Review: GEC “Northfield American Jack” Pocket Knife

Stuff & Things brings you a review of a traditional slipjoint knife, the Great Eastern Cutlery (GEC) Northfield American Jack, #78, cranberry red jig bone. Bradley doesn’t do a very good job of hiding his affection for this knife as he covers form and function, fit and finish, and value for the money. An excellent knife.


BCV Piper says:

Hey Bradley! Thanks to your reviews & recommendation, I am now the proud owner of 4 EA GEC’s. Two slip joints & two fixed blade hunters. Excellent quality & workmanship on all of them. By the way, I just gave your review and channel a plug on the “International Peterson Pipe Club” (IPPC) website. My handle is GI Jim over there.

quicktoevil says:

enjoyable review, love the cranberry bone, I’m not sure if its still called a jack knife if the nail nicks are set on opposite sides of the handles but that’s how I prefer ’em, the main blade can usually sit a bit deeper in the handle then, anyhow I love a jack knife more than any other pattern

Bladecollector 7 says:

Great info

Frank Gee says:

it’s a sweet knife by the way!

Joaquin Maidana says:


KnifeReviews60 says:

lol, “may have to buy more GEC knives and rotate them throughout the week”. That’s how it started for me. In my case, 100’s of dollars later, im still buying/ selling these awesome knives from a great company. Enjoyed the video! I like my Tidioute #78, its sweet but is the backup to my #15 jack that I am continually finding and losing

RennyGotSkillz ROBLOX AND MORE! says:

I’ve watched youer video many times.very good review

David Kruse says:

Nice review, I love my American Jack 78 in African Blackwood. Sure does snap like a trap. The cranberry jigged bone looks great. Thanks for sharing.

BCV Piper says:

Wow! Awesome review! I had no idea that this company existed! Thanks for bringing up to speed. I love traditional American made pocket knives. I’ll definitely give them a look. Take care!

jwain83 says:

I’m getting a northfield calf roper for Christmas I have 30 plus case knives. Case still makes great knives yes you may have to pay up to get the best of their knives I like all American knives old Schrade and case mostly and queen but case is still one of the better knives out there and I will not stop buying them

James Fontalbert says:

The quality of this video is unmatched! From video to audio and beyond, just a pleasure to watch!

Hal900 says:

I just last week was able to acquire this knife. I lucked out and was able to get it for around $150. It’s a limited run of 25. Mine is no. 19. I would love to see another video of how your knife looks and how it has performed now that you have used it over the past few years.

olmmedic says:

Great vid. Watched it twice. Beautiful knife

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