5.5 oz. (155.9 g)

Lanyard hole

Quality : The Cryo 1 is a good knife but it has always felt a bit small to me. The Cryo 2 is perfect in my opinion and it has enough weight to feel substantial. Not too heavy, not too light. I personally wouldn’t want to go any heavier than this. I like the gray titanium color. The blackwash version of this knife is around $5 more expensive but it does look good.

Blade : Out of the box, very sharp. Thanks to the steel, it is also easy to sharpen which I have had to do a number of times over the years. The back of the blade isn’t capable of throwing sparks. The coating does not flake or peel off. I have used this on many apples without issues. The worst that I have heard happens with the coating is that it rubs off or fades over time. The sharpening angle is 18 – 22 degrees. Kershaw offers free lifetime sharpening.
The blade has withstood all of the abuse which I have put it through;
Cutting, wood work, rope cutting, weedeater string, wire cutting, screwdriver work, wire cutter, and everything else.
The steel is good, not the best but it shouldn’t be for the price.
Budget Chinese steel
Hallow Grind on the blade.
Blade is perfectly centered
Never had an issue with locking or unlocking.
No play play – no wiggle
Wipes open due to a spring; excellent speed
Excellent balance

Opening : Exceptionally easy and satisfying!
Thumb stud hasn’t destroyed my pockets even after all of these years. That’s a testimate to the knife and to my pants. The thumbstud is next to the framelock for left handed users. Doable but not as elegant as the other side.

Grip : Excellent, no issues with slipping. Gimping on the blade is very usable. Handle: 410 stainless steel, titanium carbo-nitride coating

Gimping on top and bottom for control over the blade
Finger guard at the bottom;
The knife is thin.

Pocket Clip : Excellent quality and there are four positions with a torque bit
Doesn’t rip your pants up
Doesn’t fallout EVER

Issues : As far as mine goes, I haven’t had any with years of use. I have seen a constant complaint of breaking pocket clips.
This is an incredible bargain and I would easily purchase this knife again if I had to. I like this knife so much that if I had to pick one pocket knife, it would be this one. It’s sharp, strong, looks good, and it is fast! Concealable, good weight. All of these factors make for the best EDC knife that I have ever used. Very thin!

This is my edc blade. This is my backpacking knife. This is my secondary bushcraft knife.

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Butch Hill says:

Have alot of kershaws, they are great knives.

James Blake says:

I use to run the Cryo II and loved it as well but I was always curious about the Thermite. I bought a blackwashe Thermite and never looked back. Its lighter, bigger and more grippy with the G10 handle scale. It also carries deeper in your pocket.

DVBLUE Short says:

I threw mine away. It wouldn’t hold an edge and sharpening it was a pain. I really liked the weight and the ease of opening, but I didn’t like the body-lock

Andy Parrish says:

I carry the cryo as I prefer a blade just at or under 3″ but I find it to be too slick. I may try the g-10 version. Have you experienced any issues on that front. Probably the other one in that category is my kershaw link. A bit bigger but with a liner lock instead of the frame lock, I do like that difference. But it is still a bit on the slick side.

zoeyxander says:

Hey Luke, Nice review. I believe Kershaw does make knives in the USA as well as Japan and China. They have a 55,000 sq.ft. Facility in Tualatin, Oregon. They are a brand under the Kia USA Ltd. Group; Stand firmly behind their product warranty. Be safe. Zoey

Brian Follett says:

Dude , I love your videos , your always honest, down to earth , and enthusiastic about what your doing . I had the Cryo 2 few yrs ago, I edc’ed it for awhile , but at work I cut alot of cardboard and the 8cr steel couldn’t hold up. If they upgraded the steel to like D2 or S30V
I’d buy another one in a heartbeat. And holy crap ! You don’t know who Rick Hinderer is ? He is a great knife designer , the Cryo and Cryo 2 were both ahead of their time , as far as collaboration knives , thats why they where so popular when they came out .( IMO)

Dutch1722 says:

Too Heavy!!

Teddy Thefourth says:

I’ve been edcing that knife everyday for years. I use it so much I broke the spring and had to replace it (they sent me free springs). I would recommend this knife to anyone. I have a sharpening stone but am not that good at it. Would like a knife sharpening video.

Josh Outdoors says:

My personal EDC knife and I love it!

flashback5391 says:

So what is your primary Bushcraft knife? Love the channel btw.

