NEW Old Pocket Knives – Modern Traditionals | Knife Banter Ep. 78

Zac and Kurt sit down the Jared Oeser to talk about modern traditional knives. Check out modern traditional knives here:

Knives in order of appearance:

Case Medium Stockman:

GEC Huckleberry Boys Knife:

Fallkniven LTC:

Kizer Zipslip:

Serge Knife Co. Production Bean Flipper:

James Brand Elko:

James Brand County:

Benchmade Proper:

MKM Burnley Fara:

Isham Blackstar:

J.E. Made Zulu:

J.E. Made New York Special:

Hinderer XM Slippy:

Chris Reeve Knives Impinda:

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иосиф зябликович says:

У него цены у этого ошера или как там невменяемые,ничем не обоснованные. Очередной распиареный мастер,не более. Когда я покупал Бренда я покупал ножи мастера с историей. Мартин раньше норм стоил. Сейчас этими “супермастерами”, типа этого в центре,с петушиной прической, без году неделя которым,завелен весь инстаграм. Яркий пример борка-ножики,которые лет 7-8 назад вызвали бы смех. Бесполезные, в руках стремные,очевидно,что рука слетит на клин. Но пиар марфионе и пр сделал свое дело. Так еще хз, кто эти ножи делает. Тот же тодд бегг-это реата. Но ценник 1500$+. Короче, есть еще нормальные мастера, но шлака по невменяемым деньгам гораздо больше.

Slick Slicers says:

Some nice knives there! I like good hand made traditional, but some of the older firms use ‘handmade’ to cover for shoddy, inconsistent fit and finish. It’s very disappointing , but your man, does good work, very good work!

Pat M says:

Got rid of Ben for his lack of knife charisma I see… couldn’t hide it after the viewer called him out lol

Steffen Fisker says:

Review DemolitionRanch and LunkersTV knives! And start selling em asap god damnit 😀

Pepper Shaker says:

Lets build a happy little cloud.
Lets build some happy little trees…

sean nobody says:

No Ruike L11?

Zebulun Stadler says:

Jared Oeser, or as i call him, knife world Chris Hemsworth

Henry Viera says:

I want my Ben back. Its not the same with out him

Timothy Miller says:

Tbh I have handled a few james brand knives and they were very underwhelming. For the price their fit and finish (not to mention materials) are very lackluster.

Casey Ames says:

Traditional is wayyyy prettier.

Marcus Hosmer says:

I would love to see a category on with a list of the knives from knife banter every week.

Jason’s underwater steak shop says:

Where tf is Ben ?

Steve Robinson says:

Sorry guys – putting me to sleep,,,, I’m going to grab a Red Bull and catch you on the next one

KurokiKaze666 says:

315 Bucks for the Hinderer Slippy?!??! Holy Moses you must be kidding?!? What is this made of? Pure gold and ivory?!?! Some knife makers really go crazy about their work these days…

Surago says:

Dudes got some cool knives but honestly I like the more simple designs of the production versions. I need to get a GEC.

Coffee Lord says:

BBB. Bring Ben Back!

Tony Gabriel says:

Great video but the Oeser “reverse sheep’s foot” with the blue scale is a beauty beyond belief … cannot believe anyone would find it objectionable!

Andreas Volland says:

Can you guys make a vidio on the brusletto knifes? Or some other norwegian knifes?

Brian Owens says:

Some of these knives are really nice However, traditional to me means bolsters with pins slip joint non flipper. Some of these are just modern knives with no lock No different than a Spyderco pen knife UK. Really the only variables on a traditional knife should be blade material handle material things like that just my opinion but you know what they say about opinions. This category should just be called modern slip joints. Modern traditional seems to me somewhat of an oxymoron. However this gentlemans knives are very very nice and close to the definition if there is one of modern traditional He seems to keep the tradition alive in his designs except for the persian although I would buy that knife in a second.

TheJagermeister917 says:

That Chris reeves slip is the biscuits!

TyRex 4152 says:


Josh Latta says:

Why does no one ever mention the Cold Steel Lucky series when talking about modern traditionals? Predates the Proper I believe, and features S35VN and full Carbon Fiber handles for a ridiculously low price. Having owned a Lucky One and a Proper, my pick is the Lucky One any day.

Jonathan Busuttil says:

This is a great video! I would love to see a video like this about modern friction folders!

Christopher Woo says:

Can you guys do a video on sog with a sog employer about there knives

Hunter wolfe says:

The Koch tools hornet is an awesome slipjoint

Vichay Bun says:

R.I.P. Ben!

Isaque Lopes Campello says:


Kris Boge says:

are you guys gonna do anything with lunkerstv and demolitions ranchs new skif knives?


Please don’t take this the wrong way. but the guy in the middle he is so boring a sorry I couldn’t watch the whole video…

Richard Mcginnis says:

i think i’ll stick to buying my knives at the estate sales where you can find a 60-70+ year old knife for a buck take it home find out since it was never used its worth 90 bucks now so you put it to use and everyone loves it wants to know where they can get one so you tell them there’s one on ebay for 90 bucksthen you tell them the last year that certain tang stamp was used was 1964

Adventures with Frodo says:

Bikers use to have the wallet the most.

Nick says:

Every time I see James brand any where I go into a full body cringe. It hurts my soul to know that anyone actually buys their products

Hector Flores says:

Watching this got me thinking. I’m in the market for a first knife for my 6 year old son. Nothing super fancy. Just something he can put in his pocket when we go somewhere and he can start learning more responsibility. Any suggestions?

And if you guys do a video on kids’ furst knives, that would be awesome

Domi Planlos says:

#bringbackben !

Ashlee Pettinga says:

Fella in the middle sounds like my pussy’s god mother.

Panther Bladerunner says:

Jared reminds me a lot of Nick Offerman. That’s a huge compliment.

KingSureShot says:

Seems to me it’s a cheap way to make slip joints.

RSPDiver says:

Holy crap, the middle finger nail on Jared’s left hand drives me mental on this video. I guess I’m nail OCD.

Davis Larsen says:

BHQ doesn’t sell it but the lionsteel Roundhead is something to look into if you like this stuff

Stephen Roth says:

Old or new !?!? FACT: Newer is not necessarily BETTER !!!


Dudes, great job showcasing knives but your special guest was putting me to sleep. He makes some beautiful knives but he was bordering on Bob Ross status.

sms042 says:

Great knives, great guest!


I’m sorry, but IMHO Opinel knifes are perfectly modern and traditional. Price from $13 for #6 and #7 and $16 for #8 and #9. Perfect quality, made in France, carbon or stainless steels are available. I carry #9 all the time and will not switch it for those fancy $90-$450 knifes

exoendo says:

Did Ben officially quit knife banter or is he just taking a break? Come back Ben 🙁

wanna_sleep says:

my bloody experiense says “f#ck slipjoints”

Matt Ashe says:

Faux traditional knives at fidget factor knife prices.

Surago says:

My wife’s really interested in Jared’s knowledge of slipjoints. Doesn’t care for knives though.

Thelegend 319 says:

Theres no point to carrying a slipjoint unless your local laws require it

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