Sanrenmu 7089 Pocket Knife Review. Great value under $10?

The Sanrenmu 7089 or more specifically it’s stainless steel finished variant Sanrenmu 7089 LUX – SA Girl Pocket Knives with Frame Lock, is a cheap chill AF pocket knife. This review covers ergonomics, and why possibly Sanrenmu isn’t as popular as Ganzo. The sub $10 is sure to be one of the best value compact pocket knives under $10… or even $12!

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Lori Mardock says:

Hey! I’m a female subscriber and knife lover. Just saying…don’t be assuming, bro…

hackerseven says:

Lol at “chicks don’t like small knives”

MrZlooze says:

Nice review! Sanrenmu is punching way above it’s weight class!

Mybloeby says:

God I fucking hate this knife. Stiff open and poor blade centering. Just my opinion though. Had much better luck with the 7010, which is now my daily carry for work.

Seth Brakke says:

Great review, but totally disappointed you didnt baton with it.

Blue Mountain Bushcraft and Outdoors says:

I bought at Sanremu 710 years ago. I used it a fair amount then gave it to my son. He’s had it for about 2 years and it’s still going strong. If it passes the 12 year old test I say it’s good to go. I like that they are using Sandvik steel now.

igloo2 says:

You don’t even realize how advanced your knife skills are bro. I can’t get this thing to open in one motion for the life of me.

Coca Bandi says:

Though I’m a faithful Ganzo fan, the 2 Sanrenmu’s I own are among my favorites: the classic 7010, and it’s larger brother, the Land 9103, with Sandvik 12C27 Steel, which I believe I purchased after seeing your review and recommendation. As I get older, I’m leaning more towards smaller folders as EDC’s, and I would by now have picked up a few more SRM’s as EDC’s were it not for the fact that I’m not a big fan of hollow point blades. That said, the knife you’re reviewing probably makes for a great EDC, regardless of gender using it. There’s something about all metal knives that’s very appealing.

Eredian says:

Wow that’s perfect timing, just got mine yesterday 😀

mklein5179 says:

I like you, you make me laugh-gung ho.

Ian Snyder says:

I might just have to snatch one of these up! Most guys I know like a 3-4″ blade, but there’s a lot to be said for smaller knives. Unless you’re doing food prep, the average person could even get away with a 1″ blade. My tata carried a slip joint with a 1″ blade for 30+ years and rarely needed more. This looks like a much more fashionable (and even cheaper) alternative. 🙂

thechugdude says:

Jesus, what did the cardboard do to you?

Chinese knives says:

It remembers a lot to the Sanrenmu 7098 (or cryo). Wich do you like more?


marshalllaw123 says:

Thanks for the snarky shoutout bro!

The Paracord Industrial Complex

Lefty Hook says:

well it made short work of that cardboard, what else can ya ask for 8 bucks?

alittleolder says:

Great review and as always: Funny!

Lori Mardock says:

And my favorites for EDC are Spyderco Delica, Native, and Ontario Rat 2. You know…girlie knives.

Elias Cervantez says:

Ha Ha!! you have a girls knife…

Le Grand Fromage says:


Justin Parisien says:

Can you do a elemental knives review?

hackerseven says:

Need to get one of these!!!!

Canadian Cutting Edge says:

I like my 7089, it is one of the best Sandvik steel blades under $10. I like mine a lot, I have 3 variants of it, the blackwash is the best.


i think why it’s called a girl pocket knife is cause girls pockets suck and are small

SailfishSoundSystem says:

I’m seeing a lot of Chi-Com knives (RealSteel) with Sandvik steel. I suspect Swede/Chinese alliance akin to NATO. This one looks interesting, but in D2 well maybe D2:

Steve Brule says:

Is this good for a high end carry?

Bushcraft412 says:

it’s nice that there are so many serviceable $10 knife options between srm and ganzo

Manel Pereira says:

can you review leatherman stuff like crater and uuuh idk sidekick or smt pls

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