Roy Mandrell says:

I love mine….I also have the smaller cryo , I use it for my EDC …as for the warranty .. Kershaw is amazing about warranty issues .. they also offer free lifetime sharpening ..also the pocket clip can be moved to either end of the knife..LOVE LOVE this knife!
Great review!

Wordsmyth8 says:

I think I have that exact same knife, except I might have the smaller, earlier version you mentioned. I like it a lot for city use, but for backpacking and camping, I like something a little beefier. My favorite knife is the Benchmade Mini-Barrage. That knife is super awesome and has a lightning-fast AXIS-Assist opening system similar to your Kershaw. Check that one out sometime, Luke.

ukg corky says:

hi mate always great videos but i have a question where and how do i get a good deal on self warming MREs Please it would be much apprieciated also im in the uk so any advice would be great thanks matey

Strive 2 Survive says:

Great looking knife Luke! Similar to my Kershaw Filter. Good stuff brother!

Dan outdoors says:

check out the filter

Papa Prep says:

This is my main knife that goes with me everywhere. I did have to tighten the blade screw on it after adding some Loctite due to it continually becoming loose. After that, no issues.

Oregon Bushcraft & outdoor channel says:

I bought a package deal knife set and I lobe the 8cr13mov steel. I have used both alot and you are right. When out in the field it is just so much easier to sharpen that steel and it even holds a fairly long time

scr1be says:

What sharpener do you use ?

Peyton Deife says:

I love the cryo, I’ve had mine for 3 or so years, I barely have to sharpen it and it’s perfect. But when I want something lighter and slimmer due to clothing or something I go with the kershaw chill, you should check it out, when you need something slim or light, it’s the way to go. $20 on amazon

Chuck Under Fire says:

Gotta go against you on one thing. This is my daily carry knife. It’s amazing. But it’s also my go-to for firesteel striking. It will DEFINITELY throw sparks without an issue and without any modification to the blade. Also… if the clip breaks somehow, call kershaw, they send another one out free of any charge. Best customer service I’ve ever seen.

Michael Fabian says:

I’ve been carrying this same exact Cyro II for 4 years now Luke, I absolutely LOVE IT! I’ve experienced NO issues with the pocket clip or anything else with the Cryo II. I recommend it to any and everyone who asks about EDC or just wanting a solid reliable knife and for $30 bones too!! Glad to see someone else out there singing the praises for the Cryo II and I’m glad its serving you well buddy. I do believe when I order my next Cryo I’ll be going with the Blackwash version

Kevin Thomas says:

I have that knife and it is a fantastic value as well as being an absolute workhorse. I also agree with you in that it is pushing the heavy side. The one thing I couldn’t get over and had to fix is the thumb stud. On my knife it kept catching the seam at the top of my pocket no matter if it was clipped in the front pocket or back pocket. I heated the thumb stud up using a soldering iron and removed it. Works like a charm now.

Keep up the fantastic work and keep the great videos coming.

TheOutdoorGearReview says:

The next overnight adventure should go live on Friday as long as everything goes to plan with Youtube, Google and the monetization. – Luke

mbrya012 says:

Love my cryo, a few people say it’s too heavy but I like the heft, I tend to lose the lighter blades.

Seahawk.Customs.Pc says:

For 54 dollars can buy the Buck Knife 722 Spitfire BOS S30V Steel amazing knife. Great review!

Lyle Tipple says:

That’s the knife I EDC also and yeah a very sturdy blade.

James Ellsworth says:

Good review from a real user of outdoor knives.

Ben Stone says:

I’ve had an almost identical model as my edc for a couple years now. Still works great!

40belowful says:

glad you like that knife 🙂 iam the one that sent it to you:)

Levi Thompson says:

I picked this up at Walmart a couple months ago. Absolutely love it. It’s my favorite knife I’ve ever bought & it accompanies my LCP 2 perfectly.

Larry Kramer says:

I prefer carbon steel for the usual reasons, but that is not important because the best knife for any person is the knife that he/she carries often and gets used to using. It is quite amazing how well the Chinese knives are made these days. I just wish that they would offer more steels than their awful 440 and the better CR13.

ThroatNotchingTrout ZZZ says:

Hey Luke. What happened to your British Army desert DPM smock, that you once previewed?? You sold it??? Or do you have a review coming on that too?? Just saw on in a pop up commercial :o)

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