REVIEW: Deejo wood series pocket knife

This is the BEST, COOLEST, pocket knife I have ever seen and I think EVERY one should have one of their own! They have all different colors, styles, sizes, and finishes, you can choose an already made knife or design YOUR OWN!

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Sarah Lomax says:

So for this review, it seems he is just super excited that he recieved a free knife.  There are down sides to this knife and I was hoping it was a bit more two sided.  I checked out this knife and see possible issues such as the locking mechanism not staying in place hence possibilities of it closing on fingers. Also the possibility that over time, I fear the lack of sheath may be an issue since it seems easliy bendible.  Clearly this guy has no intentions on actually using it other than to look at how pretty it is.  I do however like it for it’s simplicity and lightness, hence why I was hoping for a decent review.

andtothewestamerica says:

I would hardly say that it cuts “extremely well”. It’s not even slicing the paper, you’re just tearing it. Watch some review of chef’s gyutos and you’ll see what cutting paper extremely well looks like.

Jeff StClair says:

Is this knife a legal carry ?

wokeil says:

Where do you actually need this. Where do people honestly need in everyday carry?

Robert Hill says:

Nice review, thank you. I’d be interested to hear if anyone has experience of using this knife on a day to day basis and how it sharpens and holds it’s edge. Deejo knives look great but I wonder about the 420 steel and how good it is with use.

Jin Kim says:

Yeah, we can tell you’re not a serious knife owner.

Marius Bergland says:

They just make 3 diffrent sizes thats not much

Luigi B says:

If this were a one-handed opening knife, I’d buy it in a minute. Thanks for your review.

Lucky Chap says:

I have a spoon sharper than that knife ahahah

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